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4 important considerations when moving interstate with a baby

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Interstate moves can be a challenge and they require a lot of planning and proper preparations. Moving interstate with a baby requires even more. You need to make sure that all of your plans are detailed, and that you have a backup plan in case something happens. The best way to do this relocation would be to give your family a lot of time to finish everything. With kids, you need to have some structure and routine, and you can’t rush such a big job as an interstate move is in a week. And you shouldn’t. You can also get help from moving companies in Northern California which will be more than happy to make this experience pleasant for you. And this way you would be able to focus more on your baby.

What to consider when you are moving interstate with a baby?

You are probably asking yourself this constantly. Yes, interstate moves are complicated and require more things than local or long-distance, but don’t worry. With a tight plan, you will be able to pull through this, and who knows, might have some great memories as well. So, how exactly should you make a plan and what is the most important thing to keep in mind?

Baby playing with wooden boxes
There are several things you should think about when moving interstate with a baby

1. Keep all of the baby stuff with you

We mentioned that you need to start packing early, and this is true. But not for everything. Don’t pack the things that you use every day for your baby. Leave enough clothes changes, diapers, food, and other things. Everything else you should pack the same as your stuff put them in the same box, label and it can wait to be unpacked in your new home. Since packing on its own is a really large and time-consuming process, you might need some help. With a baby, you don’t really get that much time, so packing services from a company might be a blessing in this situation. Just be sure that as the moving day comes, you do finally pack everything up before the movers come. This way your relocation can be on time, and movers will be able to start loading the truck as soon as they arrive.

2. Think about pediatricians

It would be a great idea to take your baby for a checkup on the days that are near your moving day. This way fewer things can catch you off guard and it will make you feel a bit more secure. Another really important thing when moving from San Francisco to Dallas for example is to find a new pediatrician in the state. The best scenario for this would be if it was possible to have him before you move there. But if not, just go and decide once you settle into your new home.

Choose the doctor you want to take care of your baby. Moving to a new state means that everything is unfamiliar, so if there is someone you can get recommendations from that would be perfect. If not, look into online reviews and definitely go and visit a doctor. This way you can get to know them and see if they are the best fit for your family. You can even take your baby to meet them as well and see how they react to the doctor.

Girl and mother at the doctor after moving interstate with a baby
Choose a pediatrician in your new state

3. Get some help from friends and family when you are moving interstate with a baby

In the days preparing for and approaching your relocation, you can use all the help you can get. And especially when you are moving with a baby. Having a friend or a family member take your baby for a few houses will be very helpful. This way you can go and finish a lot of things that need to be done before you move to a new state. This is a complicated process and you will be doing so much better like this. You will know that your baby is safe and happy while you finish everything. You can maybe even hire a nanny to help you out with the baby on your moving day. Having someone to keep the baby happy will make it so much easier on you. Sometimes unexpected things happen and you need to finish something or make a new plan with movers.

4. Babyproof the new home

This is something that needs to happen either way. The best option would be if you had time and means to visit your home before you move and finish it then. This way you don’t have to do It in the middle of unpacking with your baby there. But, often this is not possible. Maybe you don’t have your lease earlier or all of your stuff is coming with your California interstate movers you hired. So, make a plan for when you are moving to a new home. Think about this and what materials you will need, what kind of setup you will have, and all rest. Having a plan is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family on a moving day.

Baby in a crib
Baby-proof your new home as soon as possible

Remain calm so that your baby is calm as well

Frustration is something that comes so easily when you are preparing for relocation. The harder the relocation is, the easier stress will come into your life. But, thinking about the outcome and the reason you are moving can make it easier. Don’t focus so much on the hard process of moving, but on what that means. Also, some studies show that babies can sense stress from parents, and you don’t want this. Try to keep yourself in the routine you have and try to keep your baby’s routine the same. This can make it feel better for your whole family.

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