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Best places to move to in Santa Clara County

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Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County offers a multitude of opportunities for those seeking an eventful and fulfilling lifestyle. Renowned for its technological prowess, this county is home to several cities that consistently rank high in all those factors that can make our lives better and skyrocket our careers. If you are thinking about moving, it will be good to know which one of them will be perfect for you and all your future plans. Before you start making plans with reliable movers in California, let’s go through some of the best places to move to in Santa Clara County!

A brief history of Santa Clara County

The establishment of the first railroad in Santa Clara County in the 1860s significantly started its growth and development. The railroad connected the region to other parts of California and facilitated the transportation of goods and people. Throughout the years, the entire county was mainly focused on agriculture and retail, which only made it expand faster. The agricultural sector, particularly fruit orchards and vineyards, thrived, and canneries emerged to process the abundant harvests. In the early 1900s, the region’s fertile soil and favorable climate made it a hub for the emerging technology industry, leading to the establishment of companies such as Hewlett-Packard and IBM.

people sitting in the park in one of the best places to move to in Santa Clara County
Santa Clara County is not only suitable for living and working today but was in the past as well

Today, Santa Clara County is a joyous and diverse community known for its leading role in technology, research, and entrepreneurship. It continues to attract talented individuals from around the world who seek to contribute to its dynamic economy and vibrant cultural landscape. As a result, living and working there is a great thing to consider no matter where you currently live. 

Palo Alto: Where innovation meets charm

Our first candidate surely has a lot of things to offer, no matter your age and profession. Palo Alto, known as the epicenter of technological innovation, boasts a delightful blend of cutting-edge opportunities and enchanting neighborhoods. Home to renowned companies, the prestigious Stanford University, and a thriving startup scene, Palo Alto offers excellent job prospects. With a low unemployment rate, it offers countless job opportunities for young people, especially after graduating.

Apart from that, this city is home to many attractions that are always on the list of tourists as well as residents. Palo Alto has a diverse dining scene, cultural events, and proximity to natural wonders like the Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve making it a haven for both work and play. If you plan on moving there with your kids, you don’t have to worry about the crime rate and the education they will get. While Palo Alto movers deal with your items, you can explore some of the best schools in the area, including Palo Alto High School.

Los Gatos: One of the best places to move to in Santa Clara County

Next on the list of best places to move to in Santa Clara County is Los Gatos. Nestled in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Los Gatos exudes a small-town charm while providing access to big-city amenities. This picturesque town offers a range of housing options, from historic Victorian homes to modern residences. Even though living costs in this place rate 334/100 and go way above the average, Los Gatos is also giving a great chance for a stable job and suitable income. Healthcare is currently the biggest employer, which can be a great chance for you as well if your profession is related to this sector. Of course, movers Los Gatos offers can provide you with enough time to organize your budget and choose the proper services so that you can stay within your budget.

laptop on the desk
The best places to move to in Santa Clara County include countless traits for freelancers as well

With a bustling downtown area boasting boutiques, art galleries, and top-notch dining establishments, Los Gatos offers a perfect balance between relaxation and entertainment. The town’s proximity to hiking trails, wineries, and the beautiful Vasona Lake Park further enhances its appeal. You will get a chance to explore the beautiful outdoors in Los Gatos and use them to get closer to your new community. Keep in mind that this place hosts all kinds of events and festivals, including the Los Gatos beer festival and Folk Festival every year.

Saratoga: Serenity and elegance combined

What if we tell you that you can enjoy a nice and subtle lifestyle while still being close to everything urban and dynamic? Yes, you can all have it in Saratoga. This place is famous for its serene atmosphere and breathtaking landscapes. It surely is a coveted destination for those seeking a peaceful and upscale lifestyle, no matter where you currently live. With its spacious estates, lush gardens, and proximity to the Santa Cruz Mountains, Saratoga is a haven for nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. The town’s charming downtown area offers a host of boutique shops, art galleries, and gourmet restaurants, making it an ideal place to unwind and indulge.

Let’s not forget to mention a place where you will get a chance to meet the wonderful community of this city. Saratoga Village, with its charming architecture and quaint shops, invites residents to explore local boutiques, art galleries, and delightful dining establishments. Movers Saratoga CA offers can even help you relocate your office there and use this location to present your products and services. Currently, the unemployment rate in Saratoga is 3.10%, which is way below the national average of 5%.

person at the job interview
The good news is that these places offer great job opportunities as well

Cupertino: One of the best places to move to in Santa Clara Country for all tech-lovers

Cupertino, home to the global tech giant Apple Inc., offers a vibrant community that thrives on innovation. The city’s close-knit neighborhoods and excellent schools make it a popular choice for families. The nearby Cupertino Hills offer picturesque views and numerous hiking trails. One of the most notable spots surely is the stunning Rancho San Antonio Preserve. It is a vast natural area with scenic trails, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. With its bustling shopping centers, diverse culinary scene, and a range of recreational facilities, Cupertino provides a well-rounded lifestyle. 

