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Guide to renting a storage unit during home renovation

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Renovating your house will transform your home into everything you have imagined. These renovations are fun projects that gather the entire family and include everyone. However, renovations can be pretty messy and they can create chaos along the way. Some renovations are quick, but some last for weeks. You have to cover your furniture and protect it, change the order of the rooms and take some items out. You will not be able to function as you used to because of it. They require a lot of time and energy, but most of all free space in the house. One of the best moving companies in California is here to offer you a solution. Renting a storage unit during home renovation is a wonderful idea to store all of your furniture until the renovations are finished. We will guide you through the entire process.

Benefits of renting a storage unit during a home renovation

One of the best solutions for your home belongings during renovation is a storage unit. Renovations include a lot of breaking, cutting of the material, thus leaving a lot of dust in the air and on your furniture. It is impossible to clean it completely if you don’t protect it properly. But still, you have to worry whether they will be damaged or not. Storing your belongings in a storage unit reduces the stress and you won’t have to worry about your most valuable and fragile items. Your home will be organized and it will be easier to declutter and clean afterward. You may remove your belongings whenever you want and you don’t have to ask your friends or relatives to store them in their garage. You don’t depend on anyone and you can organize this renovation as you wish. Renting a storage unit during home renovation is a solution to your problem.

Workers renovation a house
Renovating your entire home requires a lot of free space for workers.

Make an inventory list and decide on the type of storage unit

A lot of moving companies Morgan Hill CA has are ready to help you out with your needs. Firstly, you will have to decide on the type of storage unit you will need. There are different kinds of storage units and you need to choose an adequate one to fit your needs. Making an inventory list will help you out to determine the size of the storage. You don’t want to overload it, but at the same, you don’t want to rent an enormous one and leave a lot of empty space. Depending on the items you will store, you can opt for a climate-controlled storage unit for your valuables. Talk to the movers and get an estimate, there are no impossible things. Everything can be stored and fulfilled as long as you choose the best one.

Label and protect your belongings

Renovations require a lot of time and organization. You cannot do this in one night, so make a plan. As soon you choose the furniture you will store, start protecting them and labeling them. Labeling boxes with items is essential so you can find them easier afterward. Don’t rush, take your time, pack and wrap everything. Cover your furniture with blankets or other material to protect them just in case. Store small items in boxes and secure them. If you are not sure whether something can fit or be moved to your storage unit, ask for help! Local movers Monterey has will assist you and do this task for you. This will keep your belongings in good condition and also save you time unpacking in the future.

People renting a storage unit during home renovation
Renting a storage unit during home renovation is a perfect solution to take care of your belongings.

Store your belongings in a strategic way

If you packed everything, it is time to move them to the storage unit you have chosen. Don’t just throw away the boxes or stack them one onto another. We are here to share with you some tips so you avoid damage and mess. For example:

  • Boxes that you will need immediately should be stored close to the door of the storage unit;
  • Furniture and items that you will unload last go in the back of the unit;
  • Store heavier boxes on the ground, and add lighter boxes on top;
  • If possible, leave a small space between for walking, so you can access them at all times;
  • Make a map of the storage unit, so you know where each box is located.

Use shelves in storage units if possible

The space inside of a storage unit is limited and sometimes things cannot fit as you imagined. Since you will be renovating your home, it is likely that you will take out things slowly. As you finish renovating each room at home, you may take out a few items and put them back in their place. This is why we recommend you install shelves in storage units. They will create a lot of space. Additionally, you can organize them according to your rooms and access everything easily. Moreover, since they are elevated on shelves, they are additionally protected.

Boxes stacked in a storage unit
Organizing your boxes and making a plan will help you out when accessing your items.

Planning in advance is essential when renovating

Whether you are renovating your home on your own or using the services of a professional, organization is needed. You cannot predict how long the renovations will last, and what can happen in the meantime. Accidents occur all the time, and your goal is to protect your belongings as much as you can. Renting a storage unit during home renovation will ease this process, and help you out to feel safe. Professional storage units are well equipped and can store anything you desire for as long as you want. Don’t risk anything, and create a plan in advance. After you finish renovating, you can place your furniture as you wish and arrange your new home. Your belongings will be waiting for you in safely stored units.

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