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Challenges of organizing a last-minute move to Monterey

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Moving is already stressful enough, and moving on a tight schedule can be even worse. The last-minute move to Monterey means that now you will have to be creative, a lot. Most of it will be just winging it and hoping for the best, but let’s see what will be your possible challenges and what can you do about them.

Hiring a moving company for your last minute move to Monterey

Before you start doing anything else, deal with your moving company or rent a truck if you are moving on your own. Best moving companies in California are here to help you deal with your last-minute move to Monterey. If you are opting out for a DIY move, you’ll need to figure a few things out. There are many benefits to hiring a moving company, and one of them is manpower. There is no need to drag your friends around on short notice if you opt-out to hire professionals. If you are moving on your own, now would be a good time to call for some help.

A man shaking hand with the movers he hired when organizing his last-minute move to Monterey
You will have to find good movers quickly when organizing a last-minute move to Monterey

First things first are figuring out what size truck will you need. Getting the wrong size of a truck can make your move more difficult. If you got a truck smaller than you’re gonna need, your stuff may damage on the way to your new residence. On the other hand, you are losing money if you rent a truck that is greater than what you’ll need. Junk removal Monterey CA will help you get rid of the stuff that is not moving with you. That way you may get a clearer view of how much do you have and which track you will need to rent. Even if you are on a tight schedule, do not hire just about anyone.

Do your research about well known and good moving companies and other services you might need. Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere and you must pay attention. Go for a recommendation from a friend or a family member. Look up and read reviews about them. If a moving company is good and does the job, there will be a lot of info about them online. Take your time with this, because it may ease your job a lot, or it can make it hard for you.

Accepting the situation and getting the best out of it

Let’s face it, moving is difficult and can take a toll on your health. Whether it is physical, like an injury or just feeling overwhelmed. Physical injuries may occur when you are in a hurry to get everything done so you do not pay attention. Your last-minute move to Monterey doesn’t have to be difficult. Accept what needs to be done and do not get stressed about it. Spare some time to make a moving plan. On the bright side, there is less time to worry and overthink every move you make. When you start it is all about work.

a woman stressing- last-minute move to Monterey
There will be some stress

First thing first, look after yourself and others in the moving process. Whether it is your family moving with you or your friends helping you. No need for hard feelings and getting nervous. As we mentioned, there is no benefit from it. Accept this situation and get the best from it. You may be surprised at what you can achieve when under pressure.

Decluttering is a must in this situation

It might seem like you should just start packing and don’t stop until you are done. But before that, it would be a better idea to declutter first. Getting rid of the garbage and unused stuff will save you time and money. Less time will be spent on packing later, which is a more complicated process than decluttering. And you will spend less money on packing supplies.

clutter in the room
You will have to lose some items before the move

If you require money since this is a last-minute move to Monterey, organize a garage sale. Or get a friend to do it for you while you pack. The garage sale will get you the money you need for packing supplies and get you rid of unnecessary stuff. If money is not a problem for you, you may consider donating some of your stuff to charity. A lot of organizations accept, food, clothes, basic hygiene equipment, etc. This will mean a lot to people in need and may cut your packing time in half. When you are short on time, you can’t plan the eating schedule to use all of your food. So, eat what you can, and donate the rest. Maybe throw a party for your loved ones.

Managing packing supplies

Packing supplies are not that big of a deal at first glance. But as you start packing, you will figure out how much you need. For your last-minute move to Monterey make sure you supply yourself with:

  1. Cardboard boxes
  2. Plastic containers
  3. Air-filled wrap
  4. Plastic covers
  5. Dividers
an air-filled wrap
Air-filled wraps are important if you want to protect valuable items

As you are in a hurry, some of this can be replaced by what you have at home. Cardboard boxes can be found anywhere literally. Any store that is close to your home probably has cardboard boxes in the mornings. The plastic containers are a safer option if you are moving without professional help. Especially if you rent a truck smaller than you needed. Your stuff will be protected better than packing them in other ways. Use your blankets and towels to divide items when packing and wrap delicate ones. Your TV can use a blanket over it on transport. If you are moving alone, make sure you pack the bulky, sturdy stuff under and delicates on top.

The last-minute move to Monterey doesn’t have to be stressful. Think of it as an exciting adventure and a test of your organizational skills. Do not overthink everything, get some help, and get it done! In no time you will be enjoying your lovely home and will be long past the stress you may currently feel. Good luck!

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