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4 things people forget to measure before moving house

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There are a lot of things you have to be wary about when moving your home. Because relocation is often an overwhelming process, people tend to suffer stress during the relocation. However, if you want to minimize the stress you feel, all you have to do is find the right approach and organize everything. From hiring California professional movers to making sure each item is safely packed, your involvement in the process will play a big role. In the sea of obligations, one will have during relocation, it is not uncommon that one might forget to do something. One of those things is ensuring that the items are able to pass through doors or fit into the moving truck or car. Today, we talk about things people forget to measure before moving house. By forgetting to measure an item before moving, you can actually suffer high levels of stress.

What are the most common things people forget to measure before moving house?

If you want to organize your relocation process properly, you will need to come up with a plan. That way, you will be able to have control over each process you go through and understand what process awaits. Moreover, by coming up with a plan, you ensure that you do not forget some of the most essential things that you need to do. Because relocation is often overwhelming, people can forget to do some things that should be a must.

a man and a woman carrying items into one room after they measure before moving house
You have to understand that most of the big and bulky items in your home were never brought in one piece

Measuring might not seem like a big deal to you right now. However, once you start carrying the boxes and items, it might seem like it is important. Some of the most common things people do not measure are:

  • The furniture
  • Doorways and hallways
  • Stairs
  • Their new home

The furniture

This might seem like a logical thing to do. Measure your furniture before taking it out of your home. However, many people seem to forget to do that. Furniture is one of the most difficult things to carry outside of a house. Furthermore, they are very hard to move out of an apartment. Furniture is often big and bulky and will take a lot of space in your home. Logically, one should resort to measuring the dimensions of furniture before deciding to move it out of the house. More importantly, measuring furniture before moving can make the job a lot easier for movers Gilroy CA, once you hire them. On the other hand, even if you decide to move your household by yourself, knowing the dimensions of furniture will make your relocation a lot easier. If done right, this can help you find the best approach.

Doorways and hallways

Another thing people will often forget to measure before moving house is the doorway. In fact, knowing your items can fit through the doorway should be a priority before you even decide to contact moving or packing services. Doorways are the entrance and exit of your home. Sure, you can move your items through the window, but what if you live on the fifth floor in an apartment building? Logically, you want to resort to the doorway. So, make sure you measure it before deciding to move.

a picture of a small wooden door in a modern house
The doorway, as well as hallway size, can make or break your relocation process

Furthermore, the hallways are often an issue as well. Even if you somehow manage to get an item through the doorway, the hallways might pose an issue. So, make sure that you measure both the doorways and hallways you have to go through before carrying an item outside of the home or building.

Stairs, as yet another thing people forget to measure before moving house

Whether you are living in a home or in an apartment, the stairways will also be a place where people will carry items through. Therefore, measuring the stairs is as important as measuring doorways, hallways, and furniture. So, if you are looking for a cheap way to move furniture, the best solution is to not break it while carrying it down the stairs. On many occasions, staircases can create a much more serious issue than simply not being able to fit the items. For instance, your item can get stuck on the staircase. This is an issue on its own. Moreover, this can pose an issue to other people that want to use the staircase. Furthermore, due to lack of mobility, the furniture, for instance, can easily suffer damage and induce stress. So, make sure you measure the staircase and ensure you can smoothly move items while using it.

Measuring your new home

Finally, let us talk about measuring your new home. Now, this process is as important as the ones prior to it. Namely, you will not be able to bring your furniture, as well as other items, inside your new home without knowing whether or not they will fit through. Moreover, measuring your new home might not be as easy, depending on its location. However, if possible, you should visit your new home and measure before moving house to avoid any uncomfortable situations in the future.

two men measuring the hallway in an empty home
Before you start to move, visit your new home and make sure that the items you are moving can fit inside it

Making sure that everything will fit in both old and new homes is very important. Therefore, before moving, devote some time to visiting your new home and ensuring everything will go according to plans. If you realize the items will not fit, you can always make adjustments and create effective plans. Measuring your new home is a precaution that you should consider.

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