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Best things to see in Portland after moving from California

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After moving to this big city, and after traveling the entire 770 miles, which is a drive of over 12 hours, we are sure that you will want to rest a bit. What to do after moving from California to Portland? And, do it. Take a break, settle into your new home, unpack only the basics, and the other boxes can wait a few days. If you are wondering what you can do in this city, we will tell you that there are many interesting things to see in Portland after moving from California. Portland is the largest city in Oregon and as such can offer you a variety of activities, entertainment, and enjoyment. And all you need to do is keep reading and discover a lot of interesting things to do, see and learn how to enjoy the new city.

Moving to Portland from California

California is one of the most popular states in the US, with a very strong economy and high living standards. It’s also the country with the most moving processes during the year. When we talk about relocations, we can tell you an interesting fact, and that is that California is in the 3rd place on the list of countries to which people move most often, and in the 1st place on the list of countries from which people move most often. And among the main reasons why people leave California is the cost of living. One of the main examples of this is the fact that the median home price goes as high as $ 800,000, while the national average is $ 365,000.

A family who moved into their new home in Portland.
Take a break and look for interesting things to see in Portland after moving from California.

When we talk about Portland, we can justify all the reasons why people move to this city most often, and why the state of Oregon itself is one of the most common choices. Among the first reasons are lower prices, more affordable living, and cheaper real estate compared to California. The Medina house price in Portland goes up to $ 400,000, while rental prices range from $ 800 to $ 1,500. Also, Portland boasts of its excellent education system comprising over 150 public schools. If you haven’t moved to Portland yet, it’s time to do so now and look for movers near me. We guarantee you a successful moving process with the right moving experts. As well as good fun in Portland.

Take a break after moving to Portland

So far, you have been able to get acquainted with some of the basic characteristics of Portland, and now is the time to take a break. Once you have successfully arrived at your new address, and after your California interstate movers have helped you unload all your moving boxes and other items you can take a break. Trust us, it will please you. For a start, it will be enough to unpack personal belongings that will be enough for you for the first few days and indulge in enjoying and discovering a new city and interesting places. Also, Portland has a lot of interesting things to see. So, embark on an after-moving adventure.

Enjoy and discover all things to see in Portland after moving from California

Parks, forests, and mountains are the main attractions of Portland, which every year attract more and more tourists who love untouched nature. If you are one of them, living in this city surrounded by untouched nature can be a real privilege. So, surrender to the kings of nature and enjoy. But nature isn’t all that this city can offer you. There are many more shops, cafes, and restaurants, as well as nightclubs and many other interesting places. So, if you want fun, then Pearl District is the right place for you. Here you can find a large number of shops, cafes, galleries, and boutiques. This place is located in the heart of downtown and can guarantee you quality free time.

If you are a fan of specialties one of the ideal things for you is eating street food at Portland Mercado. This is a place you must visit, because here you can enjoy the best Mexican, Central, and South American food. But Portland Mercado isn’t only a place where you can enjoy food, but also one of the most beautiful communities in Portland, and why, we leave it to you to discover for yourself.

Street Mexican food

If you want to have an unforgettable night in Portland we advise you to visit Distillery Row. Here you will have the opportunity to try over 80 alcoholic drinks. To visit this place you will need a special passport that you can buy on the spot or download the mobile application.

Portland can offer you fun, activities, and enjoyment

One of the most beautiful activities, where you can enjoy the divine view of the city is the Portland Aerial Tram. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a 4-minute journey and panoramic views. This tram takes you 3,300 feet, rising 500 feet above the ground at a speed of 22 mph. Through the trip, you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful green areas that are the main attraction of this city. And if the weather allows, you will be able to see the mountains of Hood and St. Helens.

Portland Aerial Tram
One of the most attractive things is the Portland Aerial Tram which can give you an unforgettable adventure.

The next thing which you should see is the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. This is one of the best places to explore because here you can learn and discover a lot of new things about chemistry, physics, paleontology, and the sea.

Portland parks are the main attraction

Green areas and untouched nature are the main attractions of this city. And they are also the best things to see in Portland after moving from California. Washington Park, Forest Park, Multnomah Falls, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, and many other places are the main attractions of Portland that attract a large number of tourists. Clean air, greenery, forests, and nature reserves will allow you to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities every day. This place is ideal for all generations, young people, children, adults, and seniors. And believe us, this rich and divine nature will make you not miss California beaches in general. So, start discovering natural beauty right away, unpack a few boxes, and don’t worry, because for other things you can use storage services California. Clean, safe places are all you need at the moment. So take this opportunity. Good luck!

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