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4 quick facts you didn’t know about Seaside CA

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Seaside can seem like a true hidden gem in California. It’s surely not the first to pop into your mind when thinking about California. That’s why these facts you didn’t know about Seaside CA will be interesting to you. Even though it’s relatively small, around 32,000 people, it has some rather interesting things to offer. From an interesting impact on national sports, and politics to even its unique geography and location. It has a lot to offer that might not be that obvious from the start.


Seaside isn’t big at all, with just around 9.4 square miles. It is situated close to Monterey, and an hour away from San Jose. This means it’s not far away from San Francisco either. Seaside is therefore close to all these big cities. Moreover, it is without the disturbances that come along when living in highly populated areas. That means fewer residents, less noise, more nature to explore, and so on. This makes Seaside’s location interesting, and rather enjoyable.

A woman walking alone in the woods.
Seaside offers a lot of unique opportunities for exploring the area.

All this can be a call away after you schedule your move to Seaside CA. Whatever you choose, either a professional moving company, such as Mod movers or a DIY move – Seaside is waiting for you. It also gets its chilly winds blowing from the ocean and coming from Alaska. Its average temperatures range from 59.9 °F in January to 72 °F in September. This makes it neither cold nor hot – perfect all year around. Its proximity to the Fort Ord Dunes State Park means you can take long walks there. Alternatively, you can walk on the beautiful Seaside CA beaches.

Unique history is one of those facts you didn’t know about Seaside CA

Although Seaside is small it can boast some pretty interesting history. What marked this town was the presence of the US military. In 1910, President Roosevelt decided to found a military base that’d be located within the town. It was named the U.S. Army Base Fort Ord. Over 20,000 servicemen were stationed in the base, making Seaside’s economy and population experience a sudden boom. Many soldiers preferred to serve exactly in Seaside, because of its enjoyable Californian weather, nice beaches, and the town’s proximity to all the big Californian cities.

As the Cold War (the strained relations between the US and the Soviets) came to an end, it was decided that the military base should be shut down. If you’re someone who easily falls in love with history, schedule your packing services today – Seaside is waiting, and you can see all of this yourself. In the military base’s place, today lies a smaller military complex, a state park, and the rest is being used by some other organizations. This is surely one of those things you didn’t know about Seaside. This part of Seaside’s history is also something that has probably left the biggest impact on the town.

Impact on national sports

Even though relatively small, Seaside has left a considerate impact on national sports – mostly on football, but some others, too. For example, Tony Curtis has played both for Dallas Cowboys and Baltimore Ravens. He graduated from Seaside High School, earning awards as athlete of the year along the way. Later on, he’ll enter the world of professional football by studying at Fresno City College and Portland State. If you’re a sports fan, or if you’ve heard of these athletes, consider calling the Seaside moving company today and meet the places where these legends were raised.

Moving on, Mason Foster also began his career in Seaside High School with the Seaside Spartans. He, later on, played for the Chicago Bears and the Washington Redskins. Along with other athletes, there’s also Herm Edwards – the head football coach at Arizona State. He was also the coach for New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs.

Next up, in the world of basketball and the NBA, Jamaree Bouyea played for Miami’s Heat in the National Basketball Association. Just like Curtis, he continued his professional career throughout college and later on went to become a professional basketball player.

Close-up picture of American football players during a game, as sport impact is one of the facts you didn't know about Seaside CA
Even though a small town, Seaside has given some excellent athletes, making one of the facts you didn’t know about Seaside CA

The Dune where people write their own original messages

The Dune,  otherwise known as the Scribble Hill or the Message Mountain is a rather large sand dune near Seaside. The locals use it to write messages, or just signatures using ice plants. Many use it to write congratulations, birthday wishes, wedding messages, and so on – or why not just an old-fashioned signature so everyone sees you visited? Many will also climb it to see the phenomenal July 4 fireworks. This little piece of Seaside is unique for these reasons, making it an interesting little town and it’s also one of those things you probably didn’t know about.

Moreover, due to its nature, the messages frequently change. One can see one, just to see it be replaced in just a few hours. This makes this place one of those 4 facts you didn’t know about Seaside! Seeing all the people expressing themselves must be inspiring, and it’s a great idea for tourism and a way to attract people to come to visit.

'Good Vibes Only' written on the sand like you could write on the Dune in Seaside CA
Writing your own message to Seaside on the Dune during sunset is amazing!


Seaside represents a hidden treasure of California. Its beautiful nature, interesting military history, its tendency to provide professional athletes to national leagues, and the famous Dune make up all the facts you didn’t know about Seaside CA.  Its enjoyable weather, good climate, and proximity to other bigger Californian cities, as well as to the ocean attracted many people during the time. One could list several reasons why they wouldn’t enjoy a smaller city, but with today’s vehicles and good roads, you’re never more than an hour away from a bigger city. This way you can enjoy both the small town life and the benefits of a large metropolis nearby.

Moreover, not many people would know these facts! You don’t get the experience of all of them them in many other parts of California. Perhaps that’s the reason more and more people are scheduling their long distance moving plans and planning their move to Seaside. Seaside has evolved with time, creating the community it is today. Last, but not least, are its large golf courses for all those fans who cannot wait until they swing another golf club. Golfing by the sea must be a real good memory to share with your kids! All of this and more – in Seaside, CA.

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