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3 ways kids can help you unpack after a move

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Once the relocation itself is done, the hard part is over and you can relax. However, there are still some tasks left to do. Your new house or apartment is waiting to be transformed into a home. All of your precious belongings, your decorative items, and memorabilia will bring a new life to it. Now it’s time for unpacking. You might think it’s better to have your kids out of the house while you’re unpacking. If that’s the case with you, we are sorry to say you are wrong. Moving is even harder on children than it is on adults. The unpacking process can help them adapt better to their new home and neighborhood. We came up with some simple ways your kids can help you unpack after a move. So don’t send them away, include them instead.

Let kids help you unpack their rooms after a move

After the best Monterey Peninsula movers transport your items, the first room you’ll unpack is the kitchen, so you can always make a quick meal or pour a glass of water. After that, focus on your kids’ rooms. Most kids feel like their world has been turned upside down after they arrive at a new home. They left their friends and usual surroundings and everything seems unfamiliar. Include them in unpacking to help them adjust as soon as possible.

A girl in a cardboard box with a toy
Let kids help with unpacking their toys and have fun while they do it

A good idea to achieve this would be to allow them to unpack their own toy boxes. Toys are usually not hard to unpack, especially plush toys. Your children will have fun doing it and will also appreciate helping you unpack. Another easy thing to unpack is clothing. The goal is to work together on something important for your new home. So, make sure that you are working together on this one and spending quality time meanwhile. All of this will help kids adjust to a new home.

Let them have a say

One of the best parts of moving to a new home is that you get a clean canvas for decorating. While your kids are helping you unpack, ask them where they would like to put certain things, what new things would they like, etc. During a relocation, kids often feel like it is happening to them instead of with them. So anything that you can do to make them feel included will undoubtedly make adjusting more comfortable. Include them in deciding what junk removal Monterey CA can get rid of for you.

Kids' room
Ask kids where they want certain items.

When you hire movers Carmel CA, you can tell them exactly where to place each item upon arrival. But talk to your children before you do. Maybe they want their beds to be in a different spot than you planned. While this might seem like a trivial detail, it means a lot to your kids.

Kids can help you unpack after a move in small, but important ways

As far as the rest of the house goes, you can have your children help carry items to the rooms where they need to go. Tell them to simply leave items on the counter or floor which you can put away later. Any task that seems suitable for kids, leave it to them. Also, try to make unpacking fun, rather than just a chore.

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