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Expert tips for packing and moving food

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There are many different types of items and belongings that you are going to have to prepare for moving when the time for it comes. Ranging from furniture to kitchenware to your car, all of these items need some attention before the moving day. So, today, we are going to take a look at what you need to do to make sure that you are packing and moving food the right way. As you know, food is something that is easily spoilt. Furthermore, not only can it easily go bad, but improper packing can mess up a whole lot more than the product itself. So, this is a subject that really deserves more attention than people tend to give it. As one of the best moving companies in Carmel CA, we have seen it all. So, today we’re going to share with you how to properly prepare food for moving.

Before you start packing and moving food

Before we jump in medias res, there is one thing, one rule, that we need to address. This rule says: spend all of your groceries before the moving day. If you can, eat it all. Food is something that you can buy upon your arrival as well. So, make sure to spend it all on time.

Eat all of the food that you can before moving

When you have eaten it all, but still have some food left to take, pack it in the following way:

  • Use small plastic boxes to store your food when moving
  • Place perishables in a cooler
  • Wrap all in plastic
  • Label food

Let’s get down to business.

Use small plastic boxes for packing and moving food

If you would ask movers Monterey CA about the most important thing that you can do with food when preparing it for moving, they would probably say that you should place it in plastic boxes. Plastic boxes come with sealable lids. Therefore, you can easily close them in a way that is going to guarantee no spills.

Place perishables in a cooler

The next thing that you should do is to make sure that none of your food goes bad during the move. Therefore, before your interstate movers CA arrive, place all of your perishables in a cooler. Coolers are easy to come by and are pretty affordable too. So, you should have no issues with buying one in case that you do not have it already.

Wrap all in plastic

Food can easily spill. Therefore, you should make sure to wrap it all in plastic just in case.

packing and moving food is easier when you pack food in a cooler
Place all of your perishable foods in a cooler

Label food

Lastly, we need to point out the importance of food labeling.

Knowing where your items are is very important when moving. The same goes for food. Label all canisters holding your food. This way, you will easily know where to find what you need after the relocation.


As you have seen, you should use as much food as possible before the moving day arrives. If you still have some left even then, pack it in accordance with the inputs from above. This way, you will move with no food-related stress. And just so you know, packing and moving food has never been easier.

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