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Cities for families in California

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You probably have a lot of great memories from your childhood. So, providing them for your kids also must be important. There are many factors to consider when you are relocating your family locally or long distance for your children’s wellbeing, and yours too. Enjoy many cities for families in California where kids can enjoy warm weather and palm trees. California has something for everyone and is one of America’s most famous states.


Imperial is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state. It currently has around 16 000 residents. It has a hot climate with long hot summers and mild winters. Because of the small populations and very warm weather, Imperial is easily one of the best cities for families in California

A concert that makes Imperial one of the best Cities for Families in California
Concerts make Imperial one of the best cities for Families in California

In February an annual California mid-winter fair and the fiesta is organized. It has over 100.000 visitors located in the heart of this wonderful city. Lasting about 10 days, but other activities are often hosted here. Enjoy many concerts and events here in Imperial. However, If you are to move to this little town with your kids, be sure to check out some guides for moving with kids.

Clovis is one of the best cities for families in California

A bit bigger than Imperial, Clovis is a big city with small city advantages. Located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, it has a pretty awesome position. It is also near some national parks which are great for families to enjoy. Agriculture is a pretty big part of Clovis’s local economy. Good schools, low commute time and lots of children are what’s best about Clovis. Big Hat Days and Clovis Fest are some of the festivals therefore, you can enjoy your new place of residence.

People at a concert
Enjoy numerous festivals in Clovis

The Old Town Clovis is full of nice restaurants, antique shops and specialty stores you can visit with your family. And if your kids are feeling adventurous, just outside of Clovis there is a  Wild Water Park. Therefore, if you are a first-time mover, learn more about ways to avoid moving scammers!

Palo Alto

Well if you are determined to give your kids the best educations, Palo Alto is your future home to move to. One of the reasons this is one of the best cities for families in California is because of Stanford. Palo Alto is also home to quite a number of high tech companies! Therefore it means a great job opportunity for you! This would be a great city to live in if you have big dreams and high hopes. You and your family will live next to plenty of museums. Some of them are The Junior Museum and Zoo and Stanford theatre. Therefore, having access to things like this will surely improve your living and chances for a great life and steady income.

People handling CV
There are a lot of job opportunities here

However, in Downtown Palo Alto you can find a Farmers market. It is opened every Saturday from May- December. Therefore you can find fresh food from local farmers! Use it to prepare quality meals for your family. It is no doubt that Palo Alto is on a great choice to raise a family in. However, you only just need to decide are you hiring professionals or moving by yourself. Therefore, there is quite a lot to chose from amongst cities for families in California. Tough choice here!

People buying apples
Palo Alto has one of the best farmers markets

Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks is a large and safe city located near Los Angeles. It is a great location for city commutes as it is a 35-minute drive from LA. Warm weather goes all year round the year. Therefore your children will be able to play outside for as long as they want.  It was the home of Chumash people prior to the arrival of Europeans. Chumash  Museum is located in Regional Park and visiting it is an awesome way to spend time with your family. Finding good cities for families in California is not that hard! Prepare your checklist for long-distance relocation and be on your way!

Cities for families in California - a sunset
Thousand Oaks is famous for its nice weather

Mission Viejo

If you are looking for an affordable option for your move, Mission Viejo is your goal. It is ranked as one of the best cities for families in California. All because of its safety and lots of family-friendly activities. Shops is a shopping mall with 160 stores! Wow, that is a lot to choose from. If you are looking to relax and have fun, Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club is a course for you. It is a 240-acre course amongst amazing nature and landscapes that will take your breath away. And we have something for the moms too! SoCal paddle yoga is super fun and relaxing activity for all hardworking moms.

And while moms are relaxing with some yoga, children can have some fun times here. If your kids are so energetic they can almost walk on walls, this is the place they can do it. It is family-friendly like one of the best cities for families in California. Therefore, celebrate your kid’s birthdays here! Be sure to read some information about California before your move.

Cities for families in California - a woman doing yoga
Relax by attending yoga classes

Here are some things to consider when choosing from cities for families in California:

  1. Crime rates
  2. Commutes
  3. Good schooling system
  4. Parks and nature
  5. Proximity to other children
  6. Family-friendly activities

It is no doubt that every parent wants only the best for their children. Taking what was awesome from your childhood is important in raising a family. But so is something new and exciting. By choosing from the best cities for families in California, you’re giving them opportunities you might never have. Therefore every kid would be happy to roam around in warm weather all year long and be close to nature’s finest architecture. Doesn’t matter if your family is living a busy life or a slow pace one, there is always a city to choose from in California.

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