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California cities for ex-New Yorkers

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Are you a New Yorker considering a westward shift? Welcome to your guide exploring California cities for ex-New Yorkers. As California professional movers, we’ve witnessed an increasing number of New Yorkers seeking fresh starts on the West Coast. It’s not just about escaping harsh winters or seeking expansive beaches. It’s also about cultural diversity, robust economic opportunities, and the allure of a different pace of life. Each city offers a unique blend of characteristics that may feel just like home, only on the other side of the country. Let’s embark on this journey, starting with the golfer’s paradise – Pebble Beach.

Why choose California?

Having lived in this state for a long time, we have seen various California cities suitable for ex-New Yorkers, so it’s clear that the Golden State offers a vibrant tapestry of lifestyles. From golfing paradises to artistic retreats and agricultural havens to balanced urban-rural living, California presents a variety of options far from the concrete jungle of NYC.

  • Diverse lifestyle aside, California’s sunny weather is another significant allure. The state boasts an average of 284 sunny days per year, according to the National Climatic Data Center. This, paired with the state’s commitment to environment-friendly practices and abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities, makes California cities an appealing option for ex-New Yorkers seeking a lifestyle change.
  • In economic terms, California is a powerhouse, having the largest state economy in the U.S., as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Its strong job market, particularly in sectors like tech, entertainment, and agriculture, attracts professionals from across the country, making it one of the preferred California cities for ex-New Yorkers.
Picture of the view from one of the best California cities for ex-New Yorkers
There are many reasons for choosing California as a new home

Pebble Beach: The golfer’s paradise for ex-New Yorkers

Firstly, nestled within the mesmerizing Monterey Peninsula, Pebble Beach sparks allure with its pristine coastline beauty and world-renowned golf courses. This exclusive, gated community is vastly different from the skyscraper-dominated skyline of NYC. According to U.S. Census data, it boasts a small population of about 4,500, providing a sense of exclusivity and intimacy you may not have experienced in the bustling Big Apple.

The lifestyle is widely different

Despite being less densely populated than NYC, Pebble Beach offers a vibrant lifestyle for ex-New Yorkers. Pebble Beach’s 17-Mile Drive, a scenic road through Pacific Grove to Pebble Beach, encapsulates breathtaking vistas that are a far cry from NYC’s concrete jungle. Moreover, the tranquil, slow-paced lifestyle here can be a soothing change for New Yorkers accustomed to the city that never sleeps.

Cost of living in Pebble Beach

Financially speaking, Pebble Beach, like most California places for ex-New Yorkers, requires a higher cost of living compared to the national average. The median household income here is around $76,160. Housing, the largest expenditure, reflects the high-income level. reports a median home value of $3M in Pebble Beach, a stark contrast to NYC’s median of approximately $716,120. However, this disparity in housing cost is counterbalanced by the scenic splendor and quality of life Pebble Beach offers.

Entertainment options and healthcare facilities in Pebble Beach

For entertainment, golf enthusiasts will find Pebble Beach heavenly. It’s home to renowned golf courses like the Pebble Beach Golf Links. For healthcare, world-class facilities like the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula are accessible. To make things better, this place also offers affordable, high-quality moving services providers. To help you with your move, local Pebble Beach movers are ready to ensure a smooth transition into your new coastal home.

Picture of a person playing golf
One of the California cities for ex-New Yorkers is a heaven for golf enthusiasts

Monterey Bay is another one of the California cities for ex-New Yorkers

Continuing our journey through the best cities in CA, we arrive at Monterey Bay. This coastal city, tucked into the welcoming curve of Monterey Bay, offers a spectacular blend of marine magnificence and historic charm. With a population of around 30,000, as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau, Monterey Bay provides a peaceful contrast to the over 8 million inhabitants of NYC.

The financial aspect of Monterey Bay living

On the economic front, Monterey Bay offers more affordability compared to Pebble Beach. Data USA reports the median household income in Monterey Bay is around $82,013, closer to the national average. The median home value, according to Zillow, stands at approximately $1,134,797, still higher than NYC but more reasonable compared to some California cities for East Coasters. However, the priceless access to natural beauty and lower population density can offset the higher costs for many.

Monterey Bay lifestyle: A contrast to NYC

The lifestyle in Monterey Bay can be a refreshing change for New Yorkers. Renowned for its mesmerizing marine beauty, Monterey Bay offers a lifestyle intimately connected with nature. The Monterey Bay Aquarium, one of the world’s most revered aquariums, signifies the city’s deep-seated respect for marine life. Moreover, by moving to Monterey, California, you’re bidding farewell to NYC’s iconic subway and welcoming scenic drives along the Pacific Coast.

If you decide to embark on moving to Monterey, California, Monterey Bay movers are prepared to make your transition seamless, introducing you to the best marine haven among CA cities for ex-New Yorkers.

Carmel – another charming city in CA

Our exploration of California cities perfect for ex-New Yorkers takes us next to Carmel, a city known for its artistic heart and soul. Nestled on the Monterey Peninsula, Carmel has a small population of around 3,300, as per the U.S. Census Bureau. The tranquil, fairytale-like charm of this city offers an antithesis to the non-stop energy of NYC.

The lifestyle in Carmel and its contrast to NYC

Carmel’s lifestyle is steeped in art and culture, making it a retreat for ex-New Yorkers seeking a creative sanctuary. The city is home to nearly 100 art galleries, fostering a thriving artistic community. Moreover, Carmel’s storybook cottages and European-style architecture provide a stark contrast to NYC’s skyscraper-dominated skyline. Our team of experienced movers Carmel CA offers, also art enthusiasts, can help you make a smooth transition into this artistic enclave.

