Benefits of moving to Gilroy

If you are wondering whether or not you should move to Gilroy then this article is just the right thing for you! Moving to this wonderful place has a lot of benefits, and we are here to help you find out all of them! If you are in dire need of an article that will show you just what the benefits of moving to Gilroy are, then continue reading!

What to know before moving to Gilroy

Before you even move here, there are some things you need to know more about! Let’s start with the simple ones, shall we?  Located around 15 miles from San Jose, this beautiful place is well connected to the rest of the country. The city itself spreads over 16, 2 square miles. The roads are well maintained so traveling is very easy in or out of the city. As well as within it. For a small place, you can still have that urban feel of life. Since there are a lot of things you can enjoy doing here!

A person reading about moving to Gilroy
You should read more before moving to Gilroy

When you plan your move here, it is important to have a good moving company at your side! With them at your disposal, you can focus on finding a good place to live before moving to Gilroy! And what better help you can get than what movers Gilroy can offer you! Think about this when planning your relocation!

Gilroy economy

With the US unemployment rate of 3,9%, Gilroy has a rate of 3,2%. Which, as you can see is below the average!  Over the last past years, it is noted the significant rise in the job market for about 2,5%!  This is very important because experts predict a rise of over 40% in the next 10 years! And that is higher than the US average of over 30%.

moving to Gilroy - An economy chart
Gilroy economy is on the rise

If you are wondering about the income in Gilroy then you should know that it goes around $30,000 a year. With the median household income revolving around $80,000. Most of the time, one of the only cons of moving to Gilroy is the cost of living! You should know that the sales tax rate is higher than the US average, and it is 9%. The income tax rate is 9.3%. This has a major impact on people deciding to move and live here!

So, should you decide that moving to Gilroy is the next best thing for yourself, then you should have all the available good movers at your service. If you are planning a local move here then think about getting services from your local moving company CA! That way you can stay assured your local relocation with go smoothly and without stress!

Remember to take some rest

As with every relocation, there are some ups and downs! Whether it is a local or long-distance relocation, you will always have some sort of stress! There are numerous ways you can deal with that stress! And just one of them is having a good meal! If you decide to visit one of many local restaurants after moving to Gilroy, that is fine!

girl sleeping
To destress take some rest from time to time

But, if you decide to look up and learn how to make good meals on your own, then you are in for some treat! Not only will making a healthy meal help you destress, but also get back some of the strength you lost during the relocation!

Weather and population

There are around 55.000 residents currently living in Gilroy! With the median age of 32 here, you can see that it is a fairly young city! This information is good if you are moving there single! There are a lot of singles here also, so the chances of finding a partner are very high!

clouds and sunlight
Weather is good in Gilroy

As far as the weather goes, you should know that June, September, and August are the best months here. Because the temperatures are not that high and low! With January and December being the least pleasant months to live! But don’t let this worry you! Whenever you decide to move it will be a perfect time. And if you are moving during a busy season, then you should know more about the benefits of labeling your moving boxes! This can shorten the packing process a lot, making it easier and faster to plan your moving to Gilroy!

Schools and education

You should be happy to know that Gilroy has 22 schools, of which 18 are public and 4 are private schools! Although Gilroy spends less than average on education per student (around 9,500$), the amount of knowledge students are getting is on the same level! There are over 25 students per teacher, over 19,000 per librarian and 700 per counselor! With all these in mind, you won’t find it hard to figure out that Gilroy has a lot to offer to both young and old! There are a lot of job opportunities as well as seasonal jobs for the young, such as students! This will surely make moving to Gilroy a wonderful idea!

a person reading
Education is actually good

W@ith all that said and done, it will take some time to adapt and move into your new home! Now you should know some useful tips that will help you unpack fast after the move! It will give you more than enough time to unpack fast and adjust to your new home and neighborhood. You can even explore a bit with all that extra time you will get!

A lot of people have doubts about moving to Gilroy! But, hopefully, after you read our article, you will realize just how much benefits there are of living in this small and welcoming city! Trust us, there are a lot of educational and job opportunities you can find here! If you feel like adding something to our article, feel free to do so!

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