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Guide to moving across several states

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Moving across just a few blocks away can be difficult, not to mention to another state. We as one of the top California professional movers would like to help you by creating a guide to moving across several states. This guide will cover everything from packing, and moving until you reach your final destination.  So let’s start our journey together!

The first step in our moving guide is good organization and packing

What we mean by this you must organize everything like a pro. So let’s say that you’re moving from California to Nevada first thing that you’ll need is the date. After that, you can use temples of moving checklists or create your own in a notebook or virtually on a phone or laptop. The next step is to try and declutter as best as you can. There are several methods for decluttering the most common one is the 1-year rule; if you don’t use an item for a year you sell it or throw it away. The second rule is called the 20/20 rule it’s really simple to follow and it’s usually if don’t have enough time; simply throw away anything that costs below $20. Third and probably the best way to declutter is six box method. This way you’ll separate things into six boxes or six different categories.

These six boxes/categories are:

  • Throw away
  • Recycle
  • Sell
  • Fix
  • Keep (move)
  • Store
An open notebook;
Planning is the key to a successful move.

You can add or subtract any if you don’t feel the need for them. There are also other decluttering strategies but this one is a common practice among people.  You can also include your whole family if you have one. Because this is a time-consuming process so you can divide at least everyone decluttering their rooms. Furthermore, this is important for packing, where you can include your friends and family members if they have time to help you.

Hiring pros to help you with moving across several states

Now, this isn’t necessary especially if you want to save a few bucks. Moving with pros is usually more expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. The best thing about moving with pros is that they’re a well-trained team of highly skilled professionals who know how to do their job. First of all, you should find some of the best cross country movers California can offer you and you can find them nowadays on the internet; just beware there are a lot of scammers nowadays. Yes, another way how they can help you is the cost of your time. We’re all exchanging time and skills for money, so think about it this way, is it better to pay someone to do the job for you in a much shorter amount of time, while you do your things? Use this time to say goodbye to friends or just work more.

People are nowadays preoccupied with their careers, family, chores, exercise, diet, social events, friends, etc. So think about one more chore and that’s packing. Nowadays most professional movers offer packing services as well as storage and cleaning. People want to clear their homes before they move in so this is an option too. Storing is especially important if you’re downsizing and you don’t want to throw things away but can’t fit them if your new place. Professional movers will save you time which is equal to money but also they’ll drive everything for you, pack, unpack, load on the truck, unload, and provide insurance for every piece of your cargo. This is incredibly important to highlight and that’s that most professional movers hardly ever break anything.

Proffesional movers putting boxes in a van while getting ready for moving across several states;
Professional movers will save you lots of time.

Best time for moving across several states

We’ve mentioned that date is important and that’s true for organizations the soon your know the better. Now there is also the best time when you should move. Most people move usually during the summer or spring since that’s the best time of the year. It’s especially true if you want to create a moving trip. That’s a wonderful experience where you’ll ship all of your belongings via the moving company and you would travel across the US like in the good old days. So if you’re planning a road trip then yes spring and summer are the two best seasons to move but also the most expensive ones. Summer is also good if you have kids because many people take a vacation during the summer and kids aren’t missing out on any classes.

If you want to save some money and do the whole DIY move then it’s best to move during late Fall or Winter. So in sense of cheapest moving time, everythinghing from Mid-Fall until the start of April is cheaper than Spring and Summer. Now if you want us to be even more precise, you should move during the middle of the week. During this time the moving fees are lower since demand is lower too. Also, don’t forget to tip your movers because that way they’ll provide you with even better service.

Forest during the Winter;
Moving across several states is the cheapest during the winter.

Moving across several states in a nutshell

Let’s do a quick recap. First of all start by creating a moving checklist, right after that start decluttering your things. After that start packing or hire pros to do so. If you’re selling the house or your landlord wants it in a pristine condition, clean it or hire pros to do so. The next step is to hire a moving professional who can help you out, if you want to DIY the move, skip this step. In the end, after you’ve packed everything prepare food and water for the trip and away you go.

Thank you for reading this article and we hope that it helped you. This was our guide to moving across several states and we hope that you liked it. Have a great day and a stress-free move.

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