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5 tips for renovating your house in Carmel on a budget

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People usually renovate their homes when moving into a new one. That is the perfect moment to make all the repairs and renovations and adjust your new home to your desires. Although, when moving you must use hauling services Monterey CA, cover the packing process, sort out legalities, and stretch your budget quite a bit. And this is why people delay renovations for a while. The budget is what makes it hard to renovate your home in the first place. So, our goal is to show you that renovating your house in Carmel on a budget is entirely possible. Even the small changes around the place can work wonders. Let us provide five tips that you can use whenever you feel like it. Let’s go!

Can a moving company help you when renovating your house in Carmel on a budget?

Yes, of course, one of the local Carmel Valley moving companies can help you quite a bit when renovating a home. As we already said, if you are moving, you will be using their moving services to relocate all your stuff. But if you are not moving and simply want to renovate your home, they can still assist in many ways. For example, if you need packing materials, you can purchase everything from them. Then, if you need packing services, you can use movers as well. But the best use of your local moving team is to utilize one of their storage units. Depending on the nature of the renovation, sometimes you must take a lot of the furniture outside of your home. You can either rent a POD to be delivered to your home or rent a storage unit and keep your items there for a while.

movers holding a couch
Movers can help you move furniture around and make space to renovate easier. Give them a call when ready.

Both solutions are viable and affordable to anyone. Hence, check with your local moving company if they provide storage services CA and utilize this amazing solution.

Change colors around the place

One of the easier ways of renovating your house in Carmel on a budget is to change the colors around the place. There are several options to do this. You can either repaint your walls or the furniture. Also, you can work on the exterior and the interior of your home. Of course, some projects are cheaper than others but the budget version is to simply repaint your walls inside your home. And this is another moment where you can use the help of your furniture movers California. If you are moving in, instruct them right away where to place your furniture. Leave the area you are repainting free so you won’t have to move things around later.

As for the hard labor, repainting is not as easy as it seems. Yes, you can do it yourself but if you do not know how to mix the color perfectly then you can ruin the whole batch. Not to mention that there are panting and shading techniques that you should leave to professionals. Therefore, hire contractors for this one and let them repaint your home professionally. As for furniture, you can purchase a brush and the color you like and do it yourself. Just pay attention to the paint you are buying. If you are repainting wooden, metallic, or plastic furniture, you must purchase paint designed for the right surface.

Consider changing your lights as well

The next tip we have for you is quite simple. Change the lights in your home and you will breathe a new life into it. The best way is to introduce LED systems all over the place and it should be enough. What is good about it, is you can install LED lights yourself in just a matter of hours. So, inspect your home first and figure out what is the best place for your new lights. Consider the following:

  • The ceiling.
  • Hardwood floors.
  • Below the kitchen counter.
  • Below the living room table.
  • On the side of the staircases.
  • On any wall inside your home.
LED lights
LED lights can be amazing in your garden. Give it a shot and you will love it.

Although, if you are about to install lights into a wall, be sure you are not puncturing any cables behind it. If you are not sure how to do it, check a guide on YouTube, there are a ton of those. But if you do not want to do it at all, simply buy a new lamp. It can still do wonders if positioned right.

Renovating your house in Carmel on a budget with a few minor kitchen adjustments

Now, maybe you did not know but your kitchen has a lot of those small adjustments you can make with little to no budget involved. Firstly, think about all the dead space you have there. Check behind all the counters, appliances, below the sink, behind the fridge, etc. There are many places you can use for additional storage. Moreover, if you buy only a couple of plastic holders you can stack everything nicely and gain much more space. Simply removing everything out of sight will be quite an improvement. Then, your sink and your stove are places you spend a lot of time at. You can change your tiles behind the faucet and add a nice colorful backsplash. While you are at it, you can change the faucet as well.

All those items can be found at the nearest home depot. And the most important part is that they are cheap and easily installed. Lastly, we must mention all the dead space you have on your walls. You can either install a shelving system to add more kitchen items there. Or you can hang a rope from the ceiling and add hooks to hang all your skillets. It is a lucrative and interesting way of storing those robust pieces. They are in plain sight but taking zero space at the same time. Beautiful, right?

Hidden space around your home

While we are at the hidden and dead space in your home, there is a lot of it in the attic and in your garage. You must inspect it thoroughly and figure out if you can do something about it. In the same fashion as you did for your kitchen. Check all nooks and crannies and figure out if there is space for additional shelves to store more items. It will mean a lot if you can clean your garage finally and move stuff to your attic. Or to your basement. Hence, inspect those places inside out because you can never have enough space in your home. Especially when renovating your house in Carmel on a budget.

check all the dead space when renovating your house in Carmel on a budget
Check all the space you have in your basement and the attic. You can surely move some things around.

Small details matters

Lastly, all the small details around the home can be changed and renovated within a day. And all can be done on a budget without even noticing. For example, all the outlets, doorknobs, coat hangers, mirrors, light switches, etc. Such items can be more stylish don’t you think? Also, your doormat can be changed as well and you can add a few garden gnomes to greet fellow passengers. Not to mention that you can always introduce a bunch of potted plants or start working on your garden more seriously. That can change the exterior of your home entirely.

There we go, renovating your house in Carmel on a budget is not so hard. All you must obtain, are the ideas on how to do it. Luckily, there are thousands of those on the internet. We gathered only a few that can be done within a day or two. Now, it is up to you to inspect your home and figure out what to implement. More importantly, to figure out what can fit into your budget. Good luck.


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