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Best cities for singles in California

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Whether you’re newly single or seemingly forever alone, California is the perfect place to be. This wonderful sunny state is teeming with endless opportunities, dating included. But even if you’re not looking for anything right now, California is one of those states that are also pretty interesting to experience even on your own. Plus, moving to or even within California itself is super easy. There are plenty of great moving companies in California that are sure to make moving pleasant for any singleton. That said, even if you’re not looking to move you might still want to visit some of the best cities for singles in California. You might even end up loving it so much that you decide to move.

One of the absolute best cities for singles in California is definitely Berkeley

If you’re looking for real love, Berkeley is the place for you. This uni town is absolutely teeming with educated, sporty, and hunky men, as well as smart, outspoken, and gorgeous ladies. So whichever team you play for, your soulmate might be in Berkeley right now. Plus, Berkeley is one of the fastest growing cities in California. That means that even if you’re not looking for a relationship you could still meet a ton of new and interesting people. Who knows, you might meet your new best friend or even your future business partner!

A group of students studying on a lawn.
Berkeley is one of the best cities for singles in California because it’s teeming with young, educated individuals!

Manhattan Beach is also pretty great for singles

There are very few who would deny that living in a beach town is simply amazing. And that’s especially true if you’re single. This luxurious, yet laid-back town offers literally everything a single person could ever need for a fun and fulfilling life. A beautiful beach, sunny weather, luxurious boutiques and homes, hip cafes and restaurants… All that paired with plenty of smoking hot singles makes it so that living in Manhattan Beach feels like winning the lottery. And that’s just the beginning of why Manhattan Beach is considered to be one of the best cities for single people in California.

San Francisco

If you’re one of those singles who can afford the costs of living in San Francisco, you should most certainly move there. If you have money on your mind and are looking to further your career, you’ll love San Fran! But, even workaholics need a bit of loving. Luckily, the dating scene is amazing in San Francisco. If you’re looking for a serious partner who understands business, there’s no better place to look for them than San Fran. So let’s agree that  San Francisco is pretty much a dream come true for any business-oriented single person.

A group of colleagues walking.
Meeting like-minded people in San Francisco won’t be a problem!


You certainly won’t be disappointed by the best cities for singles in California

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to move from Salinas to Los Angeles, with one of the expert moving companies Salinas CA has to offer, or you’re moving to California from another state or even another country. There’s no way you’ll be disappointed by any of the best cities for singles in California. And even if you’re not, these cities have so much to offer to all sorts of individuals. So when in California next time, make sure to check these cities out.

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