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Guide to the cheapest rental in Northern California

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You’ve decided to move into the richest state in the US. With some luck you might end up among the stars; Hollywood starts. Even if you’re not pursuing stars for some reason you must move to Northern California. That’s why we as one of the most reliable Northern California movers would like to help you. So we’ll dedicate this article to the cheapest rental in Northern California. It’s quite understandable that people are looking for cheaper alternatives.; this is mostly because of rising prices caused by post-pandemic inflation and due to the ongoing fossil fuel crisis. Let’s dive in and explore Northern California together.

One of the top cheapest rentals in Northern California is in Chico

Chico in Northern California has the lowest median rent at $1,145/month. Now, what makes Chico so cheap?  If you enjoy the beautiful scenery and unspoiled natural settings, Chico City is the perfect place to get reasonably priced housing. This region provides calm living along with serene and gorgeous recreational activities with its trees, fields, parks, and ranches. This place isn’t far away from Sacramento it’s only 82 miles. But if it is far long distance movers California will help you relocate in no time; so don’t worry about it. If you’re a naturalist you’ll find this place a heaven on Earth. It’s got everything and the best places are Plumas National Forest and Tahoe National Forest. There are some local museums so this makes it perfect for raising a family and senior citizens.

Here in the vicinity of Chico you can go to the renowned Bidwell Park and visit the Bidwell Mansion. If you’re into beers you can visit Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Tours & Tastings. For this place, it’s best to book in advance (online) since these tours get filled quickly.

A town under a clear sky;
Chico is bar far the closest and cheapest place near the big cities such as Sacramento and San Francisco.

If you need any help with packing many reliable moving companies offer packing services with the moving as well. But if you want to DIY at least we can provide you with some moving boxes and other supplies to save you time.

If that Chico isn’t for you check out the Hollister

We understand that everyone will find what they’re looking for; ut Hollister is just amazing. Hollister CA movers will be glad to hear you coming to their town. Compared to Chico Hollister is much more south in the Northern area of California. Furthermore, it’s only 45 miles from San Jose and the median rent is $1,621/month. Compare all of that with San Francisco where the median rent is $3,397/month. It’s almost double the price, but you’re not breathing smog and other carcinogen gasses for breakfast.  This is the largest city in Monterey Bay Area and it’s mostly an agricultural place. So if you’re into organic apricots, cocoa, pomegranates, olives, and grapes, visit Hollister and maybe you’ll stay.

This is a perfect place with great potential for agriculture, organic food, biofuels, etc. Everything related to organic agriculture is located here in Hollister.  Hollister is also a famous producer of olive oil, vines, and delicious chocolates. So if you’re into any of this, you’ve found your Eden right here in Hollister, California. Now if you have an expensive wine collection and you want to move it, you can contact us or visit our blog for some free tips. We’re at your disposal every day of the week at any given time.

A woman showing a bottle of olive oil while thinking about cheapest rental in Northern California;
If you like olive oil and wine you’ll be just fine.

The cheapest place that you can find on Google is Clearlake

You won’t believe but Clearlake has the lowest median rent of just $914/monthYes, you’ve heard us right, it’s just a bit over $900. As the name suggests there is a big clear lake in the city. The population is quite small just 16,685 people. But this place has the cleanest air in the US. So if you’re a senior citizen or just want to relax from all the hustle and bustle, then this is the place for you. If you enjoy fishing and camping, you’ve got a deal here, there is no place better than Clearlake for that. If you want to explore rivers, mounts, and forests then visit the Clear Lake State Park or the Taylor Observatory. Don’t worry about shopping because like in every other corner of America there is a Walmart.

If you’re with family there is the famous Tatonka Land Mini Golf so please give it a try. Also, Clearlake Bass Fishing Guide is perfect if you haven’t caught a fish ever before.

Crescent City is the sea heaven

In Crescent City, you won’t believe it the average rent is only $1,005/month which is incredible. Since a lot of people are moving and renting here and soon enough you’ll also know why. First of all, if you ever wanted to be in an episode of The Deadliest Catch, this is the place where you would start. Crescent City is home to many commercial fishing companies and its headquarters of Redwood National Park. Like in other places that we’ve mentioned you can camp, and hike but here you can also enjoy the beach, sunbathing, swimming, etc. Even if it sounds like it’s dirty because of ships, trust us it’s a clean place to live. Also, people enjoy here the longest free-flowing river the Smith River. So in the end, if you want to raise a family in CA this is a good start.

Beach and waves;
It might not be the cheapest rental in Northern California but it has a beach.

While there please visit the Battery Point Light which is the most famous place in Crescent City. Battery point was a really important strategic and defense point, during the First World War and Second World Wars. It served also as a Victorian and Civil War coastal battery and in the beginning, it was an Elizabethan watch-tower.

A final thought on the cheapest rental in Northern California

Thank you for reading our article and we hope that you found it useful. We offered you some alternatives to “the cheapest” because it’s not always the number ($), it can be a location and many other things. So if you like the beach stick with the Crescent City; Clearlake was the only place under $1000 per month; Hollister is great for organic agriculture and food lovers, wihle chico is closest to San Francisco and Sacramento. We hope that this guide to the cheapest rental in Northern California helped you. Have a great time in California and a stress-free move.

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