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Should I find a new job before or after moving to Gilroy?

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A moving process is full of life-defining decisions. How to approach the matter of financial security might just be one of the biggest. Therefore, the decision to find a new job before or after moving to Gilroy can be critical. Both approaches have their pros and cons, and it’s why our California professional movers decided to create this guide. To help you make your choice easier and start your new life on a positive side.

Useful things to know before you decide whether to find a new job before or after moving to Gilroy

Being well-informed is at the core of every good decision. Two main factors to consider before moving to Gilroy are:

  1. The state of Gilroy job market and;
  2. Costs of living.
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Gilroy’s strong economy and growing job market will work to your advantage.

Gilroy economy

You’ll be happy to know that Gilroy’s economy is stable, and steadily growing. In fact, over the past year, the job market increased by 2.5%. Furthermore, experts predict that it will grow an additional 45% over the next ten years. This is excellent news for you, as it means that Gilroy’s job opportunities will continuously increase. Add to that a fact that median household income in Gilroy is around $81,000 – well above the US average of $53,000. Needles to say, this makes the prospect of moving here in search of a job much more alluring.

Cost of living

If you’re wondering should you find a job before or after moving to Gilroy, these facts might tip your decision towards the former. Living in Gilroy is expensive, to say the least. Everything, from groceries to utilities costs more here. And not only in comparison to the US average – but California’s too.

Another crucial fact to consider is Gilroy’s housing market. If you’re thinking of becoming a proud homeowner, get ready to cough up an average of $700,000 for a nice home. Needles to say, this is quite the price, even by California’s high standards. Still, if you do take this big step, you’ll be glad to know that property values will only increase in the following years.

General reasons to find a job before moving

It always pays to think ahead. In this case – quite literally. So, here are the pros of this approach.

You can plan without guessing

Securing a job before relocation will let you know how much money you will have at your disposal. Therefore, you’ll be able to plan around the concrete number and not just presumption. This will allow you to draft a responsible moving budget and let you know how much you can afford in terms of rent, and basic amenities. In a way, it’s an added and welcome additional layer of security.

Peace of mind

Moving is chaotic. Some of the best movers Gilroy CA can help ease the tribulations. Still, it’s always good to know that you’ll have financial security upon arriving in a new town. So, you’ll heavily reduce the stress of moving.

You ensure your rainy day’s fund remains intact

Starting your life anew will take an initial investment. And, as we mentioned, Gilroy is already expensive enough. If you’re moving intending to find a job after relocation, you might have to tap into your savings to live comfortably. Fortunately, only until you find a new job, which is not too difficult in Gilroy.

On the other hand

The pros of finding a job before moving are many. However, there is a con to it. Employers are often reluctant to hire people from afar. Therefore, even if you’re qualified, they might bump your CV to the bottom of the pile.

A new applicant handing a resume to the employer
Although it’s easier to find a job in a city you live in, it never hurts to be expeditious. So, apply for a few positions before you move.

With this in mind, it is easier to find a job in the place you already live in. Not only because of the proximity of potential job spots. But because you can meet people and build up connections that will make job hunting much easier.

Weigh your options carefully

Gilroy is an amazing city, that offers a lot to its residents. Still, moving here implies a big change. Therefore, take the time to think about should you find a job before or after moving to Gilroy. This decision will potentially impact the rest of your life. So don’t rush. Instead, weigh the options and there’s no doubt that you’ll come to a good conclusion.


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