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Guide to moving expensive furniture to Portland

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Your home is filled with exquisite pieces of furniture, antique or modern. They may have been passed down through the generations or bought recently, but they are equally as valuable to you. Naturally, you want them to be safely transported during your upcoming move to Portland. Your best bet is to use the best furniture movers California has to offer. They will use proper packing techniques to ensure the safety and protection of your pieces. The right company will use lots of packing supplies and extra care when moving expensive furniture to Portland. However, if you decide to do it yourself, here’s a quick guide to help you prepare.

Moving expensive furniture to Portland – how to do it?

We understand how essential the security of your valuable furniture is. This is why we’ve put together this list of things to do to guarantee no items get damaged during a move.

Chair wrapped in bubble wrap
Purchase quality packing supplies, including lots of bubble wrap, to protect your furniture.

Gather quality packing supplies

Packing supplies include much more than just boxes. For example, expensive furniture will best be protected using:

  • bubble wrap
  • moving blankets
  • corrugated cardboard sheets
  • plastic ties
  • styrofoam.

Expensive furniture usually has corners and decorative edges that need to be covered. Pay special attention to them while packing, and while going through tight spaces. Use bubble wrap or moving blankets for this task. Secure doors and drawers with plastic ties so they can’t open and fall out. Use pieces of styrofoam on any parts that are sticking out. This will prevent them from breaking or scratching. However, if you aren’t sure how to do it, maybe it’s best to leave it to professionals who offer packing services.

Clean the furniture

Before you start packing the furniture, first thoroughly clean all pieces. Any dirt and grit left uncleaned can damage your items. You would have to clean your furniture at your new place anyway. Therefore, you won’t be wasting time by doing it before moving from California to Portland.

Disassemble the furniture and wrap it the right way

First, remove loose parts like drawers, bed frames, cushions, and other accessories. Place them in separate boxes. This way, they won’t fall as the furniture is relocated. In addition, it’s going to be much easier to transport the more substantial items. Bulky furniture is heavy. If you can find ways to make it lighter, you’ll make it easier for the movers to drive your furniture to its new home safely. Always use multiple layers of bubble wrap to protect wood pieces. Corrugated cardboard sheets also work for wooden pieces, as they add extra protection. Tape a big ’X’’ over glass surfaces so that if they break, they won’t shatter that much. Tightly secure the corners of the glass or mirror and wrap the items in bubble wrap. Packing and moving antiques and other valuable items requires patience. Don’t rush it.

Moving expensive furniture to Portland, like the chair in the picture, requires planning
Make sure to pay special attention to the corners of embellished furniture to protect it properly.

Don’t forget about insurance when moving expensive furniture to Portland

Most moving companies in California offer insurance for most of the items. For antiques and other valuable items, they may be able to make individual insurance forms. Therefore, be sure to address your concerns with your moving company.

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