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5 tips for packing and moving a living room

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You’re probably so used to seeing your living room that you don’t even realize how much stuff you have in it. Well, that’s all about to change! Moving is the perfect time for you to realize just how much furniture and how many decorations you’ve amassed. And as any California professional movers will tell you: all that stuff makes packing and moving a living room harder than you might expect. But harder doesn’t mean impossible. In fact, with a few useful tips, you may just pack and move your living room without trouble. So what should you do to make this step easier?

Decluttering is a must when packing and moving a living room

One of the biggest issues you’ll face when moving to Monterey California is the sheer amount of things you own and need to move with you! The more things you own, the harder it is to pack. Not to mention, it takes longer to pack and load more boxes. And in case your movers charge by weight, more stuff also means more money. So the best thing you can do when preparing to pack your living room for a move is to get rid of stuff. Give it away, sell it, donate it, trash it or put it in storage – but declutter as much as you can!

A desk decluttered in the process of packing and moving a living room.
Decluttering is essential.

Prepare all your supplies before you even start

You can’t pack anything without moving boxes and other packing supplies! So make sure to gather everything you need before you even start. It’ll save you a lot of time and effort to have everything you need handy. Here’s what you should you stock up on:

  • boxes of various sizes
  • heavy-duty tape
  • cushioning materials like crumpled paper, bubble pack, moving blankets, packing peanuts and similar things
  • markers for labeling

Deal with fragile items first when packing and moving a living room

Living rooms are like magnets for breakable and fragile items. You probably have tons of picture frames, mirrors, ceramic pots and decorations, magnets, and who knows what else lying around. Make sure to pack breakable things first in order to get them out of the way. Wrap each one individually and put it in a box where it’ll be safe. Remember to tape X’s over mirrors and glass surfaces to prevent breaking.

Framed pictures on a wall.
Get rid of the decorations first.

Take good care of your electronics

Living rooms also tend to be the place where all your most expensive electronics gather. These are, of course, notoriously difficult to pack and move and even more notoriously easy to damage. So unless you plan on buying a new flatscreen TV, you’d better be very careful! Use original packaging as much as you can. Where that’s not possible, use larger boxes that you’ll stuff with soft material to protect your gadgets.

Leave the furniture for last

Once you’ve done everything else, the only part of packing and moving a living room left will be the furniture. With everything else out of the way, you can dismantle what furniture you can break down into parts, wrap sofas and other big one-part pieces and start carrying them out and loading them onto the truck. Make sure to get help from either professionals or friends for this part – don’t risk injuries!

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