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Best time to move an office from San Jose to Austin

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The best time to move an office from San Jose to Austin needs to be carefully considered. It can be time-consuming and more complicated than it seems. Statistics show that 1 in 4 times, people hire professional moving services to do everything for them. More than a third rent a moving truck and get help from another party (friends or family). It’s a complex job that requires thorough planning. You will need to find storage, pack efficiently, and find adequate transport. This can be very stressful if things don’t go smoothly and you have to do stuff that you weren’t planning on doing. If you’re having a hard time deciding when to move, we got you! We will try to be as helpful as we can in making your life-changing decision.

Are you happy with your current office in San Jose?

If you need to move an office from San Jose to Austin, you must have a good reason for it. This is the first question you need to answer. If you are unhappy particularly with your office space, you may want to start looking for something else. We suggest looking into the costs of living in Texas so you can have some financial awareness when planning ahead. If you are unsatisfied with your current situation, think about what will actually change if you move to Austin. To keep your balance, you must keep moving is the famous saying. This is particularly true if you are fed up with your surroundings and need a fresh start. Maybe you want a bit of a cultural shift, if that is the case, moving from San Jose to Austin is an excellent idea!

A girl her office from San Jose to Austin
Moving to a new space can be exciting!

Consider your office space

Perhaps, you are not yearning for just a fresh start, but a more spacious one too! Space can make or break a working environment. Giving you and your employees a better working environment is a surefire way to boost your professional career. Maybe you want some additional storage space too! If this is a problem in your current office, you can fix it when moving to a new one. Are your employees sick of their parking spaces? Maybe you can find a better parking situation in Austin, your team will definitely thank you for it.

Check your lease situation when moving an office from San Jose to Austin

If you plan on moving, the first thing you need to do is to tie all loose ends in your current situation. You don’t want something left behind to bite you back in the future. In regards to this, you can start by checking your lease expiration date and your deposits. Will you lose money by moving straight away? When is the expiration date on your lease? Do you have any repairs you need to take care of before you leave your current office? These all things are simple but can become much more complicated if not taken care of before moving from San Jose to Austin.

Woman holding a pen in front of a contract paper
Checking your current arrangements is critical before planning ahead

Start as soon as possible

The very best thing you can do is start as soon as possible. We don’t mean to just pack right away, but to plan early on, so you got your head in the game. Evaluate your storage situation ahead of time. Furthermore, consider some packing services to smoothen things up while you focus on the broader picture. We suggest setting up a plan that works for you and going with that.

Remember, time is money so think about how much you will spend on every logistics aspect of moving. Commercial movers California suggests you make a checklist of key things before diving deep into anything. Some key things to consider before you move an office from San Jose to Austin are:

  • Call for help
  • Make a spreadsheet
  • Label everything
  • Obtain the addresses you require
  • Take care of the paperwork
  • Make time for your family
  • Make downtime for yourself

Reach out to a moving company to move an office from San Jose to Austin

Before you make any crucial steps, think about the time and energy you will have to exert before executing them. Far too often people underestimate how moving anything can be stressful and just a hassle to deal with. Moving companies California to Texas can be extremely convenient in these situations. Moving companies have the knowledge, experience, and whereabouts that are required to make a moving process as smooth as possible. They will provide packing services, transportation, and most importantly, make sure your valuable things are kept safe and secure. We always say safety is the number one thing, this is also true when moving!

2 men holding a green sofa in an office
Reaching out for help can save you a lot of headaches when moving from San Jose to Austin

Declutter, declutter, declutter!

Remember, when moving, decluttering is everything. There are a lot of things you will need to get rid of from the start to finish. Moreover, you will need a sufficient system in place in order to stay on track. The first thing to do is to organize by priority. Considering this, place the things you need the most in one spot, so you can have them available whenever. We also suggest you check all of your stuff and throw away anything that is not valuable to you. Unfortunately, this is a bad time to be a hoarder. Furthermore, remove any cables that people can trip over or any electronics that may be out of place. As usual, make sure your desk is always near perfect. You don’t want any paperwork mixed up before moving an office from San Jose to Austin.

Last thoughts

Moving can be fun and exciting if we plan it to be, so plan away! The best time to move an office from San Jose to Austin will depend on many factors, as we mentioned. Following these tips are a sure way to make moving less of a hassle. Consider them carefully and keep in mind that you may need some help. We are sure it will be worth it and that you will be happy in your new office in Austin!

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