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5 cheap places to live in California

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Many consider California as a land of dreams. Undoubtedly, they are attracted by its pristine beaches, and crashing surf. There are also gorgeous mountains and numerous iconic cities. And additionally, it has a year-round moderate temperature. However, the Golden State is the third most expensive USA state. Luckily, there are some cheap places to live in California. If you are among those who would like to move to California, we have some suggestions for you. First, you can hire movers Monterey CA. The company has affordable prices. Yet it has excellent movers and reliable moving conditions. And, to help you, we will propose to you the 5 most affordable places in CA. Another good news is that they are close to popular CA destinations.

The overview of cheap places to live in California


Median home price –  $327,300

Population – 489,650

Surprisingly, but the capital of CA is one of the cheaper places for living. It offers an excellent quality of life to its citizens. From there, you can easily reach San Francisco Bay area. San Francisco is the closest metropolitan area and is about 1.5 hours away. Also, you can always go for a rest in resorts at the the Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe. The most affordable neighborhoods of Sacramento are:

  • Tahoe Park South
  • Colonial Heights
  • North Oak Park
Cheap places to live in California – Sacramento tower surrounded with grass field and trees.
Sacramento, the capital of CA is one of the cheaper places for living.

Sacramento has a good job market. There are well-paid jobs available. The biggest employers are local government, hi-tech and biotech companies. The lifestyle in this city is comfortable. It is excellent for families. Also, many single professionals enjoy it too. If you decide to move to this wonderful place, count on long-distance movers California. They will provide you with outstanding moving services.

Clearlake is another cheap place to live in California

Median home price – $151,300

Population – 15,061

This interesting city lies on the shores of Clear Lake. That is the largest natural freshwater body in California. Clearlake is located about 110 miles north of San Francisco. San Francisco is, at the same time, the closest metropolitan area to Clearlake. You will need about 2.5 hours driving to go there.  As a small town, it is an excellent choice for those who love outdoor activities. And to the nature lovers. The most popular sports are fishing, water skiing, boating, and sailing. There are also excellent hiking trails in the vicinity. The most popular hiking trails are in Anderson Marsh State Historic Park. For comfortable living in Clearlake, as a single person, you would need about $2,000.

Yellow grapes illuminated by sunshine.
Clarklake is located in the wine region.

The Clarklake is located in the wine region. So, most people are involved in wine production. As the cheap place to live in California, Clearlake also has very affordable prices for homes and farms buying. Thus, many are buying entire farms and starting their own wine production business.

Bakersfield is a cheap and comfortable place for living

Median home price – $242,800

Population – 372,680

Bakersfield, located in California’s Central Valley is a town full of surprises. It was always known for agriculture and oil production. In the meanwhile, it became a hub for arts and culture. The city has been rapidly growing in the last few years. Bakersfield is one of the cheap places to live in California. This place has the largest concentration of Basque restaurants. There are also available galleries and art museums. Close by is the Wind Wolves, the largest nonprofit nature preserve. The city also has beautiful lakeside campgrounds, and it is attractive to many nature lovers. The closest metropolitan area is Los Angeles. It takes about two hours of driving to reach it.

Bakersfield most interesting neighborhoods are:

  • Kern City
  • Casa Loma
  • Southgate
  • Lakeview
  • Park Stockdale
  • Benton Park
  • Oleander Sunset

Fresno is a cheap place and is close to Yosemite National Park

Median home price –  $247,600

Population – 519,037

Fresno is located in the agricultural heart of California. It is full of old Spanish charm and gorgeous gardens and parks. This is another art community, with many interesting things to see. The city is located close to the USA’s most famous national parks – Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia. So, those who love nature, art, and a relaxed lifestyle, will enjoy living in this nice place. If you are one of them, Residential moving CA is the right company to move you to Fresno. The closest metropolitan area is Los Angeles. You need about two hours’ drive to get there.

The most popular neighborhoods in Fresno are:

  • Edison
  • Central
  • Fresno High Roeding
  • McLane
  • Roosevelt
A person surfing at ocean at dusk, with a pier and a hill on his left side.
In California, you can always enjoy surfing.

When you search for a cheap place for living in CA, check Stockton

Median home price – $297,300

Population – 304,358

Stockton, just 70 miles away from the coast, is a secluded area. However, it offers very affordably living prices. To reach San Francisco, you would need about 1.5 hours’ drive. Stockton is located in California’s Central Valley, on the San Joaquin River. In the local Haggin Museum, you can enjoy the fine art and local history displays. Also, the place is close to trails going through the Oak Grove Regional Park. And if you like fishing, the lake is full of catfish. Nearby, you can enjoy Micke Grove Regional Park includes a Japanese garden and many more attractions.

The most popular neighborhoods in Stockton are:

  • Midtown West
  • Wilson Heights
  • Country Club
  • Anderson
  • Swain Oaks
  • University
  • Holiday Park

What if you decide to live in another cheap city in California?

With time passing, you may decide to move to another city. Maybe you will also find some other cheap places to live in California. In that case, you just need to pack and go. You can also use the affordable services of Packing services CA. Firstly, they have all the necessary packing supplies. Also, they know how to properly and safely pack and transport your possessions.

Pros and cons of living in California

Regardless of whether you have identified the cheap places to live in California, there will always be some pros and cons.

The main pros of living in California are:

  • Easy access to nature – especially to hiking  tracks and lakes
  • Rich food scene – so you can enjoy famous international dishes
  • A lot of sunshine days – so you can enjoy beautiful weather
  • Mild winters – so you can enjoy the outdoor activities all the year
  • Rich job market – especially in a movie industry
  • Relaxed way of living – as well as many other amenities

However, there are also some cons, and the main ones are:

  • Frequent wildfires
  • Drought
  • Very high taxes
  • High costs of living, etc.

However, we saw that you can have a comfortable lifestyle in some of the cheaper places in California. And also you can reach the metropolitan areas at any time you wish.

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