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When moving, it is necessary to prepare various lists. For example, a moving checklist will help you organize your move. And the moving budget will help you track the spending of movable assets. Preparing a good change of address checklist is also very important. It will show you which institutions will need this information. Also, if you don’t change your address in time, it can have various consequences. For example, if you don’t change your address with USPS, some important documents that were sent to you could be lost. Also, the best movers in California may need to enter your new address on the shipping bill. And in some cases, you can be fined if you miss the deadline to change your address.

What makes the change of address checklist important?

Change of address with the appropriate authority is important. In this way, you will ensure the receipt of your documents. Also, it will make your identity secure. For example, you may receive information about your bank account. Or a letter with the pin code on your credit card. It is not difficult to imagine the consequences of such information falling into the wrong hands. 

During the moving preparations, you will be occupied with numerous tasks. In such a situation, you can easily fail to notify some institutions about the change of address. However, a well-prepared change of address checklist will prevent this from happening. So, make sure to prepare one.

Person Reading A Document - Change of address checklist
Imagine your important document ending up in the wrong hands.

Who do you need to notify when you move?

Every time you decide to move, you will have to notify the respective bodies. For example, you might use the services of long distance movers California to move to another state. If so, you will have to inform state bodies in California, and the ones of the state you are moving to. Luckily, in many cases, you will be able to do it online. But, besides the state institutions, you will have to notify family, friends, etc. 

To make it easier for you, we have compiled a checklist of all institutions and persons who should be notified. And, following it, you will make sure that everyone is informed in due time. However, it would be good to keep the list. So, in case you are moving again, you will have this document ready. 

List of institutions and persons for your change of address checklist

  1. Government Agencies
  2. Financial services
  3. Utility providers
  4. Insurance providers
  5. Your ex and new employers
  6. People and animal care service providers
  7. Online services
  8. Friends, family, colleagues

Government agencies should be on the top of your  change of address checklist

The main governmental agencies which you should inform on address changes are:

The United States Postal Service (USPS)

You can inform USPS about your address change online, for a small fee. Or, you can walk to the nearest post office, and fill up the Change-of-Address form for free. In both cases, you will have to write if you are applying for a temporary or permanent change of address.

For example, if you plan that cross country movers California will bring you back within six months, you will apply for a temporary change. 

Mercedes Benz Parked on the Street -
Department of Motor Vehicles has to be on your change of address checklist.

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

You can also change your address online, using the DMV website. However, in order to do so, you will need to have a valid license or ID card from the country in question. Otherwise, you will need to mail the DMV 14 Change of Address or visit the DMV in person. The same form will also allow you to update your voter registration at the same time.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

By informing IRS of your address change, you won’t miss receiving any important letters from them. You can inform them directly by letter or phone. Or you can simply enter the new address when filling out your tax forms. 

Social Security

You can also change your data using the Social Security website. That way, your medical checks won’t end up in the wrong hands.

Voter registration

In case you are eligible to vote, you can change your Voter registration. It can also be done online, with a few easy clicks.

Financial services should also be on your change of address checklist

When it comes to financial services, several instances should be informed about your address change. This is even more important in case you are leaving California and moving your business to another state. So, in the case of using services of the commercial movers California, you should inform:

Banks and investment services

Always keep all your financial relationships informed about data changes. That way, you will avoid any possible suspicion. And, as we already mentioned, your bank or investment papers shouldn’t end up in the possession of unknown people who can misuse them.

On the other hand, your bank and investment bodies will have to contact you, at least periodically. And, in case they are not able to reach you, they might even alert some national bodies.

Men Working at the Office
Inform your banker and financial advisors about the address change.

Loan issuers

To prevent any possible fraud, always notify the organizations that have given you loans. Namely, the interest rates may vary from state to state. And, depending on the state you are moving to, your interest rates might be changed.  Not receiving your new calculations, you will continue paying the same installment. Which, in some cases won’t be enough. And, just because of failing to inform them about address change, you could face consequences.

Credit card companies and retail credit accounts

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of protecting your financial documents. For example, the documents of your retail credit issuers shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. If they do, that can open the door to fraudulent activities. So, informing them about your address change is extremely important.

Accountants and tax advisors

You should inform them about the address change as soon as possible. The thing is that you must be accessible to them at all times. Sometimes they will need approval for certain actions. And, not having any approval from you, they won’t be able to complete their jobs. And, that can have unwanted consequences for you and your business. 

