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Whether you are relocating a household, business office, or art studio, you need reliable fine art movers to handle your valuable pieces of art. When organizing a regular relocation, you can handle some items on your own. But when you face a relocation of items as important and as expensive as fine art, in order to keep them safe at all times, you should contact Mod Movers CA and experience a stress-free move! Get your free moving estimate as soon as possible, and let's start preparing the move of your valuables.

Use our storage to store your artwork

Whether you are moving a home or an office or you just need to finish some remodeling, you might find yourself in the need to use storage units. This is one more reason to contact our Mod Movers and get the best storage services at your disposal. Of course, you should make sure to research whether or not any specific piece of fine art can go to a storage unit. But you should know that our facilities are clean, pest-free, and secure. You can also choose among the many different sizes of units we have to offer.

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Household relocations are our area of expertise

There is a big difference between relocating the household and moving your business. When dealing only with your household items, it is much easier to organize a move. But when it comes to moving art, you really need professional fine art movers. You don't want to risk damaging your valuables due to inexperienced friends who are willing to help, do you? Also, since these kinds of items tend to be pretty heavy, there is a big possibility someone gets injured. In order to avoid accidents, you should contact us and remain carefree, even if you don't use our full moving services.

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We can handle business relocations with ease

The scope of work is much larger than when moving a household. And secondly, you can’t always expect your coworkers to be able to help. At the end of the day, that is not part of their job description. Nevertheless, even if they want to help, they are still not professional fine art movers. So you shouldn’t be surprised if they are not sure how to disconnect and reconnect electronic devices and equipment. You need someone fast, yet careful, such as our Mod Movers, so your business doesn’t suffer due to delays.

But the situation gets extremely complex when you have to relocate fine art pieces from one place to another. If some damages occur, you can’t expect your workers to pay for them since that is not their responsibility. On the other hand, if you hire our experienced fine art movers, your items will be insured. So, even if some accidents happen, you will be properly compensated for damages.

We can move your valuables anywhere you want

Handling, packing, hauling, loading, and unloading is never easy. Even when you have to repeat these actions with regular household belongings such as clothes or furniture. However, moving fine art pieces is much more complicated than that. These pieces are usually either very heavy, bulky, or fragile. Or they simply have some strange shape, that is difficult to handle, let alone pack. No matter where you need to move your items, you can count on our fine art movers to provide you with the best moving services if you are:

All you have to do is get in touch with our moving consultants so that we can organize everything properly. Our agents are here to answer your questions and find the best solution for your moving-related needs. And not only that. We will make a customized plan according to your exact needs. Because it is important for us to comply with all your wishes, we will find a way to make everything you need possible. Customer satisfaction is something we cherish and that is the reason we have so many loyal clients.

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Leave the packing to CA fine art movers and packers

As we have already mentioned, packing fine art pieces can be a bit of a challenge. You should know exactly how to approach every piece, whether it is a painting, an antique chandelier, or a marble statue. Our California packing crews have undergone detailed training on packing different types of items. No matter how fragile, heavy, or bulky they are, we know how to pack them. While staying within the designated timeline, of course.

Our packers use only top-notch quality moving boxes and supplies. With expert packing materials and skilled handling, your expensive fine art items will remain safe at all times. We use professional tools and moving equipment to ensure not damaging any item you may have. Our padded moving trucks are prepared to take your precious possessions wherever you need them across the State of California and beyond.

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Since there is no point in risking either injury or damage to your fine art pieces, you should contact our Mod Movers. Get your free moving estimate and allow the best fine art movers to handle, pack, and successfully move your items. Easy and affordable!

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