The financial side of Carmel living

Living in Carmel carries a high price tag, reflected in its median household income of $124,252. Housing in Carmel, according to Niche, has a median home value of around $1.5 million, significantly higher than in NYC. However, the high cost is compensated by the city’s enriched lifestyle, making it one of the unique California cities for ex-New Yorkers.

Whether you’re moving home or business, Carmel will embrace you with open hands. And our commercial movers California trusts can assist in your transition, allowing you to start your Carmel journey in one of the most creative cities in this state.

Aerial shot of a bridge
Carmel has a fairytale-like vibe

Seaside – a friendly city

Next up on our list of California cities ex-New Yorkers will love is Seaside. This friendly coastal city, home to about 33,000 residents according to U.S. Census data, offers a warm community spirit that contrasts with the often anonymous NYC living. Nestled along Monterey Bay, Seaside presents an appealing fusion of coastal beauty and urban development.

Cost of living in Seaside

On the financial front, Seaside is more affordable than many CA cities for ex-New Yorkers. Data USA reports a median household income of approximately $74,140, closely aligned with the national average. The median home value in Seaside stands at about $588,000, according to Niche, making it a more economical choice than NYC and offering a cost-effective opportunity to embrace coastal living.

If you’re considering a more affordable and friendly shift, Seaside might be your perfect match, with expert movers Seaside CA, ready to make your relocation seamless.

Seaside lifestyle and comparison to NYC

In Seaside, you’ll find a lifestyle that effortlessly blends community with coastal living. The city is known for its diverse community, engaging local events, and stunning coastline, offering a tranquil life that can be an alluring change from the fast-paced NYC lifestyle. Community Volunteer Day, for example, is an event that brings the community together while helping a good cause.

Morgan Hill: A balance of urban and rural among California cities for ex-New Yorkers

Delving deeper into the spectrum of California cities for ex-New Yorkers, we reach Morgan Hill, a city offering a balance of urban and rural living. With a population of about 45,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Morgan Hill, CA, combines the convenience of city life with the tranquility of country living – something you can’t find in the Big Apple. For those seeking a balanced lifestyle, this place presents an enticing option, with moving companies Morgan Hill CA offers ensuring your transition is smooth and enjoyable.

Morgan Hill lifestyle

Living in Morgan Hill offers a refreshing blend of city amenities and rural charm. The city boasts a vibrant downtown, myriad dining options, and ample outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, cycling, and fishing. Here, ex-New Yorkers can savor a slower-paced lifestyle, starkly different from the constant buzz of NYC.

The financial side of Morgan Hill living

When it comes to finances, Morgan Hill, like many California cities for ex-New Yorkers, requires a substantial income. Data USA reports the median household income in Morgan Hill to be approximately $140,000. Furthermore, Zillow states the median home value to be around $930,000, higher than NYC but a worthy investment considering the balanced lifestyle it offers.

Picture of a piggy bank saving money for moving to California cities for ex-New Yorkers
Most of the Californian cities from the list have the cost of living higher than the national average

Salinas: The salad bowl of the world for ex-New Yorkers in California

Completing our tour of California places for ex-New Yorkers, we land in Salinas. Known as the ‘Salad Bowl of the World’ for its vibrant agriculture industry, Salinas houses around 163,000 residents, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, offering a mix of rural and urban living. It is great for those who want to escape the concrete jungle, but still want to be able to enjoy the convenience that the city brings.

Salinas lifestyle

The lifestyle in Salinas is deeply intertwined with its agricultural roots. Renowned for its leafy greens, the city provides an enticing landscape forpeople from big cities. This is a place where farmers’ markets replace skyscrapers and outdoor adventures replace subway commutes. Salinas movers can facilitate your transition into this unique lifestyle and share with you a thing or two about the history of the place!

The financial aspect of Salinas living

On the economic side, Salinas presents an affordable option in such an expensive state. Data USA reports a median household income of approximately $75,000 in Salinas. Niche places the median home value at about $477,000, making Salinas a more budget-friendly choice compared to many California cities and certainly less expensive than NYC.

California cities: Understanding local culture for a smooth transition

One crucial aspect that often gets overlooked when considering California cities for ex-New Yorkers is understanding the local culture of these new areas. Each city in California has its own unique charm and local customs that make it distinct. For instance, Pebble Beach is all about golfing culture, Monterey Bay is about marine conservation, and Salinas is rooted in agricultural traditions.

Understanding these local nuances can significantly ease your transition and enable you to integrate into your new community more efficiently. It helps to do a bit of research or, even better, visit the place a few times before making a final decision. If possible, take the time to participate in community events, explore local food spots, and visit public spaces to get a better feel of the local culture.

Remember, relocating is not just about moving your belongings from one place to another. It also has to do with fitting into a new community and implementing a new way of life. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with local customs and culture in your new California city can prove invaluable for ex-New Yorkers looking for a smooth, enjoyable transition.

Picture of friends
The California cities for ex-New Yorkers require you to get used to a new way of living

Enjoy the sun and relaxed lifestyle

As you can see, the distance of 3000 miles between CA and NYC reflects in the lifestyle as well. Even though it is the strongest economy in America, Californians value a laid back lifestyle. As a New Yorker, you can attest that it is a breeze of fresh air to the fast-paced lifestyle that you are used to. Slow living has many benefits, and you will enjoy them to the fullest once you become part of one of the best California cities for ex-New Yorkers.

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