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Guide to moving back home after college

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Moving back home after college can be challenging. Environment change can be very impactful, especially if you’re going back to a place you’ve lived before. Monterey Bay movers can help you ease the moving progress and help you save time and energy. You will need to contact your parents and ask them exactly what living situation you’re getting into. You are no longer a child and you’re living situation needs to be a bit different than before college. Making your move a win-win for both you and your loved ones will be of crucial importance.

Plan your move ahead

Planning ahead when moving will be very important. You don’t want any excess stress to give yourself and your loved ones. Furthermore, making it hassle-free by not taking up too much space and time for your parents will be greatly appreciated. Monterey moving services are here to aid you in this quest and make moving quick and effective. It’s also important to consider your next living situation and to act accordingly. Maybe you have excess stuff that requires more space. You will need to figure these things out with your parents. Each situation is different and should be handled with respect and love.

girl moving back home after college
Try not to be burdened and organize your stuff beforehand

Discuss house rules before moving back home after college

It’s pretty common that the biggest challenge in moving back home after college is disagreement on general house rules. Family members easily forget that your needs are not the same before and after college. You’re a full-grown adult with responsibilities and more specific needs than before. For example, if your parents want to make lunch at 2 pm and they want you to be there every day, that should not be acceptable (if you don’t want to or can’t do it).

We suggest you move with understanding. In the eyes of an old adult, years can go by very quickly and it can feel like nothing has changed. On the other hand, when you are young, even 2 years can have a huge impact on your overall character, needs, and wants. So keep in mind that it may take some getting used to the new you, from your parent’s perspective.

Organize your valuables before moving back home after college

Going to college can burden you with a lot of books, scripts, and equipment. We suggest not throwing these away and keeping everything somewhere. It might help you further down the line. Have everything you accumulated over the years on a list. See how these things fit into your next living situation. Furthermore, we suggest using moving boxes Monterey CA in order to give you extra utility with all the books and heavy stuff you need to move. You will need to label everything because you might have a lot more stuff than you think. It’s important to make it extra easy for your parents and have them work less. Call your friends if you need help with anything extra.

Contribute more

With the freedom and choice when becoming an adult that you get, you also have more responsibility to your family members that you’re living with. Make an agreement to pay the rent or help out in some other way like paying for the groceries, cleaning everything, and making meals frequently. With your updated needs and wants, you will need to take on some new responsibilities. Furthermore, you will feel better about yourself by offloading your parents from the burdens of a household. It will make them appreciate your even more and you will have a more healthy relationship.

A man moving a lawn
Doing the little things can help your family members a lot

The best thing do to is to start looking for jobs as soon as you are able to. We recognize that the job market can be extremely rough and competitive. If your college degree-related job requires you to study more and prepare more, give yourself time to learn. Moving back home after college doesn’t mean you’re gonna stall at life. On the other hand, you don’t want 10-hour shifts in some job that doesn’t have any future. Just try to find some part-time work in order to contribute to your parents, and at the same time have time to advance in your career(like prepare your cv, learn new skills, finish certain courses, etc,..) and look for that dream job. It’s a mixture of having an “escape plan” while still contributing enough to make a meaningful impact in the household. Perfect balance is what you’re looking for.

Be realistic with yourself

Let’s face it, most graduates don’t exactly want to move back home after college. It has nothing to do with a lack of love or respect, but the need for independence and full freedom. If you’re planning on moving further, we suggest looking into Moving to Monterey California to see what it takes in order to move to a good city in CA. It will give you a rough idea of the things you need to set up in order to be ready for your next living situation. Furthermore, your parents need to be realistic too! If it’s a rough job market and you feel like you need to sharpen your skills, they should respect that and give you space to do so.

We realize that by going to college you will not inherently be ready for the job in that sphere right away. Maybe you will need to take a 6-month course to specialize in a certain area, or maybe you need to look for student internships that require a lot of time and effort to complete. Nevertheless, we are sure your family members will be happy with your progress and aid you in your journey. 

Women typing on a laptop
Research the job market thoroughly before moving back home after college

Last thoughts on moving back home after college

One big part of your life has closed and you have a huge accomplishment, a college degree. Nevertheless, moving back home after college has many pitfalls and hidden challenges. Remember that always planning your next few steps is the key thing in order to not stall and fall back on your ideas and aspirations. Furthermore, consider this as an opportunity to bond with your family and get new ideas from them. It’s always super healthy to improve family relationships. Stay motivated and hungry to improve. With these tips, we are sure you will set up a good enough plan to establish boundaries, have good communication, and at the same time plan your next move ahead. 

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