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Best Kid Friendly Restaurants In Monterey

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So, you have just finished moving with your family to Monterey! There are a lot of things you need to do, and you seem like not being able to finish them all! Why not think about some family lunch? That will certainly help you get some stress out from you and your children! Here are some of the best kid friendly restaurants in Monterey you can visit after you are done moving!

Hula’s Island Grill is one of the kid Friendly Restaurants In Monterey

What you should know about this spot on our list is that it doesn’t take the title of one of the best kid friendly restaurants in Monterey for nothing! It opened in 1998! With the innovative approach to the food industry, you can rest assured all your senses will be saturated. This particular restaurant is family-owned, operated and oriented! Which means they do care about the wellbeing of all of their guests! There are amazing foods from all around. With good service, friendly customers and cool staff, you can rest assured everything will go smoothly! You can enjoy a large variety of foods here! 

A cook making food in one of the best Kid Friendly Restaurants In Monterey
This is considered as one of the best Kid Friendly Restaurants In Monterey

We all know that sometimes the move can be a hard task. Even if we are planning a local move! Which is why we should take some time off in the kid friendly restaurants in Monterey, and leave our relocation to the best local movers Monterey can offer to you!

Rosine’s Restaurant

As one of the best kid friendly restaurants in Monterey, Rosine’s Restaurant has a lot to offer! It is founded in 1980 by Jim And Rosine Culcasi! Almost instantly it became a local hit and people rushed in to try all the delicacies! The number of satisfied customers only grew for years to come! There is a vast array of meals you can try here such as:

  • Homemade delicious cakes – This is why Rosine’s restaurant is on our list of best kid friendly restaurants in Monterey
  • Soups
  • Hearty meals
  • BBQ
a meat on the bbq
You can enjoy a lot of good BBQ here

there are also many more dishes you can eat here! Also, one of the most famous dishes in this family-owned restaurant is their meatloaf and other pies as well. The restaurant is passed down from generation to generation, and you can figure out why it is so important to them to keep that family-oriented feel!

Right after you are done with your residential move, you can enjoy a good meal here! But, you shouldn’t worry that much about your relocation! If you have good residential movers CA at your side, you will have no issues when it comes to relocation! That way you can focus on quality time with your family!

Remember to make healthy meals for your children

Relocation can be stressful for both adults and children. Which is why you need to plan what you are going to do after you move in. Now, visiting some restaurants can be a good idea to release some stress, but you can’t do it every day. And you and your children need a healthy meal after all! This is a perfect opportunity to help your kids better adjust to your new home by getting them to help you cook! They will feel included in the process and everyday life by making some delicious meals for children!

Parent and child cooking
Include your kids in the cooking process

Schooners Coastal Kitchen & Bar

Founded in 2012, this coastal kitchen and bar is one of the best kid friendly restaurants in Monterey! You can enjoy a lot of different contemporary American dishes and other seafood delicacies all the while looking at the ocean! You can find them in two places. The old and new one, where old is the nautical-themed place that serves as a bar/cafe. The second is more modern and it doesn’t have the old look that was a bit dark. We are very certain that you and your children will enjoy this place a lot when you visit it after the move!

Moving can be tiring, and the unpacking process can take some time. After you enjoyed some of the good meals in these kid friendly restaurants in Monterey, you can start unpacking your kitchen. Since it will be a good idea to make some lunches on your own! There are easy ways to unpack your kitchen after you are done moving that you can follow! Make sure you know more about them!

Loulou’s Griddle In The Middle

One of the oldest restaurants. established in 1948, you can rest assured they have a long history of tradition and good meals! It is a small place but with a big heart!  Located in the middle of the wharf, they put a lot of love, passion, and soul into their food and services! All in favor of making your stay more pleasant! You and your children will certainly enjoy all the dishes served here! For instance, this restaurant is famous for their:

  • Griddle cakes
  • Omelets
  • Crab cake and eggs
  • Squids
  • French toast
french toast on a plate
French toast is an amazing choice

These are some of the best choices you can take when coming in here for breakfast! And you will notice the prices are not that big either! Life in Monterey is quite affordable once you get to know it. There are some questions about is life in Monterey expensive that are already answered! Therefore,  you won’t have to look far for them!

These are what we consider the best kid Friendly Restaurants In Monterey! They offer a lot of good meals and a pleasant place to eat, therefore we are sure you and your kids will enjoy the food and environment! If you think there are more restaurants like this, please let us know.

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