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7 reasons to leave California for Oregon

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There are many reasons to leave California for Oregon, and a lot of people are making that change. Oregon boasts a more affordable cost of living compared to California, making it an attractive option for those seeking financial relief. Also, the natural beauty of Oregon, including its lush forests, scenic coastlines, and breathtaking mountains, provides a refreshing change of scenery and ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Oregon offers a slower pace of life and a strong sense of community, appealing to those seeking a more relaxed and connected environment. Join us in exploring these reasons in greater detail, so you can confidently plan your relocation and hire the best Monterey CA movers you can find!

The low cost of living is one of the crucial reasons to Leave California for Oregon

The difference in the cost of living between Oregon and California is striking. Rent and amenities in California are significantly more expensive compared to Oregon, often by large percentages. In California, the cost of renting an apartment or owning a home can be up to 50% or even higher than in Oregon. Utilities, groceries, and other everyday expenses are, on average, 19.3% lower. This substantial disparity in cost underscores the financial advantage of choosing Oregon over California, providing you with the opportunity to stretch your budget further and enjoy a more affordable lifestyle.

Portland, Oregon at night
One of the most compelling reasons to leave California for Oregon is how much more affordable life can become!

Efficient public transportation system

Oregon’s efficient public transportation system positions it as a leader in public transit, surpassing its counterpart in California. With a focus on sustainability and accessibility, Oregon has developed a robust network of public transportation options that serve both urban and rural areas. The state’s extensive bus routes, light rail systems, and commuter trains offer convenient and reliable transportation for residents and visitors. Compared to California, Oregon’s public transportation is often praised for its affordability, reliability, and coverage. Thanks to its excellent road network, moving companies California to Oregon won’t have any issues making your move a smooth experience. 


The weather isn’t one of the most common reasons to leave California for Oregon, but it’s definitely up there! Oregon’s weather presents a refreshing change from the often extreme conditions experienced in California. With a climate known for its mild and temperate nature, Oregon offers a more pleasant weather experience for many. While California may face scorching heat waves, droughts, and wildfires, Oregon enjoys cooler temperatures, abundant rainfall, and lush green landscapes. The coastal regions benefit from a maritime climate characterized by moderate temperatures and refreshing ocean breezes. Inland areas experience four distinct seasons, with milder summers and cooler winters.

A road in the forest
If a more relaxed lifestyle is what you seek, definitely consider leaving California for Oregon!

Capital cities comparison

Let’s now compare the capital cities to get a sense of the differences you can expect. Salem offers a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere compared to the bustling energy of Sacramento. The city has a charming downtown area, rich history, and a thriving arts and culture scene. With a lower cost of living, affordable housing options, and less traffic congestion, Salem provides a more affordable and manageable lifestyle. Moreover, Oregon’s natural beauty, including its lush forests, stunning coastlines, and picturesque mountains, offers endless opportunities for outdoor exploration and recreation. If all this sounds enticing, find reliable Monterey moving services and get packing to enjoy all the benefits Oregon has to provide. 

More laid-back lifestyle

With its slower pace, Oregon encourages a greater sense of relaxation and tranquility. The state’s emphasis on outdoor activities and appreciation for nature allows residents to enjoy a more leisurely and balanced lifestyle. In Oregon, there is a greater focus on community, connection, and a slower rhythm of life. People often prioritize quality time with loved ones and enjoy activities like hiking, biking, and exploring the abundant natural beauty. This great state offers a relaxed lifestyle compared to the fast-paced nature of California!

Friendly and pleasant people are among the most significant reasons to leave California for Oregon

People in Oregon are known for their friendliness and pleasant demeanor. It sets them apart from the sometimes hurried and hectic atmosphere in California. Oregonians tend to be warm, welcoming, and approachable, making it easier to forge connections and build meaningful relationships. The sense of community is strong, and strangers are often greeted with a smile and a genuine willingness to help. Oregon allows people to take the time to engage in conversations, show kindness, and foster a sense of belonging. 

Amazing scenery

Oregon boasts breathtaking scenery and stunning natural attractions that will leave you breathless. From majestic mountains to serene coastlines and lush forests, the state’s natural beauty is truly captivating. One of its most famous attractions is Crater Lake, a pristine lake nestled in the caldera of an ancient volcano renowned for its deep blue waters. The Columbia River Gorge, with its magnificent waterfalls and dramatic cliffs, is another must-see destination. Additionally, the Oregon Coast offers picturesque beaches, rugged cliffs, and charming seaside towns. The state’s lush forests, including the enchanting Multnomah Falls and the peaceful Mount Hood, further enhance Oregon’s reputation as a nature lover’s paradise.

Great Lake in Oregon, one of the most beautiful reasons to leave California to Oregon
Immerse yourself in the great outdoors of Oregon!

Only you know if the reasons to leave California for Oregon are compelling enough!

There are many reasons to leave California for Oregon. The lower cost of living in Oregon offers financial relief compared to the expensive lifestyle in California. Oregon’s efficient public transportation system ensures convenient and reliable travel options. The weather in Oregon provides a refreshing change, with milder temperatures and abundant rainfall. The cities offer a more affordable and nature-centric lifestyle. Oregon’s laid-back atmosphere encourages relaxation and outdoor activities. The friendly and pleasant nature of Oregonians fosters a strong sense of community. All in all, once you are ready, get in touch with interstate moving companies California has to offer and embark on this amazing journey!

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