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Common mistakes when moving to Texas

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Moving to a new state brings its own set of challenges. Texas, with its unique culture and vast geography, can be particularly surprising for newcomers. As Northern California movers, we’ve seen many people excitedly relocate only to face unexpected hurdles. In this article, we’ll explore common mistakes when moving to Texas, helping you prepare better for your big move.

Not adjusting your budget for Texas’ cost of living

One of the first surprises for many relocating to Texas is the cost of living. While it’s true that Texas can generally be more affordable than California, this isn’t consistent across the state. In Monterey, California, for instance, the median home cost is around $1.1 million, significantly higher than in Texas cities. However, living in urban areas like Austin or Dallas might not offer the dramatic savings you expect. For example, Austin’s median home cost is approximately $527,000, considerably higher than Dallas at around $300,000, yet still more affordable than California. A report by the Council for Community and Economic Research showed that Austin’s cost of living is nearly 3% higher than the national average. In contrast, rural areas in Texas offer more substantial savings, with median home prices often below $200,000.

As California interstate movers, we advise our clients to plan their budgets carefully, considering the varied cost of living. Housing is just one aspect; other expenses like food, healthcare, and entertainment also differ. For example, grocery costs in Texas cities are generally lower than in California, but still vary within the state. Healthcare expenses in Texas are relatively comparable to the national average, but entertainment costs can be higher in cities like Austin and Dallas. It’s also wise to consider potential job opportunities and salaries in your new Texas locale, as these can significantly influence your overall financial planning.

Picture of a person saving money for avoiding the common mistakes when moving to Texas

Coming unprepared for the intense Texas climate

Next, let’s talk about weather. Many Californians are used to a milder climate and find the intense Texas heat, especially in summer, quite challenging. Texas experiences high temperatures and humidity levels, impacting daily life and energy costs. Houston, for instance, sees summer temperatures frequently exceeding 90°F, along with significant humidity.

Preparing your home for this climate is crucial. Investing in efficient air conditioning and proper insulation can greatly reduce energy bills. Equally important is updating your wardrobe. Choosing clothes made from natural fabrics like cotton or linen is key, as they allow your skin to breathe, helping you stay cooler in the sweltering Texas heat. These materials are not only comfortable but also practical, helping to manage perspiration and maintain body temperature more effectively than synthetic fabrics.

One of the common mistakes when moving to Texas is not embracing the cultural differences

Before moving from California to Austin, for example, it’s essential to recognize that Texas has a distinct culture. While there are similarities, the social norms, political climate, and general pace of life can differ significantly from California. For example, Austin, known for its live music scene and tech industry, has a unique vibe that blends traditional Texan elements with a progressive, artistic flair.

It’s beneficial to approach these differences with an open mind. Understanding the local customs and community values will ease your transition and enrich your experience in Texas. Engaging with neighbors and participating in community events can greatly immerse yourself in the local culture. Remember, embracing new perspectives and ways of life is a vital part of the adventure when moving.

Expecting an extensive transportation system in Texas

When it comes to getting around, Texas presents different challenges, especially for those moving from California to Texas. Unlike many California cities, public transportation in Texas isn’t as widespread or reliable. This is particularly true in suburban and rural areas. For instance, while Dallas has a growing public transit system, it’s not as extensive as what you might be used to in San Francisco, for instance.

Picture of a person driving a car
One of the common mistakes when moving to Texas is expecting that there will be an extensive transportation network

A car is a necessity in TX

Having a car in Texas is often essential. For those moving from San Francisco to Dallas, the shift from relying on public transit to driving can be significant. Dallas, for example, is a city where driving is a part of everyday life, where 95.4% of household own a car. The average number of vehicles per household is 1.91. The city covers a vast area, making a car necessary for commuting to work, shopping, and even socializing.

Key transportation tips for Texas newcomers

  • Consider buying a car: Essential for getting around in most of Texas.
  • Research public transit options: Especially if living in major cities like Houston or Dallas.
  • Plan for longer commutes: Texas’ vast geography can mean longer travel times.
  • Explore carpooling options: A good way to save on travel costs and meet new people.
  • Keep an eye on traffic updates: Especially in larger cities, where rush hour can significantly affect travel times.

Not understanding the size of Texas

Also, Texas is huge. measuring 268,596 square miles. It’s a state where distances can be deceptive. If you’re used to the compact size of California cities, the scale of Texas can be a surprise. For example, driving from El Paso to Houston is a journey that spans over 700 miles, almost the length of California!

This vast geography impacts various aspects of life, from planning social visits to job opportunities. If you’re considering a job that requires commuting, it’s crucial to factor in the distance and travel time. Long commutes can be a daily reality in Texas, especially if you live in a suburb but work in a city center.

Picture of the Texas landscape
Texas is bigger than many imagine it to be

Now you are equipped to avoid the common mistakes when moving to Texas

Avoiding the common mistakes when moving to Texas involves being aware of and preparing for the unique aspects of life in the Lone Star State. From adjusting your budget to adapting to the climate and understanding transportation needs, each element is crucial in ensuring a smooth transition. Remember, as experts facilitating moves from California to Texas, we’re here to guide you through every step of your relocation journey. Embrace the change with an informed and open-minded approach, and your move to Texas can be a positive and enriching experience.

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