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Guide to moving to Houston this spring – what to expect?

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Moving to Houston this spring? Apparently, you are not alone. Many Californians have decided to move to Texas in the last couple of years. As many as 690.000 people have moved from California to Texas in the last ten years, according to the U.S. Census Data analysis. And the trend is ongoing still. It seems that the quality of everyday life has prevailed to beautiful scenery and great climate. Set up a date with your Mod Movers and learn what to expect when you are moving to Houston.

Houston vs. California – what are the main differences?

Different people have different reasons for moving from California to Houston. Some will move for a job, some of them because of lower costs and etc. When you move to Houston, you will notice a lower cost of living. The cost of living in Texas is much lower than in California.

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You will experience noticeable changes after moving to Houston

Lower cost of living

The expenses in California are exceeding the level that people can actually afford anymore. The income taxes in California are among the highest in the country. In contrast, we have Houston where you do not have an individual income tax. California is around 30% more expensive than Houston. With that in mind, most people can’t actually afford to save any money in California. This refers to food, clothes, transportation, rents, and else. If you have to weigh and choose between qualities of life and the looks of it, the majority seems to choose to live better on a daily basis.

If you are moving from California to Texas this spring you can also save money on housing. Besides groceries and clothes, housing is approximately 30-40% lower cost in Texas. Even childcare is significantly cheaper in Texas, it is almost 45% cheaper. When we compare prices in both Texas and California, it is clear that there is a very big difference. Most people that are moving to Houston are coming from the Los Angeles area. Of the total of 8.400 newcomers from Los Angeles County around 3.000 are from Los Angeles. This is only regarding the LA. Many more people are relocating to Texas from all over California.

houses in Houston
Housing is significantly cheaper in Houston

You will find a thriving job market if you are moving to Houston this spring

Houston has a thriving job market if you are in search of a job or simply want to change it, Houston would be a great place to start. It has a low unemployment rate and not only that, but it also has higher annual salaries. If you consider that you are spending less money on groceries, housing, and taxes and have a bigger salary at the same time, no wonder that the city of Houston has that many people relocating from California. People aren’t the only ones deciding to move to Texas. Many companies are also looking at relocating because of lower costs.

You will experience a change in weather

Another different thing to expect if you are moving to Houston this spring is the weather. California residents are used to having great weather. A mild climate will ensure year-round nice weather. However, Houston is very hot during summers, extremely hot. Besides that, the humidity level is very high. Another not-so-great distinction is Texas’ vulnerability to hurricanes. If this is not a problem for you, then by all means contact some of the best interstate movers California pack up and relocate, preferably before summertime.

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