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Dog-friendly activities in Gilroy, CA

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You are moving your family to Gilroy CA, and it is time to prepare for the journey ahead. You must pack, set aside an appropriate budget, and search for California professional movers to assist you. But this time around, you have your dog with you. They will certainly join you on this voyage, the only question is, how will they adapt to the new environment? This means you must find dog-friendly activities in Gilroy and start exploring the area right away. So, let us help you prepare for the upcoming relocation and find a few cool places where you can walk your dog and have a ton of fun while doing so. Let’s take a look.

Read a bit about Gilroy before moving there

It is highly advisable to read a bit about the place you are moving to. Yes, we are sure you will read about the economy, real estate, politics, jobs, schools, and much more. But you must cover research for dog-friendly activities in Gilroy as well. But for now, we will only tell you that there is more than enough to do with your pet. Gilroy is not a small place at all. With 50k residents and the great outdoors, it is a significant part of California’s economy and culture. And do not ask yourself why your dog is sniffing the air from time to time. Gilroy is famous for its garlic production and for the Gilroy Garlic Festival. You might not like it, but your dog certainly will.

 a couple searching for dog-friendly activities in Gilroy
Research a bit about Gilroy before relocating there.

As the Garlic Capital of the World, Gilroy is bound to have a strong agricultural presence in the US. This makes the economy strong and stable while at the same time you’ll have access to all the organic produce your heart desires. Moreover, Gilroy is highly affordable and safe, and it is often ranked as one of the most desirable places for families. Lastly, purchasing a home is relatively easy here with a median cost of about $500k. This place is exactly in the middle when it comes to the national average rankings. Now, let’s add the most popular dog-friendly activities in Gilroy as the icing on the already perfect cake.

Research dog-friendly activities in Gilroy

You will easily find dog-friendly activities in Gilroy. Simply check on the internet as you are doing now or ask locals once you get there. We prefer you do it before moving so your dog can adapt quickly and continue their daily routines. But if you choose to do the latter option, locals will probably tell you to check out the Franich Dog Park or Morgan Hill Dog Park. Those are not located in Gilroy but are only a few minutes away by car. And those are well-known destinations for pet owners.

And it wouldn’t be wrong to check out those places. You will eventually, that is for sure. But for now, depending on your location, you should aim for something that is near your home so you can engage in daily activities straight away. Once you find a few, list them down, start packing, call your long distance movers Gilroy, and hit the road. It is good to be prepared.

You must check out the most popular dog-friendly activities in Gilroy

There are several extremely convenient and popular spots for dog owners. One is Uvas Creek where you can walk your dog from dawn to sunset. You’ll be surrounded by nature and have plenty of like-minded people to hang out with. Then, on 3rd Street, you’ll find Hecker Pass Dog Park. This place is very popular because it has a huge dog park next to the children’s playground. And do not worry, it is perfectly safe with all the boundaries included. It is simply designed for busy people to spend time with pets and kids at the same time. Which is more than amazing if you ask us.

dog sitting in the park
One of the dog-friendly parks is the perfect place to start.

Lastly, Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear County Park is a no-brainer. A 35-mile-long hiking walking trail for exercising enthusiasts. Of course, people bring their pets all the time, so this became more of a hang-out and exercise spot rather than a workout-only place. Be sure to check this one out as soon as residential movers Gilroy CA leave the premises. Ok, relax and unpack for the day but be sure to visit the day after if the weather is favorable.

There are quite a few pet-friendly establishments in Gilroy CA

Gilroy is amazing because almost half of the establishments in the city are pet friendly. Not all are good other than accepting pets. So, we will recommend just a few, to begin with, and later on, you will find a few more that are tailored for you and your pet. Check out the following:

  • Brew City Burgers
  • OD’s Kitchen
  • The Milias Restaurant
  • Bella Viva Wine Bar
  • Bartenders’ Union
  • Los Pericos Taquiera

Usually, pets are allowed in bars and some restaurants. Luckily, your dog is allowed in all outdoor spaces and most importantly, in all resorts and parks as well.

Prepare your pet for an adventure

You must contact your moving companies in Gilroy well in advance to check which one has a pet-friendly moving team. Your dog must be surrounded by animal lovers and helpful people while moving. Also, you should get your dog over to the veterinarian for an appointment. Check if they are in a good health and ready to undertake this journey. Lastly, prepare a proper restrainer in case your dog makes a fuss while moving. And yes, do not feed them before the journey. For obvious reasons of course.

woman playing with a dog
Prepare your dog both physically and emotionally for this journey.

Are you and your dog ready for moving?

Obviously, you will pack your entire family for this journey and include your pet as well. They must have a travel bag with all necessities and their designated box. The box should contain a feeding bowl, toys, blankets, and all other favorite items. You will use it to set up a cozy and familiar environment inside your new home as soon as you arrive. And your dog will thank you for that. Also, think about the transport. Will you transport your dog in a vehicle or have a pet-friendly moving team cover it?

Maybe your dog can stay at a friend’s house until you are done with all the commotion. Or will you leave your dog in a pet hotel and come back later to pick them up? Figure this out well in advance to avoid unnecessary stress for both your pet and you. Prepare for this journey because it will be stressful for everyone involved. But if you organize in advance, it can be quite easy and almost unnoticeable.

Now that you know more about the dog-friendly activities in Gilroy, it should be much easier. It is always good to come prepared and ready for whatever situation you face. Luckily, in Gilroy, you’ll face only a positive attitude toward pet owners and pets in general. We wish you and your dog a great time in Gilroy. Good luck.

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