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Buying a vacation home out of state 101

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Buying a vacation home out of state can be exciting, but it comes with unique challenges. We’re here to share with you the ins and outs of this real estate adventure. Whether you’re eyeing a coastal cottage, a mountain retreat, or a lakeside cabin, we’ve got you covered with essential tips and insights. The process can be challenging initially, but with the right knowledge, you can make your dream getaway a reality. We researched everything from choosing the perfect location to understanding the legalities and logistics. Plus, if you’re considering moving, we’ll introduce you to reliable moving companies in Northern California who can help you with the transition. So, grab your sunscreen and hiking boots – it’s time to start this exciting journey of purchasing a vacation home in a new state! Where you and your family can create new memories.

Choose the right state and city for you when buying a vacation

Finding the right state that suits your taste is also something you need to consider. Luckily for you, there are many states similar to California but more affordable, where some of the most amazing vacation homes await you. No matter which one you choose cross country movers California will gladly assist you with your belongings. You just have to book them when you find your new vacation home. Here are some of the states that you should consider when buying a vacation home outside of California with the recommended cities:

  • Portland, Oregon (the top location if you are considering buying a vacation home out of state)
  • Newport, Oregon
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Austin, Texas

These are the most popular cities where Californians look for their new vacation homes. Also, remember that each city has its regulations, which will also be addressed. The tips and tricks follow as we go into more detail regarding each city.

Tips and tricks when buying a vacation home out of state

You have to be aware that there are many things and details you need to know when searching for a new home. That is why we created a list that will give you a precise overview of all the important factors. You might want to grab a pen and paper and write it all down. Here is the list:

  • Research your potential location
  • Get familiar with local laws and regulations
  • Set a budget
  • Visit the location a couple of times
  • Consider hiring a local realtor
  • Financing
  • Property management

Research your potential location when buying a vacation home out of state

When buying a vacation home out of state, thorough research is your compass. Start by exploring various locations throughout the city that might be suitable for a vacation home. You should also know that climate is important in your search, as weather can greatly impact your vacation experience. Research the climate in different seasons to ensure it aligns with your preferences. Sunny beach days or cozy ski weekends? Make sure it suits your vision as you will spend the time there.

Another point that is also key is what the area offers in terms of activities and amenities. Think about proximity to restaurants, shopping, outdoor adventures, and cultural attractions. It’s all about how you want to spend your leisure time.

When buying a vacation home out of state make a thorough research.
Make sure to research your potential location when buying a vacation home.

If you, for instance, choose Portland, you must investigate property values in the chosen area. This is crucial not only for your initial investment but also for potential resale value. You will also need moving from California to Portland, where you must find the right movers. Think about how easy it is to reach your vacation home from your primary residence. Proximity to airports, highways, and local transportation can significantly affect how often you can visit. These factors will help you find the perfect location for your out-of-state vacation home. It’s the foundation for a successful investment and countless memorable getaways.

Get familiar with local laws and regulations

Understanding the local laws and regulations is vital when buying a vacation home. Especially when you are moving from California to Oregon, as there are some differences between these 2 states. Each state has its property laws, so it’s essential to understand the specific regulations in Oregon. This includes zoning laws, property boundaries, and rights of access. Be aware of any differences in property taxes between California and Oregon. States may have varying tax rates, exemptions, or deductions, which can significantly impact your financial planning.

When buying a vacation home out of state, get familiar with laws and regulations.
Try to understand the local laws and regulations or hire someone to assist you with it.

If your vacation home is part of a homeowners association, thoroughly review their rules and bylaws. These regulations can affect how you use and maintain your property. Oregon may have different land use laws compared to California. Check if there are any restrictions on land development or any conservation regulations that could affect your property. Navigating these legal aspects is crucial when buying a vacation home out of state. The more you know and understand, the easier it will be for you to make informed decisions and enjoy your vacation home without unexpected legal hiccups.

Set a budget for your vacation home

Everything should have a limit; this especially goes with your budget for the new vacation home. You should consider many points about this topic if you are moving from California to Dallas. Start with the purchase price, which is just the beginning. Ensure it aligns with your financial plan. The next thing you should pay attention to is the property taxes. Research them in Dallas and how they compare to California. This expense can vary significantly from state to state. Always go for insurance to protect your investment adequately. Get some quotes about the pricing as it may vary from state to state.

Set up a budget when buying a vacation home out of state.
Create a budget for your vacation home and try not to over it.

