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Moving home is usually a stressful period. There are many activities that relocation includes, and people usually have a lot of questions regarding it. Regardless of whether you are moving locally or looking for long-distance movers CA, you need to have a solid plan and be well-prepared. Moving doesn’t start on the day of the relocation. It begins weeks, sometimes even months, before the moving day. People struggle with finding a good and reliable moving company. Read on and find out everything you should know about hiring and tipping your movers.

Hiring a good moving company

Finding reliable and experienced movers is the most important part of the relocation. If you are looking for the intrastate movers CA do thorough research. First, ask your friends and family for a recommendation. They might know someone who has moved recently and can offer useful advice. Next, check specialized moving websites such as the Better Business Bureau, where you can find companies’ reviews and ratings.

Choose a good and reliable moving company
If you are happy with the quality of service your movers provided think about tipping them

Also, read previously submitted comments and complaints in order to understand the quality of the company’s service. A good moving company should be experienced, have well-trained movers, be licensed, and offer insurance. Once you make a shortlist of your favorites, compare the prices and choose a company that fits all your needs and budget.

Tipping your movers – should you do it?

Tipping your movers is not something you should feel obliged to do. You might feel that you have already paid for their service and there is no need to offer them additional money. On the other hand, tipping is a standard way to show gratitude to people employed in the service industry. For example, you tip waiters and waitresses, plumbers, electricians, car mechanics, etc. So, tipping your movers is a way to reward them, if you feel they did a good job.

Were they polite and punctual? Did they pack your belongings properly? Did they treat your possessions with care and attention? Think about these questions before making the decision. If your movers haven’t done a good job, or have even made some mistakes, you are under no obligation to tip them.

There are factors you should consider when tipping your movers

People usually wonder how much to tip their movers. The truth is, there is no particular rule that defines whether you should tip your movers or how much to tip them. However, if you are satisfied with their work, certain factors can help you calculate how much to tip. First, think about the size and type of your relocation. Did you need any special services?

Moving a piano requires good preparation.
Well-trained professional movers will be able to meet all your special requests

For example, moving a pool table or a piano involves a lot of preparation and hard work. Are your items heavy and bulky? Are you moving in extreme conditions such as cold weather or heavy rain? In these cases, you should probably leave a tip if your movers provide quality service.

How much do movers actually make?

Movers’ paychecks vary and depend on different factors. They can be influenced by movers’ experience, the company they work for, but it mostly falls down to the city. Most movers are paid hourly and their usual hourly rate ranges from 13$ to 30$, without tips. So, if you think your movers deserve more than that, go ahead and tip them.

How much to tip your movers?

You have probably heard a lot of advice on tipping your movers. Some people believe that you should tip them the same way you do it in cafes or restaurants, 15-20 percent of the total bill. However, this doesn’t work for the moving industry. In some cases, the high cost of the move will be determined by the distance between your old and new home. Instead, tip 10$ per person per hour. So, for a half-day move (4 hours) 40$ is considered a good tip. As we said, if you have a lot of heavy and bulky furniture you should add to the amount.

Do I have to hire movers?

Many people feel overwhelmed by the moving process so they decide to hire professionals. However, if you think that you can do it yourself, you will probably save some money. Before you start packing organize all your belongings. Decide what you want to keep and get rid of the items you no longer need.

Pack your belongings carefully and properly.
Tipping your movers is a way of rewarding them if they packed and moved your belongings safely

Next, prepare packing supplies such as boxes, markers, tape, furniture blankets, bubble wrap, etc. You should pack your belongings carefully in order to avoid any damage. Label the boxes with important information – content, destination room, handling instructions. This will help you unpack once you arrive in your new home. Ask friends and family to help you pack and move your items. Make sure to ask them far in advance and have coffee, water, and energy drinks on hand.


People move for different reasons but the problems and tasks they face are the same. Relocation is a tiring and stressful process that includes packing, labeling, loading, transporting, etc. Of course, finding a reliable and experienced moving company will turn this experience into a positive one. They can facilitate and accelerate the whole process. Even though these services aren’t cheap many people wonder whether to tip movers. Is tipping mandatory? How much is enough? As we explained, there is no rule when it comes to tipping your movers. It’s recommendable to tip them if you feel they did a good job. Especially if the weather conditions were bad or your relocation was a difficult one. But this is entirely up to you. We hope our guide made your decision a bit easier.

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