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First month after moving to Carmel: things you need to do

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Once you move to a new city, everything will be exciting. You will feel like a tourist in your new home city at least for a month. With time that feeling will die down, as you go around exploring the city. That’s why you need to enjoy your time after moving with some of the best moving companies in California. Depending on the time of the year when you moved, there will be different things to do. There are no extreme temperatures here, and both winter and summer are quite comfortable, which means that you can spend time outside almost the whole year. Luckily, certain things can be done anytime and also during your first month after moving to Carmel.

General information about Carmel

Carmel is a city with a population of almost 4,000 residents. For a place this small, you would say that there is nothing to do here. But all of the moving companies in Carmel CA work hard since many people want to move here. People that live here say that it is the best place to live in this state, mostly because it is safe and calm. For that reason, Carmel is home to many families and retirees alike. But in a place this small, what are the things that you can do?

Picture of a beach
For a place this small, there are plenty of things to do

What can you see in your first month after moving to Carmel?

For a place this small, there are plenty of things that it offers. Most of the attractions and things to do in your first month after moving to Carmel are outdoor activities. If you enjoy this, you shouldn’t hesitate to hire some California residential movers. Some of the best things you can do and see are:

  • Visiting Point Lobos and the beautiful beaches
  • Joining a food and culture tour

Visit the beaches

For a coastal city, it is normal that one of the main attractions is the beaches. Since the weather is nice all year round, you can enjoy them at any time. Some of the most popular ones are Carmel River State Beach, Mara Beach, and Carmel Beach. Some of these are intended only for walking and sunbathing because the waves pose a risk for swimmers. But if we have to pick the best, it would be Point Lobos. This natural reserve is called the gem of California Parks for a reason. Apart from the magnificent views, you can hike, bird watch, and scuba dive. Every nature lover should contact some professional packers and move here if they want to enjoy this natural beauty.

Join a food and culture tour

Food and drinks are a weak spot for many people. That’s why food tours are so popular. If you want to learn more about the cuisine of Carmel, join this intimate group for a walk around the city. You will be able to try food and drinks that are made from local produce, in the small local restaurants. Apart from learning, you can also eat a variety of foods, which are included in the price of around $130. It is a great option if you want to explore the tasty side of this city.

Picture of grilled corn on the cob
In your first month after moving to Carmel, you can enjoy food

Conclusion on things to do in your first month after moving to Carmel

Since it is a small city, the list of things to do in the first month after moving to Carmel is short but worthwhile. We hope to have managed to give you a few ideas on what to do and recommend you some junk removal Monterey CA companies. We wish you good luck and a nice time exploring the city!

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