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Benefits of using plastic moving bins

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When moving, the most important thing for sure is packing. From small to big things, from firm to fragile ones. The majority of people would go with regular cardboard boxes of all sizes and tons of bubble wrap. But there is a great alternative to this, and those are plastic moving bins. Not too many people are aware of this, so when moving make sure you contact any of the moving companies in Gilroy. They would be able to give you the best advice, not only about moving but for packing as well.

How to get plastic boxes?

Nowadays, it is very easy to get your hands on anything, let alone plastic moving boxes. If you contact your movers, they will probably point you in the direction of moving supplies Monterey CA, where you can get all the info you need. You can buy plastic bins, but you can also rent them. This will all depend on your moving needs. You can rent a moving plastic bin for around $1.50 a week. You will only be paying for the boxes for as long as you need them and for the number you use. But buying bins might be a better option, as they can serve for storage after your move. If you are moving to a small apartment and barely have the space for your own things, then renting is the way to go.

Is this an eco-friendly option?

You might not think at first that using plastic is eco-friendly in any way, but you are wrong in this instance. The thing with moving plastic bins is that you can use them so many times, that you might grow old, without needing to throw them away. If you are a great nature lover, you can always opt for bins made of biodegradable materials. But all in all, there will be no trash left after using these bins, no tape nor cardboard. Easy and clean, and that is the best way when moving, as the process itself is messy enough. Using bins will help you overcome your fear of moving houses.

Earth-friendly poster
If you are worried about our planet, buy                 bins made of biodegradable materials

Why should you choose plastic moving bins?

Where to start on this! There are so many upsides of using this type of moving boxes, that you’ll never want to use the cardboard ones anymore. But, let’s name the most important things that we will elaborate on:

  • they are waterproof
  • you can pack anything in them
  • they are easy to load and unload
  • long-distance money-saving option
  • multiple purposes

Plastic moving bins are waterproof

If somebody told you there is such a thing as a waterproof box, you probably would not believe them. But plastic moving bins are just that. The material they are made of will not allow any water inside, even if you are moving in the middle of a storm. Your things will be safe from harm. Lids these bins own represent one more layer of security, making sure nothing but air can come inside the bin.

Variety of things you can pack inside

You cannot pack a couch or a wardrobe inside, but you can definitely pack some smaller things. From kitchen items, tools, and clothes, to tech equipment and some collector’s items. Since plastic moving bins come in different sizes, you can really pack a lot of stuff in it. You don’t have to worry about the way you pack, as all items will be safe after you close the lid. If you are packing some breakable and fragile things, you will need to protect them first. The plastic box can save your items, but only from the outside. Inside you need to bubble wrap things or put some soft clothes around or between them.

Pile of tools
One of the things you can pack in plastic bins are your tools

Packing and unpacking has never been easier

The plastic boxes themselves are light and easy to carry, but even when filled with stuff, they are still very convenient for carrying and loading. With cardboard boxes, you would need to make certain calculations on the maximum number of boxes on top of each other. Also, you would need to put the box with fragile things on top instead of the bottom. With plastic bins, you can put them in any order and pile up as many as they can fit in the moving van. That is why it is very easy to load and unload them. You will pack your living room in no time.

Money-saving option

You can very often find cardboard boxes for free and more or less spend little time on packing supplies. But let’s compare the costs of movings using cardboard boxes and tape and on the other hand plastic bins. If you were to move only once in your lifetime, only then it might be cheaper to use regular boxes. But since that is almost impossible, using plastic bins is way better as you can use them up to a hundred times. Once you buy plastic bins, you are not only solving your problems. You can also lend them to your friends and family, saving them money as well.

Money saved on plastic moving bins
Plastic boxes are cheap to buy or rent and can last a long time

Multiple usages of plastic moving bins

We already explored the packing purpose these bins have. Once you move, you can unpack them and just store them empty somewhere in your new home, or you can give them a new purpose. You can keep your seasonal clothes in there, keeping them away from bad smells, humidity, and mold. Keeping tools in some of the plastic boxes is also an option, as it will endure the weight of your drills, hammers and other stuff. While looking for storage options in your new area, you can use these boxes to store whatever you cannot or won’t leave in the house. If your kids own a lot of toys containing multiple action heroes and such, the plastic bin is the perfect way to store them.

Ready for packing?

Now you have learned all you need to know about plastic moving bins. We can leave you to decide what purpose will they have for you. Whether you decide to use them for moving or only for storage, you can do no wrong. Things that are at the same time cheap and easy to use do not come along that often. Use this opportunity to make the most of it.

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