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Affordable West Coast cities to move to

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A move to the West Coast has always been a dream for many. And how could it not? Moderate temperatures and beautiful scenery and nature, including a considerate amount of the US national parks, wouldn’t leave anyone indifferent. The atmosphere is different in the West, as it motivates people and encourages a number of different lifestyles and there is steady job growth. Nevertheless, finding affordable West Coast cities to move to remains a challenge.

The West Coast does not have a reputation for cheap living expenses, such as renting or transport expenses, but it is not impossible to find more affordable cities to move to on the West coast. When you decide to do so, be sure to contact moving companies in California. These cities are the most affordable West Coast cities to move to. They will provide you with the West Coast experience, but for a fraction of the price of the living expenses.

apples - Affordable West Coast cities to move to
Finding affordable West Coast cities to move to remains a challenge.

Sacramento, California

As the state capital, this city is constantly expanding, developing, and improving. The climate of the city offers more of a seasonal change than Los Angeles. The city is filled with beautiful scenery shifts and activities such as apple picking. If you prefer water-related activities, Sacramento offers a large variety of water sports due to its large rivers and lakes. Another fact that adds to the trifecta is its closeness to the mountains, which means skiing and hiking.

San Bernardino, California

If you insist on being close to Los Angeles and the energy this city brings with it, San Bernardino is a more affordable option. It will make the moving expenses quite small when dealing with commercial movers California if you decide to relocate to Los Angeles one day. It is located just an hour east of Los Angeles and an hour northwest of the Coachella Valley. You can visit the big city anytime you want. The city is also perfect for those craving nature, because of the San Bernardino Mountains, National Forest, and the close-by desert.

Fresno, California

Situated in the middle of the state, in the San Joaquin Valley, Fresno is well-known for its affordability. The NY Times called it one of the most affordable cities to live in the country. It offers all of the opportunities of the big city without losing its small-town charm. The city is trending, and more and more people are moving there every year. Farmer’s markets and farm-to-fork cuisine play an important role because Sacramento has the world’s most successful farmland and it celebrates the area’s agricultural roots.

Modesto, California

This city served as the inspiration for the movie ‘American Graffiti’, and it is an affordable alternative to Hollywood for people that support the movie industry. The city celebrates its movie heritage every summer. On top of that, it is close to many bigger cities such as San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Jose which is a great opportunity for day trips and local moving. If you’re into affordable housing, Modesto is full of good neighbourhoods that are affordable as well.

Ventura, California

Officially called San Buenaventura, this coastal town is a mix of beautiful nature, perfect weather, and crisp ocean air on its beaches. It offers more casual and laid-back energy with high- quality economic opportunities for those who don’t want to have to choose between affordable living and job benefits.

Sacramento has the world’s most successful farmland and it celebrates the area’s agricultural roots.

Irvine, California

This city is known for being considered one of the safest and wealthiest places to live in the US. It has an incredibly low unemployment rate and high job opportunities as it has several successful industries. Irvine is also a well-known destination for education, with high-ranking universities and great scores in public schools SAT scores. This makes it a great surrounding if you’re moving and thinking about an affordable place to start a family.

Bakersfield, California

This city is located in the top oil-producing area in the world and it has the title of the oil capital of the world. The job opportunities are the highest in Agriculture and Energy. Natural gas and renewable energy have been taking the stage in recent years, and if you’re interested in going green, make sure to check out how to move eco-friendly. Bakersfield is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers and bikers because it is in the near vicinity of the Sequoia National park.

Outside of California are quite a few cities in Washington and Oregon that can guarantee an affordable move. If you want to move to the West coast, but you’re not feeling the California lifestyle, these are the places for you:

Seattle, Washington

There is a great number of job opportunities in Seattle due to its booming tech industry. These positions are often very well-paid. Seattle has a huge metro population and the biggest growth in the population in the country, so there must be something just right there. It is the home of some of the most popular business giants in the United States such as Amazon, Starbucks, Nintendo, and Boeing. Now is the right chance to move if you are planning on moving to an affordable city, as it is growing in popularity every day.

Vancouver, Washington

Vancouver is the fourth largest city in the entire state, yet its rivers, mountains, and foothills of the Cascade Range make it feel like you’re in the wilderness. The city really provides the best of both worlds. The housing market is cheaper than most, and the people are outdoorsy and keep busy with heaps of activities.

Eugene, Oregon

This city has been put on the list of the ten most affordable places to live on the West coast. It has also been awarded as one of the best places to live in Oregon and the United States. It’s known as the ‘Emerald City’, and the city alone looks more like a forest. The city is known for its organic farms, wineries, and microbreweries for those who like a personalized and more intimate approach to dining.

‘Emerald City’ looks more like a forest than a city.

Salem, Oregon

Even though the general guess about the state capital would be Portland, that honour lies with Salem. The city is full of historical attractions and landmarks, and it is a perfect place to start a family. It has slower-paced energy, but it is also an hour away from Eugene and Portland. Seattle, San Francisco, and Vancouver are perfect for day trips.

The West Coast can be affordable

If you are thinking about moving to the West Coast but you are not sure about the living and housing costs, this article should absolve all and any doubt. The West Coast is highly versatile and you can find an affordable place to move to guided by your affinities and desires.

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