For example, you might move your business to Nevada. You might even inform them about moving from California to Las Vegas. And, you will need their services for some time after moving. When it comes to business operations, it might take some time until all is properly closed down. But, in case you do not give them your new address they will not be able to do their job – to inform you about some requests received after your move. So, they won’t be able to answer the requests from California state bodies. Or from your suppliers.

Inform utility providers about address changes timely

In case of late informing providers about the change, you could end up paying utility bills in the old and new home. To avoid that, ask your old providers for contract cancellation. And, ask them to stop delivery of their services, starting from your moving date. Also, you will have to contact the providers in your new place, and ensure that they start with day services either on your moving date, or even a day or two before your arrival.

Men Working at the Office
Inform your lawyer about the change.

So, don’t forget to inform the following providers about the change of your address.

  • gas and electricity provider
  • water supplier
  • Internet, cable, and phone

Insurance providers should also be informed when you change your address

The insurance premium is not the same in all countries. Therefore, if you have moved to another country, your insurance providers must be notified. Based on the new address, they will calculate the corresponding premium. And give you contacts for their branch office in your new country.

Of course, if you decide to continue cooperation with them. However, if you decide on hiring the other insurance provider, you will have to examine the possibilities for terminating the existing contract. Also, check well the possible penalties stipulated in the existing contract. Sometimes, it might be wiser to wait until the expiry of the contract, before you change the provider.

The main insurance providers that you should not forget to notify are:

  • Health, dental, and life insurance companies
  • Car insurance provider
  • Homeowners or renter’s insurance providers

Your ex and new employers

You might wonder why to inform your ex-employer about the address change. Well, although you have left the company, there might be some things related to the time when you worked for them. For example, it may come up that you were entitled, during your stay with the company, to some benefits. So, the company may decide to give them to you, although you are already with another company. 

Also, your new employer will have to change your address data in his documents. For example, maybe you were working for the “Tesla” factory in LA. So, they have decided to offer you now a job in their new factory in Austin, TX. If so, you will make arrangements for moving from California to Austin TX. And, your TX employer will need to update your personal file. And, to inform the respective bodies about your employment. Your new address is needed in both cases. 

A Vet Checking a Pomeranian Dog
Don’t forget to inform your veterinarian.

People and animal care services

Doctors, and dentists

Moving from city to city, or to another state, you should take care of doctors, and dentists too. Namely, you will have to inform them about the changes. So, moving to another city or state, they will have to give you your medical records. Also, they might know some good practitioners in those places. And they might recommend them to you.


When it comes to lawyers, they usually have registered practice in one state. However, they can still stay in contact with you, especially if they are competing in some of your old cases. If so, they will need your new contact address.


In case you have pets, you naturally have a veterinarian who is taking care of them too. So, when moving, you will need the records for your pets. However, as you are dealing with that veterinarian for a long time, you have good trust in him. And, keeping in contact is a good idea. He knows your pet too. And will be able to give you good advice, even over the phone. 

Online services

You will have to change your address in all your online shops and platforms. For example, when you order something, you won’t be happy to find out that it was shipped to your old address. So, take some time, and enter your new address at

  • retail websites
  • streaming services
  • payment services (for example at your Payoneer account)

Friends, family, good colleagues

And, don’t forget to inform those who are dear to you. Regardless of all modern communication possibilities, some of them will like to send you a Christmas card. Or a parcel with a gift in it. Some of them might even organize a surprise. So, they can come for an unexpected visit. For all that, they would need your new address.

Sharing Food.
Share your new address with your family, so they can pay you a visit.

Your new address could be necessary for your movers

If you’re buying new furniture, make sure to wait until you’ve renovated your new place. It’ll be much easier if the furniture is directly delivered to your new address. So, discussing the job with your movers, make sure to give them a new, valid address. If this isn’t an option, don’t worry. Your furniture movers California will surely be happy to keep your newly purchased furniture for a while.

You can even discuss the short-term renting of their storage units. Knowing that your furniture is well protected and safe, you can continue with the change of address procedures. Once the process is completed, you will finally have time to start arranging your new home. And, you can start by bringing the furniture from the storage.

Checklist for change of address

As we could see, changing the address is not so simple. Despite having many online possibilities to complete the change of address it is still a long and tiring process. And, seeing how many people and institutions you have to notify, it becomes obvious how easily you may forget to inform some of them. Additionally, that is showing us how important is to have a good change of address checklist. 



Change of Address Checklist: Who to Notify When You Move

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