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4 reasons you’ll love moving to North California

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Ask any North California resident about what it’s like living there, and they’ll point out three things: the food, the weather, and the culture. Thanks to California’s location and topography, the weather is remarkable. This applies to most of the state, especially along the coast, and it is enjoyable all year. Another great thing is that there are many opportunities to enjoy the great weather to the fullest. The state is home to 28 national parks, and in the north part, you can enjoy Yosemite, Sequoia, and Redwood. This is more than enough reason to hire Big Sur movers and prepare for moving to North California. In addition, there are many other places to enjoy nature, such as beaches, hiking trails, and so much more. If you like fine food, you’ll find it right here in NorCal. The central valley of California is a big agricultural area.

This means that high-quality, fresh produce is nearby and always available. In addition to this, you will experience different shapes of cuisines, thanks to the strong presence of immigrant communities. Yet another benefit of California being a historical landing ground for immigrants, is the fact that the population is very diverse. It has the largest number of ex-pats and holds second place in terms of ethnic diversity. Moving to North California means that you will get to live and work with people from all backgrounds of life. Now, let’s take a detailed look at why you’ll love your new life in NorCal.

time laps photo of a Sacramento street
You will surely fall in love with North California’s unique charm

The weather makes moving to North California absolutely worth it

North California is very well known for very balmy weather. In a lot of cases, the climate is described Mediterranean. Summers are between warm and hot, which makes them great for family fun in the outdoors. Winters are very cool without extreme cold, perfect for enjoying hot cocoa by the fireplace. To enjoy this weather, all you have to do is hire moving companies in Northern California and start packing. The state itself has very different weather in each area. For example, it can be 60 degrees in Palo Alto on a summer day, while only 20 miles away in San Jose, it is 80 degrees. The forests and mountains have much more snow compared to the rest of the state. They’re much cooler with a lot of snow, which tends to persist deep into the year. Thanks to this, it can be possible to go skiing even in July.

forests and mountains of North California
The weather is always perfect for outdoor activities

No matter if you decide to live in the country or the city, you can’t go wrong. When San Francisco was titled America’s Best City, the great weather and scenery were a contributing factor. From beautiful gardens at Golden Gate Park to the fresh sea breeze of Fisherman’s Warf, the city has plenty to offer year-round. Further away from San Francisco you can find the capital of Sacramento, which also has a few titles awarded thanks to the weather. It has been named as America’s “coolest” city, and it was ranked as having the best climate in all of California. Thanks to the pleasant climate, this part of the state are full of treats like wine, olives, and pomegranates.

The job market is very accessible and broad

When it comes to working after moving to North California, you won’t have to worry. The state offers an almost endless variety of jobs to newcomers. On a state level, it has a gross product of over $2.5 trillion. In addition to this, NorCal boasts a diverse set of industries, all of which contribute to a very strong economy. With that said, there are many different job types available for its residents. The most notable industries are trade, tourism, and agriculture. All you have to do is find licensed movers in North California and you’ll be good to go. The San Francisco area is home to some of the tech giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook. There are also thousands of other smaller startups and companies.  The average household income is among the highest in the US, clocking in at roughly $75.000.

sonoma valley at sunset
Sonoma Valley will bring pleasure to all of your senses

The living cost of the state is on the higher end, although supported by the job market

If you looked at California as an independent country, it would probably have the eighth biggest economy on the planet. That is just one of the reasons why Northern California is ranked number 8 on the list of the 20 hottest real estate markets in the US. The houses for sale are at record low prices these days and are being priced at just below the market value. By all metrics, the cost of living in North California sits on the higher end, especially in the most attractive cities for homebuyers. The home value in these areas is around $450.000. However, the high income the state offers balances this. Renting a home may be a bit more affordable. In and around Sacramento, a standard apartment will set you back around $1600. All things considered, the prices may be slightly high, but good earnings compensate for this.

Moving to North California is a treat for the sense of taste

In case you weren’t aware, North California is “the wine country”. Sonoma and Napa Valley are two of the top three wine destinations in the United States. Sonoma Valley boasts an impressive landscape full of vineyards. Napa Valley is just as scenic and offers fine wine made from 50 different sorts of grapes. If you enjoy nature and finer things in life, moving to North California is the best thing to do. All you have to do is get in touch with reliable interstate movers CA and start packing. Once you arrive, you can invite your neighbors for a housewarming party, and pop open a bottle of delicious NorCal wine.

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