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Apps to help you sell things before you move from Monterey

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Nowadays, when we want to sell or buy something, we look online first. It’s a very convenient way to trade, you can do it from the comfort of your home. But even if it is easy, there are some things that you need to know. The same goes for when you are looking for movers near me. Decluttering is a must before you hire help for moving, and you have a few options when it comes to the things you don’t need any more. You can either throw them away, gift them, donate or sell them. Selling is the most convenient way to diminish your moving inventory because it’s a win-win. You save money and you make additional money. But hosting a garage sale takes time, so you can do it online. These are some of the best apps to help you sell things.

What are some of the apps to help you sell things?

Even though you can sell things without having an app, entering a browser every time can be annoying. Since smartphones exist, they offer most of the options that computers do, but are more convenient. You can check your apps anytime, to see if you have new notifications considering your sale. You can also use it to find some Monterey moving services faster. Some of the best apps to help you sell things are:

  • Nextdoor
  • OfferUp
  • Meta Marketplace
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Some of the apps to help you sell things can make selling so much easier


If you want to sell your items locally, Nextdoor is the right way to do it. One of the best features about it is that there is no fee for posting. It is very straightforward, you post an offer with the price, pictures, and description and wait for someone to see it. It will appear in your neighbor’s newsfeed, and it will expire after 30 days. You will likely want to sell it way ahead of your set date with some hauling services Monterey CA, so even if the 30 days expire, you can renew it.


There is an extensive list of items that can be sold here. Anything from cars to baby necessities. This can be used both locally and nationwide. Serious sellers can advertise their products on the app, increasing the selling potential. The downside of using this app is that if the administrators think that your offer violates their terms, they can take it down.

Meta Marketplace

Meta Marketplace is the new name of the popular Facebook marketplace. The main benefit of this app is that you can use it thanks to your existing Facebook account. Before you move with some residential movers Monterey, you can sell your items both locally on nationwide. The biggest downside to this app is that there is no protection and the buyers sometimes don’t show up.

Picture of one of the apps to help you sell things
This app is very popular

Conclusion on the best apps to help you sell things

Since you are selling items that you would sell when hosting a garage sale, you cannot expect to earn a fortune from this. But if you declutter thoroughly, you can earn at least an additional gallon of gas. We wish you good luck with selling!

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