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Guide to enjoying the best of Gilroy all year round

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Gilroy is a small vibrant town located just south of San Jose. It’s known as the Garlic Capital of the World and it attracts tourists from around the world for its Garlic Festival which happens every year. But there’s a lot more to this town than garlic. It’s home to a charming community and it’s filled with countless attractions and events throughout the year making it a great place to live. So if you’d like to move here, make sure to hire California movers for the best relocation services. But now we’re going to explore everything you need to know about enjoying the best of Gilroy all year round so keep reading to find out more.

Getting to know Gilroy’s community

One of the most important things to do if you plan to stay here is to get familiar with the community. Gilroy has a welcoming community and a very friendly atmosphere. This means that there are lots of ways to meet the residents and learn more about the city. So after you move here with the help of local movers in Gilroy, and want to get involved with the community, you can volunteer at local events, go to town hall meetings, or join a club or organization. If you are part of the community, you’ll get a deeper connection to the city’s people, culture, and history.

people in Gilroy enjoying a park
Before enjoying the best of Gilroy all year round, make sure to get familiar with the community.

Enjoying the best of Gilroy throughout the winter

One of the benefits of moving to Gilroy is its winter activities. Winter in Gilroy is a beautiful time of the year. Attractions and events draw visitors from all over the state of California. If you’re thinking about moving here, you’ll be enjoying the best of Gilroy all year round including the great attractions and even in the winter.

Arts & Crafts Holiday Boutique

The city of Gilroy hosts Arts & Crafts Holiday Boutique every year in November. Here you can buy home decorations, holiday items, and handicraft gifts. This is a great place where you can get unique and personalized gifts for your family and friends.

Spend Christmas in the Christmas Hill Park

Christmas Hill Park hosts an event that has a beautiful tree light ceremony, amazing performances, crafts, and food vendors. So if you and your family like to get into the holiday spirit, this event will be perfect for you.

Christmas in the Park celebration

Another popular event is Christmas in the Park celebration. This event is held in San Jose which is only a 35-minute drive from Gilroy. It’s a holiday tradition and it brings holiday lights, decorated Christmas trees, and festive displays to San Jose. You can enjoy live entertainment, holiday treats, and carnival rides. Even though the event is free of cost, you can donate to help with keeping the tradition alive.

Christmas park in Gilroy - enjoying the best of Gilroy
Christmas in the Park is a beautiful holiday tradition in San Jose.

The Festival of Lights Parade

This annual event is held in Morgan Hill which is only 20 minutes away from Gilroy. It celebrates the holiday season with an amazing parade featuring lots of marching bands, amazingly decorated floats, and even Santa Claus! The event draws in people each year who come to experience the holiday cheer and festive atmosphere. And you can also enjoy drink and food vendors, holiday shopping, and lots of entertainment options.

Ice Skating Downtown

If you want to experience ice skating in a festive setting, then make sure to go to the Ice Skating Downtown in San Jose. This event features an open rink from November to January where you can rent ice skates on-site. Additionally, there’s also entertainment, music, and holiday-themed activities at the event.

Enjoying the best of Gilroy in the spring

Enjoying the best of Gillroy all year round is important to experience everything the city has to offer. As we’re moving into spring, the city continues to offer all kinds of amazing attractions and festivals. Whether you are interested in nature, film, or art, there’s something for everyone during spring.

Poppy Jasper International Film Festival

Poppy Jasper International Film Festival is a great event you can enjoy in the spring. It takes place in early April and it displays works of independent filmmakers from all over the globe. So if you go to the event, you can enjoy presentations of featured films, documentaries, and short films. And you can even meet the people who those films and go to panel discussions.

film festival, people, crowd
If you love movies, make sure to go to Poppy Jasper International Film Festival.

Fantastical Flowers Spring Celebration

Fantastical Flowers Spring Celebration is a must-see event in the spring. It celebrates the blooming of thousands of daffodils, tulips, as well as other flowers in Gilroy Gardens. Here you can go for a walk through the garden, enjoy the beautiful scents and colors of the flowers, and have fun with live entertainment, rides, and many more activities.

Gilroy Art and Wine Stroll

This is one of the most popular events in the region. It takes place in early June and it features local breweries, wineries, as well as artists displaying their talents and products. Here, you can enjoy relaxing shops, restaurants, and even live music. Also, make sure to try local wines and craft beers, they are amazing!

Wine Tasting in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Santa Cruz Mountains are just a short drive from Gilroy and they are home to some of the best wineries in California. You can take a relaxed afternoon to try out local wines while enjoying the beautiful views of the mountains. There are many wineries that are within 20 miles of Gilroy meaning that you can keep discovering new and exciting flavors while enjoying the natural surroundings.

California mountains
Wine Tasting in the Santa Cruz Mountains is a great way to relax and enjoy nature.

