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Best packing techniques for transporting expensive furniture

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Packing and moving your furniture is not something you can do with ease. This is especially important to remember if you are moving expensive furniture pieces. If you don’t know how to do it properly, you may end up with damaged or broken furniture when moving. To avoid this moving Companies in California have decided to guide you through the process. Today, you will learn what are the best packing techniques for transporting expensive furniture. Keep reading and learn more.

The best packing techniques for transporting expensive furniture works best with proper packing supplies

Did you know that one of the most common moving mistakes people make is that they don’t have any proper packing supplies at all?  No, regular cardboard won’t be enough for this endeavor for sure. They will not provide your furniture with the proper protection that you will need during the move. Although these items do help when moving, that is just some small form of packing protection. There is no guarantee that everything will be safe. So, what you need to think about are the following packing supplies:

  • Air-filled wraps are always a good choice. They can protect your furniture from any sort of damage
  • You can always get mattress and sofa covers for this
  • Always use plastic stretch wraps
  • There are sealable plastic bags that come in all sizes
  • Think about using corrugated cardboard sheets
a girl using best packing techniques for transporting expensive furniture
Using plastic stretch wraps is one of the best packing techniques for transporting expensive furniture

You can get these items for a fairly affordable price and we are sure that they will be a nice new layer of protection for your furniture pieces. Heavy furniture can be damaged if you don’t handle it properly. With these wraps, even if you bump your walls, you will avoid any sort of damage. And that is something that you can count on when moving it. Furthermore, you can make your relocation easier if you hire furniture movers California for your move. The professional moving company will always handle your furniture with ease and care.

Preparation is the key

It is a very good idea if you prepare your furniture for transport if you wish to avoid any possible moving mistakes. Dust, debris, and dirt are one of the biggest enemies of wooden furniture. They can easily scratch, or dent your furniture and create small, almost microscopic scratches that can further damage your furniture. Before you begin packing, make sure to clean it up with a microfiber cloth so you can get rid of all the dust and other things that can damage it. Then you can proceed to wrap it up.

a microfiber cloth
Clean your furniture with microfiber cloth first

When it comes to moving cabinets and drawers, it is a good idea to remove all the handles, casters, and knobs. You can also remove the drawers and place smaller items in them. That will provide you with some extra storage place. If you are not sure about your packing skills, then there is a solution for that as well. You can always get packing services for your move. If you let professionals pack your furniture for the move, then you are lowering the risk of any damages.

Disassemble your furniture if you can

There is always a good chance that the furniture you are moving can be dismantled. You need to check this out and see what you can do. IT will allow you to move your furniture pieces with ease and you will also lower the risk of damaging them. Since you can pack every piece properly and easily now. Always have the following tricks on your mind when doing this:

  • Always read the factory manual to learn how you can dismantle your furniture pieces properly
  • Sealable plastic bags are a great place to put all the screws and bolts you don’t want to lose.
  • As a reference, always take a photo of your furniture to reassemble it properly
  • Make sure to do this before the movers arrive to avoid any delays

These are all some of the best ways you can deal with your furniture when moving. But have in mind that your safety should be your top priority. In this case, you need to know how to properly lift heavy items. That way you will be able to avoid any potential injuries.

Make sure to wrap everything properly

The next step you need to do is to wrap everything properly so you don’t end up with damaged items. There are many good packing materials you can use for this, and some of the best you probably already know about. For instance, plastic wrap, or some sofa covers can provide your items with all the protection you will need. Use old blankets as well. They are great when it comes to packing and moving furniture.

a person wrapping furniture
Make sure to wrap your furniture before packing

Keeping everything properly organized is very important if you wish to make sure nothing goes wrong when moving. That is why you need to make certain arrangements to keep everything in order. That included making a moving checklist you will follow. It will help you stay on a moving schedule so you won’t end up losing time. And keeping this in mind will help you avoid moving delays.

Following these steps will ensure that you move your furniture with ease and without any problems. We are certain that by now you know what are the best packing techniques for transporting expensive furniture. The best way to move your expensive furniture is to prepare first for it. And that is why this article is here. Furthermore, you can read more about the moving process in our blog. There are many good tips and tricks you can pick up there.

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