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Guide to buying a luxury property in Seaside

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People usually wonder what the difference between a luxury and a non-luxury home is. First, luxury homes are made of premium materials, including marble and hardwood. They generally have large square footage. They are typically located in a popular location, and they offer privacy at the same time. Also, they have amenities like large pools, smart home automation, and very often open floor plans. Besides luxury homes in Seaside CA, you can also find luxury condo apartments. So, buying a luxury property in Seaside, shouldn’t be hard. And with the help of the best moving companies in California you can easily relocate to your dream home.

Choosing the right real estate agents for buying a luxury property in Seaside

When buying a luxury property in Seaside, you will need to hire the right type of real estate agent. By this, we mean the agents who specialize in the houses on the seaside. They know exactly what questions to ask. The property close to the ocean is exposed to elements. So, you need someone who can check if the structure of the house can withstand the weather conditions. The real estate agent with detailed knowledge about Seasides’ property will easily find the right real estate for you. And this is regardless of whether you are looking for a luxury house or a condo apartment.

A modern white luxury home surrounded with tall cactuses is what you can see when buying a luxury property in Seaside.
Buying a luxury property in Seaside, CA.

Getting emotionally involved is the biggest problem when you are buying a Seaside property

This is yet another reason why it is good to take advice from your real estate agent. It can easily happen that you fall in love with a certain building. Most of those looking for luxury property, see space, amenities, and security. The real estate agent will point to you a few other things. The ocean water near the property may be dirty. And the access to the beach may be too complicated. Also, maybe the property is nice, but the view is not so good. And finally, you don’t have enough privacy at that certain spot in Seaside. So, when you are already giving a minimum of $1,7 million for a luxury estate, choose a place well.  Or very soon you will grow dissatisfied and arrange movers Seaside CA to move you to another luxury property in Seaside.

Location is the biggest factor influencing the price of the luxury property

Appearance and size somewhat affect the price of the property. But what affects the asking price the most is the place where the property is located. When you decide to buy a luxury property, among other details your agents will need to know the price that suits you. This will help them narrow down their search. And to focus on the Seaside area where the asking price is matching your budget. And on the other hand, you will get to your new home faster.

A while condo apartment building.
Skilled agents will find a condo apartment on sale.

As in all other industries, demand affects the price of a property in Seaside

As a matter of fact, the real estate market is recovering quickly after the pandemic. There is already a noticeable increase in demand. And that means that real estate prices will start to rise fast. So, if you have decided to buy a luxury property in Seaside, do it as soon as possible. It is also noticeable that long-distance movers California are very busy lately. So, the longer you wait, the more money you will have to spend to buy your luxury property. On the other hand, this is favorable for you. If you decide to sell the house later, you will even make money on it.

If you wish to buy a condo apartment in Seaside, discuss it with your real estate agents

Most of the condo apartments in Seaside, CA, including the luxury ones, are for rent. The average monthly rent is $2,000. However, the skilled agents will for sure be able to find some on sale. In this case, express your preferences to the real estate agents. That way,  they will focus on a certain type of apartment. You may wish to buy luxury:

  • Studio
  • One-room apartment
  • Two-room apartment, etc.

The luxury condo apartments are those made to offer high comfort, a lot of space, and excellent views to their occupants. They also have a doorman and some common premises for tenants, like a gym, a yoga studio, bowling alleys, etc.

Seaside has many interesting neighborhoods where you can check the luxury property

The real estate agents from Seaside will know where to look for luxury property. However, maybe you would also like to visit some of the neighborhoods. So, here is their list:

  • Noche Buena
  • Hannon
  • Terrace
  • Ord Terrace
  • Del Monte Heights
  • Kimball
  • Olympia
  • Rousch
  • Ord Grove
  • Highland
  • Laguna Grande
  • Cabrillo

Some of the neighborhoods you will visit with your real estate agents. It is a usual practice for them to bring the clients to see the property themselves. So, you will be able to see how the property looks, its surrounding area, and all amenities it has to offer.

Marina surrounded with land, houses and palms in dusk.
When you settle down, you can start exploring Seaside.

If you like the certain Seaside property, make a few additional checks

In case you like the property and it is meeting all other requirements, you can hire someone to check the conditions of the house. For sure, they will check:

  • water supplies
  • HVAC system
  • electricity system
  • conditions of the roof and foundations
  • The possible presence of asbestos in the house walls, etc

Only after you are getting positive results regarding construction and supplies checks, you can buy your new luxury home. In case of some damages or malfunctions, see with the present owner to fix them. Or to decrease the price, as you will have to pay for the repair.

Arranging your possessions in your new luxury home in Seaside

You may want to skip all the moving-in hustle and have your home ready for a walk-in. In such a case, Mod Movers are the right address for you. They will unpack and arrange your possessions the way you requested. In case you like, you may be present during the decorating period. Or you can simply give the instructions to the workers’ supervisor. Once the works are finished, and you come to check, you can always ask them to change the places of some of your artworks.

Exploring your new town and get to know thighs about Seaside, CA

Once you have completed buying a luxury property in Seaside, and you have moved in, it’s time to start exploring your new town. On the official Seaside website, you can find a page for residents. It can tell you about parks, libraries, schools, licenses, dining sites, etc. Of course, checking it thoroughly, you can find much more useful information.

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