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Guidelines to rating a Monterey moving company

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More often than not, people like to make an informed decision when making a big step in life. When family and friend suggestion fails, we often turn to those online. The more reviews a moving company has, the more you think you know what you can expect. This also applies to other companies as well, with other different services. Rating a Monterey moving company will not only help you express your satisfaction but also help others.

Why rating a Monterey moving company is important?

As we mentioned, online reviews help us decide on which service provider we would like to cooperate with. People love sharing experiences they had with companies, services, products with others. This way you are sharing your experience, being acknowledged and informing others. Mod Movers California did a great job, so why not reward them with some nice words?

5 star rating a Monterey moving company
Rating a Monterey moving company for future customers

Writing a review is important both for a company as well as their future clients. You probably made your decision the same way as their future clients did, based on good reviews. When you are in a hassle about your move, it soothes you to know that moving to Monterey won’t be that hard. You read some reviews and realized your company has got your back. So you can catch a breath, chill and have one thing less to worry about.

If you were satisfied with their services, your positive review will impact other people’s opinions and decisions. That means the moving company can get more clients. And the more clients they have, the better their services become. When taking into consideration what impacted your review it is pretty clear it is not just the job. There are many elements of rating a Monterey moving company.

What else is important?

Aside from doing the job right, you would want them to be on time. You probably have a tight schedule around moving and being late can ruin everything. Doing a job efficiently is important as well. It is one thing to do a job, but it is a whole new level to be fast and efficient. That is what experience and dedication mean to Monterey movers. Also, being kind to customers is very important as well. This experience can be stressful and it is important that people maintain a civil and to be kind to one another. Not just when moving but every day to anyone.

What your review needs to consist of

We mean, yes you can just scribble whatever comes to your mind without any order to it. But it won’t have the same effect as a review done right. Your review needs to have the main objective that the entire story will take place around. And do not stray from it but explain different stuff from its perspective. Picking the right moving company can be hard if the reviews about them are confusing. Try not for it to be too long. Around 200 characters are acceptable. You want to give as much information as a person needs to make a decision. But do not complicate it a lot.

cartoon people talking
Make sure to get all the important details about the moving company

It would be nice if you could stay objective no matter what. Write it from a professional view and not your personal likings. Not everyone has the same opinion on matters. While talking about this, try not to be offensive in your review. That just isn’t professional and people can assume you are something that you’re not.

Be concise and specific

Write in some order and be sure you have checked your grammar when rating a Monterey moving company. You wouldn’t want to leave your readers confused. Try to be specific with everything. Write your review with an example of what happened. Just to make it closer to the reader. As we mentioned, people are different and what you liked may not be as likable to others and vice versa. That is why it is important for you to leave examples when telling a story. It may look like a lot of information you need to write, but it is not. These are just basics that will help everyone understand what sort of experience did you have. This is why you need to stick to facts, and not let emotions get to you. Also, be honest.

Basic information about moving

Aside from your personal experience with your movers, leave some basic information, but do not reveal too much. You are rating a Monterey moving company, not guiding some random people to your house. Basic information  when rating a Monterey moving company needs to consist of:

  1. Date and time of moving and using their services
  2. The distance between your last and current location
  3. What amount of work they had with our home

People often forget to include customer service in their reviews. They often just write and talk about people they came in direct contact with. Not including customer service is a huge mistake. This part of the company is super important both to them as well as their customers. They are the bridge between workers and you. And if the people in customer service can provide you with some quality information about moving, then that is a job half done.

a calendar
Make sure to mention the right dates of the move

Customer service is there to polish any misunderstanding you may have. Also to inform you about the important information you need for your move to assure you everything will be fine. If the customer service isn’t right then you will feel off about the rest of the company as well. They are often the first in line to talk to a customer. And we all know how much first impressions matter. This may be a make or break for you to contact them or not. So do not forget to include customer service when rating a Monterey moving company.

To conclude

Looking at all of this it may seem a bit complex, but that can’t be further from the truth. The point is for you to be heard about your experience and help people make an informed decision. Rating a Monterey moving company will help them continue to do great as well.

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