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Best states to move to from California

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If you’re eyeing a fresh start outside California, you’re not alone. In fact, movers Northern California offers are helping thousands make this transition every year. For this reason, explore all the best states to move to from California to help you make the best decision. This informative piece focuses on factors like cost of living, job opportunities, quality of life, and the all-important local culture. Using our experience, we’re here to help you get all the necessary information before choosing the ideal state you’ll love.

Why are Californians picking up stakes and moving to Oregon?

Startling data shows a growing trend: Californians are packing their bags for Oregon. Why is that? The answer lies in three major areas: cost of living, natural beauty, and quality of life.

Most importantly, Oregon’s cost of living is significantly lower. Many Californians are finding relief from high housing and daily expenses. Although the nature in California is amazing, Oregon offers a chance to experience multiple ecosystems in a single day’s drive due to its colorful landscapes. It’s a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Also, Oregon’s smaller cities offer a quieter, less hectic lifestyle. This is appealing, especially if you’re looking for a break from the business of California. Due to all these reasons, moving companies California to Oregon searches are on the rise, mirroring this migration trend. So, whether it’s for financial reasons, a love of nature, or a desire for a slower pace, it’s clear why Californians are setting their sights on Oregon.

a city during the light
Oregon’s natural beauty and eco-conscious lifestyle attract nature lovers and sustainability enthusiasts

Why Californians are relocating to Portland

Undoubtedly, moving from California to Portland is becoming a popular trend, and there are many reasons.

  1. Californians are drawn to Portland’s lower cost of living. Compared to Los Angeles and San Francisco, where houses are in millions, housing in Portland is more affordable at $530K. This affordability extends to other areas, too, like groceries and healthcare.
  2. Portland offers a less congestive, more peaceful environment. Unlike California’s crowded cityscapes, it presents an appealing blend of city and nature. It has many parks, hiking trails, and access to both the ocean and mountains.
  3. Oregon’s state income tax is also less burdensome than California’s.
  4. Portland’s progressive culture resonates with many Californians. From sustainability efforts to local food movements, it mirrors many of the values found in California’s urban centers. Yet, it offers a sense of community that is often missing from larger cities.

The best states to move to from California to Colorado

A significant trend has emerged recently involving Californians packing their bags and moving to Colorado. But why is this happening? As with the rest of the cities, Colorado offers a more affordable lifestyle without compromising on quality. Colorado has a great balance of urban life and nature. It has cities like Denver and Boulder for those who want a busier lifestyle but also stunning natural beauty if you want to escape the noise. Plus, the outdoor activities are top-notch! Think skiing, hiking, and cycling, to name a few. Although not initially so impressive, Colorado’s job market has seen amazing growth as of late. Many Californians find appealing opportunities, particularly in booming industries such as tech and green energy. So, moving from California to Colorado appears to be a logical decision if you want affordability, work opportunities, and an outdoor lifestyle.

 Best states to move to from California have amazing landscape
Colorado’s stunning landscapes, outdoor activities, and thriving job market make it an excellent option for adventure enthusiasts

The great migration: Moving from California to Denver

A wave of Californians are packing their bags and setting their sights on Denver. With Denver’s lower cost of living compared to major California cities, people find their dollars stretch much further. For example, housing costs in Denver are significantly lower at $459,100 than in Los Angeles or San Francisco. Yet, Denver still offers vibrant city life.

The job market in Denver is booming, with growing tech, healthcare, and renewable energy sectors. Denver is also impressive with its healthy, outdoorsy lifestyle. Mountains for hiking or skiing are just a short drive away, which sounds like a dream, especially if you’re imagining it from the Californian summer heat. Add to this a laid-back vibe, sunny weather, and a sense of community. It’s clear why more and more Californians are moving from California to Denver. In a nutshell, Denver offers a financially sound, active, and community-focused lifestyle, making it a compelling alternative to California’s bustling yet expensive cities.

The trend of Californians heading to Texas

Many people are also hiring California interstate movers and heading to the Lone Star State.

  • Affordability is a key factor. California has some of the highest living costs in the US, whereas Texas offers a lower cost of living and no state income tax. Consequently, families and individuals can stretch their dollars further.
  • Texas is becoming a burgeoning hub for many industries, especially tech. This offers promising job prospects and draws in workers seeking new opportunities.
  • Texas has a favorable climate and wide-open spaces, which appeals to those craving a change from the hustle and bustle of California cities.

Hence, it’s no surprise that Texas consistently ranks among the best states to move to from California. For Californians looking for affordability, job prospects, and a change of scenery, Texas is a top choice.

a city under the cloudy sky
Texas offers a vibrant economy and no state income tax, making it a popular choice for those seeking financial freedom

Moving from California to Houston

The soaring living costs in California are driving many Californians to consider relocating to more affordable areas, and Houston, Texas, is becoming a favored destination. Houston’s cost of living is, of course, significantly lower than California’s. For instance, home prices in Houston are notably cheaper at $200,700, allowing more individuals to realize the dream of home ownership. Texas doesn’t have a state income tax, which is a huge contrast to California’s high-income tax rates. Houston’s thriving job market, particularly in the energy, healthcare, and tech sectors, is another key attraction. Plus, the city offers a diverse cultural scene, not unlike those in California. The difference is, in Houston, you get to enjoy all these amenities with more money left in your pocket. So, it’s no wonder that the trend of moving from California to Houston is on the rise.

