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Guide to moving a mattress long distance

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Moving to a new home means you will need to pick and pack all items you want to move along with you. According to this, for sure you will want to get rid of some items. Also, you may want to place them in storage before you find a place for them in your new home. On the other hand, there will be plenty of items you will want to bring with you. Besides all your personal stuff such as clothes, electronics, books, and decoration, it seems like there will not be enough space for the furniture. If the only large thing you want to relocate is your matters, for sure you are looking for the best way to take it with you. Even if you are moving your coffee table, office chair, or pillows, moving a mattress long distance can be challenging. Let’s see how to handle it.

Preparations for moving a mattress long distance

There are two ways to move your favorite sleeping surface long distance. The first one is a proven way to get it safe to your new home and it includes hiring long distance movers California. Want to take care of all the rest of the tasks of your move? You can ask your movers for an estimate just for moving your matters and packed moving boxes. That means you will have to do the packing by yourself and you need professional help just to take care of your matters. Also, you may wish to let your movers all tasks that include moving your furniture.

Woman prepare for moving a mattress long distance
Plan out moving a mattress long distance and keep your favorite sleeping surface even after the move.

On the other hand, you can rely on professionals and let them perform your entire move. Professionals from moving companies in Gilroy has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to handle not only moving a mattress long distance but also the entire household. So, make sure to calculate your budget and create an inventory. Hire as much help as you need when relocating a mattress long distance but also the rest of your possession.

Another way to move your mattress long distance

In case you cannot afford to hire professional assistance and want to move your matters by yourself, you may need advice from our Mod Movers. Although this task is not going to be easy, we will remind you of important steps you need to take. First thing first, you should know that this task is not for only one pair of hands. So, make sure to have someone who will help you prepare your mattress for loading in a vehicle. Only this way you can avoid injuries. But before you get to the loading make sure to read our tips you can find below.

Mattress in the room
Ask someone to help you move your mattress.

How to move your mattress in a safe way?

Before you load your mattress once the moving day comes, you should prepare it for transport. If for any reason you change your mind and decide to let this process to professionals be free to contact us. But if you still want to conduct this task by yourself, here is what you should gather and do:

  • Purchase ratchet straps or a good poly rope.
  • Make sure to protect and wrap your mattress. One of the best things you can get to protect your mattress is a heavy-duty mattress bag. So, go to your nearby Walmart and get the proper size mattress bag.
  • Create a place to work on packing your mattress and slide a mattress bag over your sleeping surface.
  • Secure bag with tape.
  • The last step in moving your mattress long distance is to load it onto a vehicle.

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