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Fastest-growing cities in California to settle in 2021

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If you are looking for vibrant cities with fast growth, there is quite a lot of them in California. And here is a list of them to choose from before hiring one of the best moving companies in California for your move. Take your time to research and decide which city would suit you the best. Here are some of the fastest-growing cities in California to settle in 2021.


With a very rich history, Beaumont is a great choice. It offers a good quality of life and safety too. And while its weather is somewhat cooler when compared to neighboring cities, the air is clearer. And you can easily find good moving companies Morgan Hill CA for your move to Beaumont. Another benefit is that it is close to Palm Springs and L.A. It is certainly a good choice to move to whether you are looking to start a family or live on your own.

Folsom is one of the safest and fastest-growing cities in California

Well known for its very low crime rates and high quality of education. Folsom is a great city to move to. Especially if you are moving with a family. And if you are an outdoorsy person, there are a lot of opportunities for all kinds of outdoor recreation. It has a lot of areas for camping, hiking, watersports, and many other activities. You are never going to get bored here if you enjoy outdoor activities. If you decide to move to Folsom make sure to hire good moving companies in Gilroy to handle your move.

Family inside a tent
Camping is one of the many fun things you can do with your family in Folsom


Dublin gets its name because of the large Irish population which settled here. And it has been one of the fastest-growing cities in California for a long time. One of the big benefits of living in Dublin is that you get everything you can get in a big city but at a good cost of living. And with very safe neighborhoods and good schools and communities, it is a great place to raise a family.

Los Gatos is one of the fastest-growing cities in California for many reasons

Los Gatos is part of silicon valley. But despite that is very affordable. With its strong tech presence, it always has a lot of trending job opportunities. It also has a lot of open spaces, a great school system, and a safe community. It is a good place to live in. Additionally, it has a lot of different outdoor activities to enjoy, things like:

  • Kayaking
  • Trail Running
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking
  • Trail running
Two people kayaking near one of the fastest-growing cities in California
There is a lot of fun outdoor activities in Los Gatos

Clovis is one of the most affordable cities in California

Clovis is a small and quaint city in Fresno County. It has great schools, which is going to be important for people looking to move with kids there. And it also has a very friendly community. It is also very close to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National parks, for those that enjoy nature. Its senior activity center provides a lot of different classes, programs, and activities for the city’s seniors. Taking all of that into consideration Clovis is one of the fastest-growing cities in California for a good reason.

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