Don’t forget to budget for regular upkeep and unexpected repairs. You have to take care of your property as it will retain value. Consider the costs of utilities like water, electricity, and gas. They vary depending on the property’s size, location, and state. Budgeting wisely gives you a clear picture of the true cost of owning a vacation home. This ensures you can enjoy your new property without financial stress.

Visit the location couple of times

Visiting the area a couple of times will help you create a sense for your new environment. Different seasons can bring different experiences. Summer and winter in your chosen location may have distinct vibes and activities. Frequent visits allow you to gauge the weather’s impact on your plans.

BBQ at neighbours.
Meet your neighbors and the local community during various times of the year.

Get to know the local community and neighbors during various times of the year. This helps you understand the year-round atmosphere, which can be significant. Assess the availability and accessibility of amenities, services, and attractions throughout the year. The important thing that you should ask yourself here is to meet your expectations. Gain an understanding of what owning a vacation home truly entails. It’s an essential step in making a well-informed decision that ensures your investment enhances your quality of life throughout the seasons.

Consider hiring a local realtor when buying a vacation home out of state

Even if you are not having any trouble finding the right home, you should consult a local realtor. Even if you are moving from San Francisco to Dallas, they have a better insight into all the vacation homes that are probably more suitable to your taste. They can provide insights into neighborhoods, property values, and market trends that an out-of-town agent might not have.

Hiring a local realtor will help you when buying a vacation home out of state.
Local realtors will make your life much easier as they know plenty of stuff.

Neighborhoods that match your preferences will likely be found with their assistance, whether you’re looking for urban excitement or a more serene suburban setting. Because they understand the local market dynamics, which can help you make informed decisions and negotiate effectively, another great benefit when hiring local realtors is their legal knowledge. They are well-versed in local real estate laws and regulations, ensuring your transactions comply with legal requirements. Their wide network of contacts, from inspectors to contractors, will make your life much easier. Knowing valuable information about the condition of properties and any potential issues.


Financing your home is also an important standpoint when buying a vacation home. Various aspects are coming into consideration that you should be aware of. The first thing that is key includes mortgage options. Explore the various mortgage options available for your vacation home in Texas. Understand their terms, interest rates, and how they align with your financial goals. You have to make a down payment, which can vary depending on the type of mortgage and your credit score. Ensure you have all the necessary funds for your vacation home. The next thing you should do is calculate your monthly expenses. This should include mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance, and maintenance. Ensure they fit comfortably within your budget, as you do not spend more than you can.

Man moving boxes.
No matter where you buy a vacation home, you will need a reliable mover to transport your belongings.

A consultation with a financial advisor can be very helpful. To assess the impact of this investment on your overall financial strategy. Ensure it aligns with your future goals and retirement plans. Consider the potential resale value of your vacation home. Will it be a wise investment that appreciates over time? Or will it be more of a burden than pleasure?  Make sure to pay attention to moving expenses. Searching for moving companies California to Texas that will handle your move can sometimes be pricey. Find reliable movers that will help you with the relocation within your budget. 

Property management

Many people sometimes forget about this aspect when buying a vacation home. When moving from San Jose to Austin and purchasing a vacation home, managing the property from a distance is a significant concern. It can be challenging because you might need to hire a property management company in Austin to handle maintenance repairs. Vacation homes are great for renting out when not in use. If you plan to rent the property when you’re not using it, research Austin’s local rental market. Understand rental rates and occupancy levels to gauge the potential income your property can generate.

This type of property management includes routine maintenance, landscaping, cleaning, and ensuring everything is in working order for your guests or tenants. If you choose to rent, you’ll need a system for tenant screening, lease agreements, and handling rental inquiries and issues. Consider how the property will be managed in emergencies, such as plumbing or electrical problems. You have to make sure you are prepared for such case scenarios. Explore options for remote monitoring and security systems to keep an eye on your property. Ensuring your vacation home in Austin is well-maintained and potentially profitable when not in use requires careful planning. A property management company can make this process much smoother, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind and the flexibility to generate rental income if desired.

Final thoughts

Buying a vacation home out of state is an exciting journey that demands careful and detailed planning. From thorough location research and understanding local regulations to budgeting wisely and consulting experts, each step is crucial in making an informed decision. Frequent visits and hiring a local realtor provide invaluable insights, while financial planning ensures your investment aligns with your long-term goals. Also, do not forget property management because this becomes a key factor when maintaining the property from afar, especially if you plan to rent it out.

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