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Every year people move to Monterey for various reasons – job opportunities, retirement, love… This scenic city is located near beautiful Monterey Bay and offers beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Lucia Mountains. Residents have great schools and healthcare, and tourists enjoy its numerous attractions. If you are planning a relocation, we will help you find the best places to live in Monterey. Moving is a stressful and tiring process. However, if you plan your relocation in advance and prepare properly for the move, you can facilitate and accelerate it.

Prepare for the move

The more you prepare for the move, the less stressful it will seem. The most important part of the relocation is finding a reliable and experienced moving company. Mod Movers will handle your belongings with care, help you pack, find storage facilities, and offer useful advice. In case you are wondering how to find good movers, ask your friends and family for a recommendation. It’s likely they know someone who has relocated recently.

Enjoy natural beauty and great climate in Monterey.
Monterey is well known for its lakes, parks, and beaches

Also, browse the Internet, check specialized moving-related websites, read previously submitted complaints and reviews. If there are a lot of negative comments, it’s most likely that your experience with a particular company won’t be positive. This research will help you choose a moving company that meets your needs and special requests. Make an informed decision and have a happy move.

Pack your belongings properly after you find the best places to live in Monterey

Although packing can be an emotional and time-consuming process, it’s also a great time to go through your belongings and decide what you really need. Many moving companies provide packing services in Monterey if you don’t have the time to pack and label yourself. Bear in mind that the price of your relocation depends on the size and weight of your move.

Therefore, think carefully about what you want to bring into your new home and get rid of the stuff you don’t need. This includes furniture that won’t fit, clothes you no longer wear, old magazines, books, kids’ toys. You can donate these items to those less fortunate or sell them on eBay. Sometimes it’s even cheaper to buy new furniture than to move your own, due to its weight and volume.

General information about Monterey

Monterey is a California city located on the Pacific coast. Due to its natural beauty, great climate, and historic sites, it has attracted tourists from all over the world. This small, clean city is also a great place to live, as it has a low crime rate and a sense of community. Whether you prefer the beach or mountains, this gorgeous city can be a perfect home.

Monterey has beautiful views as the city is located on the Pacific coast.
The best places to live in Monterey are a short walk from the beach.

Monterey offers many attractions, vineyards, lighthouses. It is home to a world-known Monterey Bay Aquarium. Here you can see 550 sea life species, visit daily shows and feeding sessions. Monterey is well known for its many museums, theatres, gourmet restaurants, beaches, parks, historic sites. You can go hiking, mountain biking, camping, surfing, diving, etc. As for special events that attract visitors from all over the world, the Carmel Bach Festival and the Monterey Jazz Festival are the ones you shouldn’t miss.

What are the best places to live in Monterey

There are many beautiful places in Monterey County, but finding the best places to live in Monterey requires some research. First, there are some things to know before moving to Monterey, California. The average rent is between $1000 and $2,000, which is relatively affordable in comparison to some other, bigger cities near Monterey such as San Francisco. When considering where to live, think about what would be the best places to live in Monterey for your lifestyle. What are your priorities – weather, beach proximity, schools? There are 16 neighborhoods in Monterey which are beautiful and diverse, so you will certainly find the best one for you.

Oak Grove – one of the best places to live in Monterey

Oak Grove is a beautiful place just across the street from Monterey State Beach. The neighborhood is bordered by Lake El Estero, which is a hidden gem of the area. This is a great neighborhood for families, very safe, well maintained, with great schools. Oak Grove offers something for everyone, whether you like beaches, nature, golf, shopping, great restaurants, parks. Taking into consideration the accessibility to the ocean, lakes, and parks, it’s safe to say that homes in Oak Grove are affordable and offer good value for money.

Monterey Vista

This neighborhood in Monterey, California is a family community. Homes from different time-periods and styles are usually high value. This is a quiet area with little car traffic, a good school, forest, restaurants, great weather, and views. What’s not to like? Historic Old Town Monterey is a short walk away, as well as the Veterans Memorial Park.

The Lighthouse District

If you value the beautiful scenery and history of the Monterey Peninsula, this might be the perfect neighborhood for you. Here you can explore many restaurants, bars, shops, as well as the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. Point Pinos Lighthouse is the oldest continually operating lighthouse on the West Coast. It has been guiding mariners to safety since 1855 and is still active today. With unsurpassed beauty and character, this place attracts visitors from all over the world.

Monterey Bay Aquarium is famous worldwide.
The Monterey Aquarium is home to 550 sea life species


Moving can be a stressful process, which is why it’s so important to like your new home and be excited about the relocation. In case you are wondering what the best places to live in Monterey are, you should first contemplate about your needs and lifestyle. Do you want a quiet and safe neighborhood or you want to live in a vibrant and busy area? Whichever part of Monterey you choose, I am sure you will enjoy its beauty and charm.

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