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Guide to moving a large family home in Gilroy

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Having a large home, usually means that you have a large family living in it. Further, that means that you have more rooms. And that you have a lot of things to pack. So, you will need more packaging materials. And you will need a longer period to prepare for the move. Also, you are probably wondering where to start from. Which room you should pack first? Moving a home is not easy. And it takes a lot more work and concentration to move large home. So, based on the experiences of movers Gilroy CA, we prepared this paper to help you. Following the guide to moving a large family home in Gilroy, you will for sure successfully complete your move.

Start by making a good moving plan

Making a moving plan isn’t hard. It is just a list of tasks that must be done. You just have to set the tasks in a logical order and follow them. That way, all moving preparations will be done correctly and on time. However, before you start drafting a plan, discuss it with the whole family. Make clear that moving your large family home in Gilmore is a demanding task. Also, encourage them by saying that their help means a lot to you. So, they will all be ready for mental and physical challenges.

Moving a large family home in Gilroy – a large brown and white house with a car parked in front, and parts of the hedge.
How to move a big family home?

What a good plan of moving a large family home in Gilroy should include?

Here is a basic list of things you should complete when moving:

  • Determine your moving day – give yourself enough time.
  • Hire California residential movers.
  • Make a decluttering plan – appoint tasks to your family members.
  • Make an inventory of the items you will move – after decluttering is done. When you know the number of possessions you are moving, you will know how much packing material you need.
  • Calculate your moving budget – ask your movers to provide you with the cost estimation. That will be the basis for your budget calculator.
  • Check how many surplus items do you have in your Gilroy family home. Some you can sell, and some you can donate.
  • Check if all your utility bills are settled. Also, cancel all utility contracts.
  • Discuss packing with your family. Each member can pack their own room. Also, make an agreement on how to pack common areas such as kitchen, garage, bathroom, etc.

How to determine the moving day from your large family home?

When a large family is moving, you can’t just point date in the calendar. You must take into consideration what is the most convenient time for everyone. And you must take into consideration:

  • What date do you have to report to your new job
  • When your partner can leave the current job
  • Is it better for kids to move during the school holidays
  • Do you want to move off-season, to cut moving costs
  • At what date can you move into your new home
  • Do your new home need some repair or renovation before you move in
Kids are walking over the wooden bridge while parents are waiting them at the end.
When deciding about the moving day, take into consideration the opinion of all family members.

How to safely pack your Gilroy home possessions?

When it comes to packing, maybe you and your large family will make a DIY job. If so, make sure to purchase high-quality moving boxes and other supplies. Remember that you have a lot of possessions to pack. So, getting affordable packing supplies CA will help your moving budget a lot. Before you start packing, show your kids how to do it properly. Also, explain to them how important is to label all the boxes. The older kids will be able to pack most possessions they have. However, task the yonder once to pack only their clothes and toys. After that, either you or some of the older kids can help them to pack more sensitive items. Also, if none of you are sure how to pack fragile or bulky items, ask for help.

Make the packing process easy for each family member

To achieve this, make several copies of the moving plan. Give a copy of the plan to every family member. At the same time, ask them to mark the part of the plan they have to complete. Allocating moving tasks to each member of your large family will help in two ways:

  • Everyone will know what tasks to complete
  • There will be no misunderstandings between family members

So, everyone will be responsible for their part of the job. And such a disciplined approach to packaging will speed up the whole process.

Man and woman with packing boxes and with blue wall behind.
Allocate packing tasks to each family member.

What about large, bulky, and fragile items from your large family home in Gilroy?

The members of your large family will be able to pack most of the things from the Gilroy home. However, you may encounter a problem disassembling furniture. Or packing and moving the large items that can’t be disassembled. Also, you may need help with properly packing valuable paintings, mirrors, and electronics. In case you don’t have anyone skilled for this job, contact your moving company. They will help you with additional services. Additional services will increase your moving budget. But damaged or broken items would cost much more.

When moving a large family home, you may need to store some of your possessions

When you have to move things from so large a home, you are not always sure if all of them will fit into your new home. Also, you can have some items that you want to sell, but you don’t have time for that right now. Or, you have to decide if you want to keep certain items or not. In such cases, you can look up the best CA storage services. Storing those items will give you time to decide. At the same time, your things will be safe, and well taken care of. How long you will keep them stored is up to you. Both, short and long-term storages are available.

The well-organized move of a large family can give many positive results

We hope that the guide to moving a large family home in Gilroy was helpful to you. We are aware that the whole family had to work hard. However, the well-organized move had a lot of positive results. It helped you with moving faster and easier. Also, each family member was focused on accomplishing his tasks. By this were avoided unnecessary nervousness and quarrels. Moreover, it strengthened the bonds between family members. It thought them how, working together, they can accomplish so much. And it thought them how to rely on each other.

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