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Guide to packing appliances for moving

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Right after you have called your Monterey Peninsula movers, you will be faced with quite a few tasks before the transferring process unfolds. One of these tasks is packing everything you own. Some items are easier to pack, and some are a little complicated but everything can be done quickly if it is done properly. We will give you some tips for packing appliances for moving.

Is packing appliances for moving complicated?

Packing itself is not a complicated job but it can be boring. Especially because you need to spend extra time protecting the item that you are packing. Appliances are more or less delicate, depending on what kind of appliances we are talking about. Still, whatever kind they are, they should still be properly protected so that they do not get damaged during the transfer provided by Hollister CA movers. Here is a guide that will help you in this process.

Packing kitchen appliances is not that complicated but you need to be very thorough and careful depending on the size and type of the appliance.

What packing materials do you need?

Having one box for all appliances is just not enough, and even if it was, that is zero protection. You can immediately kiss your items goodbye. Instead of doing that, just prepare all the packing materials and supplies you might need in advance. Those include appropriate boxes that can safely be shut, foam padding, bubble wrap, other plastic wraps, a lot of duct tape, and maybe even some soft fabrics. All of these are used for different parts of the appliances, and for protection inside of the box. Remember that putting appliances in a huge box with a lot of empty space left inside can make the risk of damaging during the transfer much higher.

How to pack appliances for moving

First of all, there are Monterey Peninsula movers and have in your home. The bigger and the smaller ones do not require the exact same kind of protection and preparation. There are very important differences you should not overlook.

Smaller appliances

Before protecting the appliances you should gather them up on one surface and do the following steps first.

  1. Disassemble them into parts.
  2. Clean each and every part.
  3. Check to see if anything is broken or missing before even thinking about packing appliances for moving.

After doing all of this, you can start packing. First, you will use packing materials that we have previously mentioned to protect each part of each appliance. Use a soft fabric or bubble wrap, whatever you think is best, and wrap it all around each part. After you have done that, take a box that is adequate in size for that particular appliance and put foam padding inside. After that, just gently place the parts inside. Make sure you arrange them in a way that will prevent too much moving in the box, any gaps can be filled with newspaper. This is also the reason why it is important to choose the box of the right size. And lastly, just tape the box shut.

Small appliances
Smaller appliances are easier to handle. You can start by disassembling and cleaning them.

Bigger appliances

Now, bigger appliances can be packed in a similar way but there is one big difference which is the fact that you will probably not put them in a box because, well, people rarely do. You should also begin by cleaning your large appliance and disassembling anything that can be disassembled. If the appliance is not that large, maybe you can still place it in a box. Yet, if it is, then you might want to look for alternatives such as using a lot of foam padding on all sides of the appliance. Now, if you have, by any chance, saved the huge box you bought your item in, by all means, use it again. People mostly do not so they decide on a different technique. Still, do not forget that you can always decide to go with packing services instead.


Labeling is the last thing you do when packing but its importance is grand indeed. If some appliances are very fragile and you are worried that they might get damaged during the transfer, there is one more thing you can do. You can label the box in a certain way to let your movers know that they should be extra careful with that particular box. Since you will be labeling every box, logically, you need to label this one in a more attractive way. Use a red marker, write in very big letters, whatever you think might catch the attention of your movers. Also, you can just tell them and remind them to be gentle with those items. They are professionals, they will take care of your boxes. You just need to inform them about everything that is different.

You should label the boxes with very fragile appliances in some way so that your movers will notice it.

Storage tips

As an addition to our guide to packing appliances for moving, we would like to recommend storage services. It just so happens that people tend to get rid of a lot of things when they move. Either because they want to buy new, and better replacements, or they just do not have space. If this is your situation but your appliances are fine and they work, then you do not need to throw them out. You can just keep them in storage for as long as you need. Every possible problem has a solution. Do not go around throwing stuff out before your move if it can be stored instead. 

You can now pack your appliances for moving

As you can see, packing appliances for moving is not science but it is a job that must be done properly. We hope that we have given you the information you will find useful and helpful when packing these items. Just remember to do it step by step, do not forget to clean, disassemble, protect, pack, label, and inform your movers about any special requests. After doing all of this, we are sure that your appliances will be more than protected and when unpacked, they will be in the same state you packed them in. We wish you good luck!

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