Why Californians are packing up for Arizona

Arizona has become a hot new destination, and it’s not hard to understand why. One of the most important reasons why is that the traffic situation is much more easily manageable. No more long, frustrating commutes! And let’s not forget about taxes. Arizona’s tax structure is far more appealing than California’s, with lower personal income tax rates. Quality of life matters. Many people find Arizona’s desert beauty and outdoor recreational activities simply irresistible. And lastly, the business climate in Arizona is enticing. Entrepreneurs find it easier to start and grow businesses due to less regulation. So, whether it’s for the financial benefits, lifestyle perks, or business opportunities, many are moving from California to Arizona and making this state their new home.

Best states to move to from California have a resort
Arizona boasts a warm climate, affordable housing options, and a strong retirement community

California exodus: Heading east to Phoenix

Californians are flocking to Phoenix for various reasons. Affordable housing at $277,700, from spacious apartments to lovely suburban homes, is a huge point for Phoenix. Also, there are impressive job opportunities across a range of industries, especially in the growing tech sector. This makes Phoenix comparable to California’s tech hubs but for a much lower cost of life.

Phoenix also has a friendly, laid-back lifestyle with ample outdoor activities to enjoy. Nature lovers will appreciate its proximity to stunning parks and hiking trails. If you love all these reasons buy cannot say goodbye to Californian heat, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to settle. Phoenix enjoys more than 300 sunny days a year, rivaling California’s renowned weather.

The best states to move to from California to Florida

Many Californians are making a move to Florida and for some good reasons. It’s one of the best states to move to from California because of the favorable tax climate. As you probably know, Florida’s no-state income tax is a huge relief after the sky-high taxes in California. This means more money in the pocket for residents. Next, the cost of living is notably lower. Housing in Florida is significantly cheaper compared to California. It’s an attractive proposition for those who want more bang for their buck.

a coastal city
Florida’s sunny weather, diverse culture, and lack of income tax make it a top destination for retirees and young professionals alike

The warm, tropical climate and beautiful beaches of Florida are equally appealing. This makes the Sunshine State a comfortable place to settle. Also, Florida’s diverse community offers a rich cultural experience, proving that people aren’t moving just for financial benefits. ?

Why Orlando is the new destination

There’s a notable migration of Californians to Orlando, Florida, and it’s not hard to understand why. The cost-cutting here isn’t just applicable to living costs, it also extends to housing at $283,700, utilities, and groceries. The quality of life is appealing to all the new residents. Orlando has a mix of entertainment options, from thrilling theme parks to rich cultural experiences.

Both California and Florida boast warm, sun-filled climates, yet Florida doesn’t have California’s devastating wildfires. This makes it a better choice where weather is concerned. With these compelling reasons, it’s clear to see why Orlando is becoming a preferred destination for many Californians looking for a change.

The Northern shift: Californians discovering Washington

The appeal of Washington State to Californians is undeniable. To start, the tech industry in cities like Seattle is booming, offering an array of job opportunities. Moreover, Washington’s lower cost of living is a powerful draw. Home prices, for instance, are significantly cheaper than California’s soaring market, making homeownership more accessible. Additionally, Washington’s diverse climate, ranging from rainy coastal areas to sunny eastern regions, offers something for everyone. Outdoor enthusiasts, too, are lured by the state’s ample nature spots, from stunning mountain ranges to serene lakes. Furthermore, Washington’s lack of a state income tax adds an economic incentive for many considering the move. Finally, the pursuit of a slower-paced lifestyle, away from the hustle and bustle of busy California cities, attracts those seeking a change.

aerial view of the city
Washington State is one of the best states to move to from California because of a mix of bustling urban life and serene outdoor retreats in its surrounding areas

Seattle vs. California: Why Californians are migrating north

With rising living costs, a growing number of Californians are heading toward Seattle. For one, Seattle’s cost of living is generally lower. Although not cheap, housing is more affordable here at $767,500. Furthermore, Seattle, known as the “Emerald City,” also offers a vibrant tech scene. This magnetizes many tech professionals from Silicon Valley seeking similar opportunities. Also, Seattle’s cooler, less arid climate is another point in favor of moving away for Californians tired of droughts and wildfires. Compared to California’s overcrowded urban centers, Seattle makes the balance between city life and nature easier to achieve. With its pristine lakes and lush green spaces, it’s a paradise for outdoor lovers. To top it all off, Washington State’s lack of personal income tax makes it financially appealing.

Choose from the top states to welcome Californians

Your choice among the best states to move to from California will largely depend on your unique needs and preferences. Texas, Florida, and Oregon are the most common choices, and it’s easy to see why. They give residents a blend of affordability, attractive landscapes, and thriving communities. On the other hand, you might find Idaho’s natural beauty or Washington’s tech hub allure compelling. It’s essential to do thorough research, weigh your options, and visit potential locations before making a final decision.


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