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Best ways to de-stress after a move in Monterey, CA

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After a long and arduous moving process, we all need a bit of R&R. Even if your Monterey moving company has done most of the work, you still needed to put some in, as well. Your stress levels will most likely be high, as well. You want to de-stress after a move in Monterey but are not sure how or where? Well, that is why we are here to help you!

How to de-stress after a move in Monterey?

There are many ways of destressing, everyone has their own idea of what is best. While we can’t tell you what is the best way for you to destress, we can provide you with a list of things that you can do. Perhaps some of these ideas will “click” for you and that is it!

  • Nap Before Unpacking – Good Idea!
  • Relax And Read A Book After You Move
  • De-stress After A Move in Monterey – Take A Walk
  • Invite Some Friends and Neighbors Over
  • Play With Your Pet!

Nap before unpacking – good idea!

This is something that almost everyone can relate to. You can hire a professional mover and get their packing services, but when you arrive at your new destination and before you get to unpacking, take a power nap! While it might take you a bit longer to fall asleep, depending on what is going through your mind, it will be well worth it. You will regain some of the energy and you will have time to cool-off. A good nap is one of the best ways to get rid of accumulated stress!

Take a nap before you start the unpacking process.

Relax and read a book after you move

Sometimes, a good book can relieve stress as nothing else can. There is something almost poetic in a person reading a book amid moving boxes. It will take you somewhere far away, into another world and all of your problems will vanish for a time.

While this will definitely not make all your problems vanish permanently, it will make for a great de-stressing mechanism.

De-stress after a move in Monterey – Take a walk

Another thing that you can do is one of the most simple things in life. Taking a walk. You will be encountering new things all along the way and your receptors will shower you with new information all the time. There will simply be no time for stress and the stress will slowly fade away. You can also sit on a bench in a park and think thoroughly about how to prepare your items for storage?! Your mind will be clear and your plan will be perfect!

Taking a walk is also quite healthy and is something all of us need to do more often in these times. I simply cannot overstate the importance of a good walk as a means to de-stress after a move in Monterey. Or in having a healthy life. Seriously, just do it, you will feel better.

Invite some friends and neighbors over

If you have friends that live nearby, invite them over. The company is a great way of coping up with stress as you can either share it or forget it for a time. Even if you don’t have any friends, if you are a friendly and easygoing person, you can invite your neighbors over. In Monterey, people are really friendly and if you even mention that you are stressed out, they will go out of their way to help you de-stress. They can also help you pack for storage. If you need some storage services, ask your professional mover for advice.

Play with your pet!

Playing with your pets is a great way to remove stress from your daily life. Pets are simply adorable and we love them more than almost anything. Your friends will help you de-stress as fast as possible. Give them some love and you will receive the same!

One of the best ways to de-stress is playing with your lovely pet!

De-stress after a move in Monterey – Daily stress relief routine

If you still have any amount of stress after moving to Monterey, there are some daily stress routines to remove or limit it. We all need to actively work on reducing or limiting our stress levels. No one will do that for you, you are responsible for your own happiness!

  • Walk Helps
  • Try Aromatherapy
  • Meditation
  • Turn Of The News
  • Take A Mini Vacation!


First things first. Walking is really helpful when it comes to dealing with stress. I don’t know exactly what it is with human brains but we tend to think and act differently when we walk. For example, I am a really non-social person when I am sitting behind a table, barely managing to get a few words in. But when walking, I am suddenly somehow a lot better in communicating with others.

What I am trying to say is that by going on a walk, you are doing yourself a favor. It definitely helps with both stress levels and your overall health.


Aromatherapy is definitely something that you can try, as well. It is documented that various odors can help a person relax and you just need to find what works for you. There are many for you to try and you are certain to find something that will help you.

De-stress after a move in Monterey – Meditation

When you think about meditation, you might think that it is something for the highly enlightened and has nothing to do with you. Well, that is just plain wrong. You most likely meditated in your life at least once. The whole process involves simply slowly breathing in and out.

Focus on your breathing and slowly inhale and exhale air from your lungs. If you can, try not to think about anything else. And voila, you’re meditating!

Turn off the news

This tip is for those of us that just get annoyed when they hear what is going on. The fact of the matter is that the news will provide you with all manner of information, most of which will be shocking. Because that is what we actually want to listen to. But it fills us with unnecessary stress. So, for the time being, when you want to de-stress after a move in Monterey, do yourself a favor and just turn the news off.

remote control
Avoid unnecessary stress, turn the news off!

Take a mini-vacation

The last thing that you can do to de-stress is to take a mini-vacation. This needs not to be drastic. A day off will do. The point is just to remove yourself from any sources of stress that are present in your current environment.

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