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Coping strategies for a hot moving day

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The peak moving season is ahead of us! Summer is coming, and with it a lot of moving trucks going around diligently. It is not a secret that people just love to move in summer. However, there are many challenges to overcome during this season. Can you imagine yourself carrying heavy boxes on a hot moving day? It is not easy to relocate while the sun is scorching hot and the weather is humid. If you are not hiring California professional movers to do the job for you, then you must be ready to cope with the difficulties the summer season is bringing for you. Check the tips we have prepared for you. Good luck, and don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Choose the right time of the day

If you want to beat the heat, make sure you avoid the time between noon and 5 pm. This is the hottest period of the day in most places, and the UV is the highest. The perfect time to move in summer is the early morning. As most Monterey CA movers are busy during the summer, make sure you schedule your move in advance. Don’t forget that the peak season is the busiest season when it comes to relocation. Therefore, to avoid paying higher prices and book services from reliable movers, then research your local movers weeks before the season starts.

woman and man sitting and using laptop and reading about moving on a hot day
Moving in the morning can help you beat the heat.

Wear the appropriate clothes on a hot moving day

Isn’t the summer clothing just great? Dresses, tops, sandals, and t-shirts are everyone’s favorite. However, moving on a hot day requires some discipline when it comes to dress code. Wear lightweight clothes made from breathable materials such as cotton or linen. Avoid polyester and other materials that will make you sweat a lot. Next, avoid wearing dark clothes as it attracts more sunlight. Moreover, wear casual clothes that will make you feel comfortable and able to move a lot. We know that you really like that short summer dress, but can you lift boxes in it? Finally, don’t forget to bring sunglasses and a hat! Enjoy your summer move!

Don’t forget water!

It is very important to stay hydrated on your hot moving day. Therefore, if you are moving to Monterey, California, make sure you bring a decent supply of fresh water. This will give your body enough energy to cope with high temperatures and humidity. Avoid sweet drinks like juices, coffee, and milk, as they will only make you more thirsty. Cold water is all you need to refresh and restore your energy. In case you notice some signs of dehydration and you start feeling dizzy or sick, head to the doctor right away.

man drinking water
If you are moving on a hot day, make sure you drink enough water to restore energy.

Turn on the utilities in your new home before the move

One day before your moving day comes, make sure you visit your new home and turn on the utilities. If you have friends or cousins nearby, you can ask them to turn on your water heater, so you can have a nice shower once you arrive. You can do this in your old home too. Turn on your air conditioner before your movers come. Cool down your house so you and your movers don’t sweat while using moving supplies Monterey CA provides for packing your stuff. If you do this, you can focus on the job without wiping sweat off your face every second.

Some items don’t like the heat

You should be aware that some things you have may not be well off in the heat. These are usually some items that can melt, such as candles. Flowers and flower pots may dry if they stay in the moving truck for too long. Moreover, electronic devices tend to overheat and stop working. Therefore, if you are moving laptops, phones, speakers, and other things, remove the batteries and other sensitive parts, and pack them separately. Finally, food is definitely not something you should move in summer. So if you have some food left in your home, give it to the local charity organization, or take it to the food bank.

Use portable fans

These little devices can be life saviors on your moving day. You can buy them anywhere and they are quite cheap. Most fans are battery operated, so you can use them while you are in the moving truck or car. Just don’t forget to charge your battery beforehand. Another thing you can do is buy a large, electric fan and ask your neighbors to turn it on before you arrive. You will feel much better if you enter a cool and refresher place instead of a hot and humid one.

A woman sitting on the bench
If you relax enough and use portable fans, you can endure the entire day without any problems.

Signs of dehydration

If you are exposed to the sun for a long time, you may start having signs of dehydration. Plus, we are so busy on a moving day that we barely have time to eat and drink. Sometimes we just can’t fight it, as much as we try. If you notice some of the following symptoms, go to the local hospital immediately. Here are some conditions to pay attention to:

  • High body temperature
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness in your muscles
  • Fainting
  • Muscle cramps
  • Seizures
  • General confusion

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you can do something until the doctors arrive. Experts advice you lie down, drink a lot of water, and put a wet towel around your neck. Please note that seizures and losing consciousness are signs of serious dehydration, and require an urgent medical help.

Moving on a hot day is hard but possible!

Each move is challenging, and moving in summer is not an exception! Moreover, there are many things to pay attention to along with packing, loading, and unloading. If you also have to do these tasks on a hot moving day, don’t worry! It’s not as hard as it sounds. If you drink a lot of water, move early in the morning, and use fans, and air conditioners, you can have a smooth move too. Moreover, think about your health and call the doctor if you feel bad. After all, you cannot enjoy your new home if you are suffering from dehydration. Good luck!

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