Coyote Valley Earth Week

Cotoye Lake is only 17 miles away from Gilroy and it’s a beautiful destination if you want to celebrate Earth Day in nature. The event lasts for 5 days. It has interactive exhibits, hikes, as well as workshops that teach you about the environment and how to protect it.

Enjoying the best of summer in Gilroy

Summer is also a great season in Gilroy with lots of sunshine and hot temperatures meaning it’s a great time to enjoy events, festivals, and outdoor activities.

Gilroy Garlic Festival

You won’t be enjoying the best of Gilroy all year round without going to the Gilroy Garlic Festival. This is one of the most popular events in the summer attracting tourists from all over the world. It lasts for 3 days and it’s a celebration of everything related to garlic. There are food vendors serving all kinds of dishes with garlic, garlic cooking demonstrations, and even live music! But that is not all as the festival also has all sorts of crafts and art vendors, a Miss Gilroy Garlic festival contest, and a fun run.

The festival started back in 1979 as a way of promoting garlic crops in Gilroy which is considered to be one of the best in the world! Since then, the festival became one of the biggest in America as over 100.000 people visit it annually! It’s held at Christmas Hill Park which is a wonderful open space and a perfect setting for this amazing event.

Shakespeare in the park

This popular event takes place in July in August. It’s held in Sanborn County Park and it features classic Shakespeare plays in a beautiful open space. So after you move to the city with the help of Gilroy movers, make sure to check it out, and don’t forget to bring a picnic and enjoy this amazing show under the stars! The locals in Gilroy love this event since its start in 2001. And the best part is that every year, the festival will feature a different Shakespearean play while showcasing the talents of local actors and performers.

Outdoor activities

Summer is the best time to enjoy the endless activities that the city has to offer. You can explore a plethora of nearby trails and parks where you can bike, hike, and have a nice picnic with your friends and family. Also, if you’re into golf or sports, the city has a couple of golf courses and a wide range of sports fields and courts. But the most popular outdoor attraction in the city is Henry W. Coe State Park which has over whopping 87.000 acres with camping sites, hiking trails, and best of all, wildlife watching. The park is home to a wide range of animals including pumas, bobcats, coyotes, deers, and many more!

outdoor activities man jumping
There are lots of outdoor activities in Gilroy you can enjoy.

Enjoying the best of Gilroy in the fall

Fall is a season of change as the weather starts to get colder and the leaves change color. And in the city of Gilroy, fall is marked by lots of great festivals and events that you can go to and have fun! From tamale to wine walks and Halloween, there’s something in the city that you’ll probably enjoy so if you’re considering moving here make sure to hire interstate movers Gilroy for the best moving services. That way you’ll be enjoying the best of Gilroy all year round!

Gilroy Tamale Festival

Another way of enjoying the best of Gilroy all year round is going to the Tamale Festival which is held in November and celebrates tamale with lots of vendors offering all kinds of versions of the dish. Additionally, there are live performances and cooking demonstrations of the dish. The event is a way to connect to the local culture and enjoy some delicious tamales.

Outdoor activities

The cooler temperatures are a great time to enjoy outdoor activities. As we mentioned earlier, the city has a couple of golf courses including Gavilan Golf Course and Eagle Ridge Golf Club. However, if you are into fishing, you have 2 nearby places you can go to, Uvas Reservoir and Chesbro Reservoir. Both of these give you great opportunities of catching catfish, bass, and other freshwater fish.

Halloween at Gilroy Gardens

If you’re looking for a good scare, then you have to check out Halloween at Gilroy Gardens. This is a spooky event taking place in the evenings in October. It has all kinds of attractions and activities such as haunted mazes, live entertainment, and scary zones. It’s a great way to get into the Halloween spirit and enjoy the best of Gilroy. The event is made for all ages which means that you and your family can enjoy exciting nights together.

halloween even, fog birds
Be sure to check out Halloween at Gilroy Gardens for some great fun!

The Dia de los Muertos Festival

The Dia de los Muertos Festival is held in San Jose. It’s a celebration that honors the dead and celebrates life through food, music, and traditional altars. The event takes place in the fall and it’s a great way to experience the rich Mexican culture in San Jose. It features a colorful parade, traditional altars decorated with candles and flowers to honor the dead, and lots of music and food. It attracts people from all over the Bay Area and creates a beautiful festive atmosphere. You can take part in dance performances, workshops, and other cultural events that display the Mexcian culture and heritage. So if you want to experience the vibrant spirit of this holiday, make sure to check it out.

Final words

Nestled in the heart of Santa Clara County, California, you can see why Gilroy is a charming town that boasts a friendly community and a welcoming atmosphere. It is a great place to live, and an even better vacation destination. With numerous attractions and events throughout the year, visitors and residents alike have no trouble enjoying the best of Gilroy all year round. From historic sites and stunning natural landscapes to renowned festivals and events, Gilroy offers something for everyone. Whether you are a history buff, nature enthusiast, food lover, or art and culture aficionado, Gilroy’s vibrant community and endless entertainment options make it a place worth experiencing.

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