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Green packing and moving tips

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Saving the environment has never been more talked about. Neither has it ever been more important than right at this moment. The results of it can be seen every day in every sphere of life. And the moving industry is not the exception. Almost all moving companies in California are trying to lower their carbon footprint as much as possible. And there are many companies that specialize in green moving. But you don’t need to rely on your movers to have an environment-friendly relocation. All you have to do is use these green packing and moving tips!

How to have green relocation without doing anything

If you do want the easy way out and have the eco-friendliest relocation you can have, you should hire a moving company that offers green moving. These companies make sure to lower their carbon footprint in every way possible. And they will take care of everything for you.

a woman relaxing in nature - green packing and moving tips
You will be able to relax knowing that your relocation is as green as it can get

Many people think that green moving companies are more expensive than your regular moving companies. And that seems like it’s true, especially at first sight. However, if you really compare all the moving expenses and not only how much you are paying residential movers then you’ll see soon that’s not necessarily true. It really depends on what moving services you are taking – if it’s just standard service or you also need special services like piano moving, for example. It also depends on other factors like what packing supplies you are using, etc. So, before you make any decision about who to hire, make sure that you have all the information.

Tips for green packing and moving

There are really two options for packing when you’re moving. You can get packing services from a moving company you hired to relocate your household. Or you can just do it yourself – something most people opt for especially if they are moving on a tight budget. However, the most important thing about green packing is not whether you do it yourself but what packing supplies you’re using. And here you have more choices which I’m going to name from the most to the least eco-friendly option you could use:

  • items you already possess as containers (items like bags, suitcases, shoe boxes, etc.)
  • plastic moving bins that are recyclable
  • already used cardboard moving boxes and other packing supplies
  • brand new cardboard moving boxes and other packing supplies

Green packing and moving tips for junk that stays behind

After every relocation, there is a lot of trash left behind. Some people try to sell it while others donate it to organizations like Habitat for Humanity. However, most of the trash just ends up in some junkyard which is not really good for our environment.

a see turtle swimming in a ocean
The worst part of it is that a huge part of that trash makes its way to our oceans

Trash that accumulates during every moving process is at the same time its most neglected part. That’s why you should make sure that you make a plan for all the trash. You can sell and donate what’s in good condition and recycle other items that are not.

Not only are these green packing and moving tips good for the environment, but they are also very good for your budget. So if saving the environment is not your biggest motivation for green moving then at least put your desire for saving money to good use!

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