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5 reasons why people are moving out of California

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California, the state of sunshine and palms, has been experiencing drastic emigration. There are many reasons for this, some of which are high costs of living, high taxes, wildfires and housing difficulties and many more. In this article we will consider 5 reasons why people are moving out of California. And if you are a California resident looking to leave, these moving companies in California are here to lend a helping hand!

5 reasons why people are moving out of California

In 2021, more than half a million residents decided to leave California. Here are  The top 5 reasons why people are moving out of California:

  1. High costs of living
  2. Rising taxes
  3. Unemployment
  4. Drought
  5. Wildfires
Why are people moving out of California?
Why are people are moving out of California?


1. High costs of living

California is one of the most expensive places to live. It is known for its luxurious housing and lifestyle which is, for many people, unsustainable. According to Realtor Data, in 2020, the cost of homes in California was $600,000 which is more than 80% higher than the national prices. Additionally, the costs of gas, utilities and groceries is higher than in other US states. Many people can’t pay such expenses, especially if they are in a transition job or currently looking for a new one.

2. Rising state taxes

Another reason people are leaving California is the continual rise of state taxes. Even though other states have high taxes, California is one of two states with a tax rate higher than 10%, currently at 13,4%. A further increase of almost 4% in taxes is expected. Because of these taxes, entrepreneurs and small businesses are especially at risk. It’s becoming too expensive to keep your business afloat. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic it has become even harder to keep up. If you are one of these residents and are moving from California to Oregon, Mod Movers are here to help you relocate as easily as possible!

3. Unemployment

Even though unemployment dropped this year, California’s 4.9% of people without jobs is still higher than other states (except Nevada). This is due to the pandemic as well, given that many people lost their jobs in the hospitality industry. California is known for it’s hotels, restaurants and more. This sector was damaged the most because of Covid-19 and is still slowly recovering. Job opportunities or the lack thereof are an essential reason why people are choosing to leave California and go to other states. Interstate moving companies California are here to help with that!

dry soil
Droughts are becoming a serious problem.

4. Drought

Even though it might not be a direct reason for leaving, many people are concerned because of California’s drought. For over three years, the state has been struggling with low reservoirs of water, in fact, according to California Drought Action, 2022 had the driest January, February, and March in the last 100 years. This also affects wildlife and standards of living because of increasingly hot weather.

5. Wildfires

Additionally, wildfires are another major concern for Californians. In the last few years, there has been many devastating wildfires. These fires have destroyed valuable nature and wildlife as well as residential homes and sometimes entire villages as well. Many people living around LA and other parts of the country are concerned for their well-being and are choosing to leave the state. 

Summary – Why are people moving out of California?

Mentioned above are five reasons why people are moving out of California. Unemployment, wildfires, drought, high living costs and taxes are forcing people to relocate and choose other destinations. Even if you are able to pay for housing and keep a job, you might not feel as if California is the place for you. But don’t worry, long distance movers California will make sure your journey to your new dream home is stress-free and enjoyable.

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