The living costs in Cupertino rate 322/100, and you should be careful with your budget. This is even more important if you are coming from a place that has lower costs and a more affordable lifestyle. The best method is to make a plan with movers Cupertino CA has based on time and get the best deal possible. Also, don’t forget to find a good real estate agent who will help you find a nice property. Buying one in Cupertino may cost you but considering all the traits this place offers – it is more than worth it. The average Cupertino home value is $2,599,161, down 10.0% over the past year.

Monte Sereno: An exclusive residential retreat

Monte Sereno, known for its exclusive residential enclaves and luxurious estates, offers a tranquil and secluded living environment. Nestled in the foothills, this city provides a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the nearby urban centers. Residents can enjoy a high quality of life, privacy, and scenic beauty while still being within easy reach of Silicon Valley’s amenities. According to official statistics, Monte Sereno is perfect for downsizing and retiring mainly because of the lifestyle it offers. But if you plan on moving there with your family, you will be welcomed with the same warmth.

But above that, all movers Monte Sereno CA offers can help you move there and finally purchase a property. Monte Sereno has been attracting new residents for many years from all over the USA. This is mainly because neighborhoods there are perfectly arranged for families. Each one of them has at least one school nearby, supermarkets and everything you need to be close to you. The most notable ones in this city are:

  • Foothill
  • Daves
  • Twin Creeks
  • Albright
  • Bicknell
  • Rose-Andrews
empty classroom
If you move with your kids, you will find some excellent schools here

And finally, one of the best places to move to in Santa Clara County is Gilroy

Those who need a place that is still in this county but has lower living costs have just found their match. Gilroy offers more affordable housing compared to other cities in Santa Clara County. The city provides a diverse range of housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments, making it accessible for individuals and families looking to establish their roots without breaking the bank. Also, the strategic location within the tech-driven Silicon Valley provides excellent job opportunities. The city is home to a mix of industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, retail, and services.

Gilroy’s proximity to major employment hubs like San Jose and the South Bay offers a convenient commute for those seeking career prospects in the region. Many moving companies in Gilroy tend to relocate young people looking for a great career start-up. So if you want to buy a nice property, preserve your budget, and have a nice community, this one is probably your best candidate.

How to choose the one that is perfect for you?

Now that you know what are some of the best places in Santa Clara County that you can call home, let’s see how to choose the most suitable one. Of course, this entirely depends on your lifestyle, needs, and other factors, but there are still some tips that can help you. For example, young professionals should always think about the dynamic of the place and the community there. Make sure you check your new commute a couple of times and try it out if there is enough time. As a result, you will know that you have found a perfect place, and adjusting will be extremely easy.

calculator on the desk
Before you choose between the best places to move to in Santa Clara County, make sure to organize your finances

On the other hand, if you are moving with your entire family, including kids, you will need something slightly different. The good news is that each one of the best places to move to in Santa Clara County offers neighborhoods perfect for families. Make sure that there is a school transportation line close and that there is a least one green area close to your home. Picking the right house shouldn’t be difficult as long as you know what to focus on.

Packing and moving

When the time for your move comes, try to be surrounded by positive vibes. Moving to Santa Clara County will surely change your life for the better, and there is no need to stress out when it comes to your items. Residential movers CA offers will assist you with transporting them safely and save you a huge amount of time. But before they arrive, you can do some of the preparations yourself. Santa Clara enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures all year round. Winters are cool and wet, while summers are warm and dry, so be careful when organizing your wardrobe. It is always good to pack one room at a time so that you always have your items under control.

On the moving-out day, don’t forget to pack the first night kit, especially if you don’t live in California currently. It will help you keep all your essentials close to you during the trip and while in your new home. Once the movers arrive, everything will start unfolding quickly, so you can use that for a short break. Upon arriving at your new home, take as much time as you need to set up your items and get to know the area.

people at the meeting
Each one of these best places to move to in Santa Clara County has a wonderful community that will help you adjust better

Look forward to living in Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County presents an array of exceptional cities that cater to different preferences and lifestyles. Choosing among the best places to move to in Santa Clara County will be much easier and more effective if you give yourself enough time. Don’t forget to include professionals, and feel free to rely on other people’s personal experiences. For example, if you know someone who already lives in some of these places, they can give you more tips and information. Naturally, no one knows a place as much as the residents, and you will surely benefit from it. Before you know it, you will be satisfied by calling Santa Clara County your new home.

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